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Miao Ming Shen’s expression did not change, but his eyes were carefully observing.

 Zeng Luo Zi’s action was part of his arrangements, he wanted to collect more valuable information.

 Zeng Luo Zi’s information path attainment was impressive even to Miao Ming Shen. With Zeng Luo Zi’s move, Miao Ming Shen observed everyone and gained quite some insight.

 “We have eight people, other than myself, Gui Qi Ye, Feng Jiang, and Immortal Hua Die, there are also Zeng Luo Zi, Tu Tou Tuo, Tong Hua, and Chu Ying.”

 Other than Zeng Luo Zi and Miao Ming Shen, Tong Hua and Tu Tou Tuo were also expressionless.

 The rest had some sort of change in their expression at least.

 Miao Ming Shen trusted Gui Qi Ye, Feng Jiang, and Immortal Hua Die the most, but in this trip, he did not inform them about this, so their reactions were genuine.

 Miao Ming Shen had lots of interaction with Zeng Luo Zi, Tu Tou Tuo, and Tong Hua, he knew about their background, they were all rank seven experts that were rare in Eastern Sea.

 In Eastern Sea, there was the highest number of lone immortals who are superior to those of other regions, because Eastern Sea was the most affluent in resources.

 Miao Ming Shen’s concern was Chu Ying. He had met this secluded cultivator several times, he left a deep impression on Miao Ming Shen. The truth was, Miao Ming Shen did not want to invite Chu Ying. But because Chu Ying and Ren Xiu Ping had a conflict long ago, because he saved the lives of Feng Jiang and Hua Die, and most importantly, because he seemed to have an abundant amount of lifespan Gu, all these reasons made Miao Ming Shen inclined to invite Chu Ying for this trip.

 He was the only one who knew the location of the blue dragon whale. Therefore, all of the people he invited owed him a favor.

 Miao Ming Shen wanted to cooperate more deeply with Fang Yuan. Forget the rest, just the amount of lifespan Gu that Fang Yuan had was extremely alluring to Miao Ming Shen.

 Zeng Luo Zi’s action made Chu Ying’s expression change too.

 As for Tu Tou Tuo and Tong Hua, it was unsure whether they were unaffected or pretending to put up a front.

 Miao Ming Shen looked at everyone as he laughed heartily: “Zeng Luo Zi, you have good methods.”

 Tu Tou Tuo snorted while Tong Hua gave Zeng Luo Zi a cold stare.

 Fang Yuan looked at Zeng Luo Zi with a surprised expression, but he was laughing coldly inside.

 Zeng Luo Zi’s gaze swept past Chu Ying, before meeting with Tu Tou Tuo and Tong Hua’s gazes, he laughed heartily as he tossed out some information path mortal Gu.

 The information path mortal Gu recorded the fine details of the alliance agreement, after inspecting them, the immortals nodded their heads in agreement, while also suggesting some changes.

 Of course, these changes were small and negligible, Miao Ming Shen took charge as the leader and after coming to an agreement, they signed it using Zeng Luo Zi’s methods.

 Once the alliance agreement was made, everyone laughed as the atmosphere became less tense.

 “It is time, let’s go.” Miao Ming Shen moved at lightning speed as the immortals followed him.

 Miao Ming Shen flew in the sky for a while before diving into the sea.

 “We can’t hide in the sky, it is easy to find us. If Ren Xiu Ping learns of this expedition, he would not wait aimlessly. If we enter the sea, that means we are going to use the undercurrent…”

 Fang Yuan speculated inwardly.

 As expected, after a while, Miao Ming Shen led everyone to the bottom of the sea, they saw a huge python-like undercurrent crossing the trenches in the sea.

 Miao Ming Shen’s speed gradually slowed down until he arrived before the undercurrent.

 Miao Ming Shen looked at Zeng Luo Zi: “Before entering the undercurrent, for our safety and to ensure we will not be separated, Zeng Luo Zi, I would like you to use that immortal killer move to mark us and allow us to sense each other’s location.”

 This was another way to control them.

 But Miao Ming Shen did not say it before the alliance agreement, he had said it before entering the undercurrent, nobody could rebuke his sensible words.

 “Miao Ming Shen, are you sure?” Zeng Luo Zi pretended to hesitate.

 Miao Ming Shen smiled: “We have already made the agreement, we need to work together sincerely, how can we not trust each other when exploring Paradise Earth’s true inheritance?”

 He said in a serious tone, Tu Tou Tuo, Tong Hua, and the rest nodded in agreement without objection.

 Zeng Luo Zi looked around: “Then everyone, don’t be nervous or defensive, my move has no offensive capability.”

 Fang Yuan mentally rolled his eyes as he said: “Go ahead and do it.”

 “Let me go first.” Feng Jiang stepped forward at once.

 Zeng Luo Zi first used the immortal killer move on Feng Jiang before the rest took turns.

 After a while, all of the immortals were affected by the information path killer move, they could sense each other’s locations.

 “It is fine now, please follow me, the undercurrents are extremely fast, if you are slow by a step, you will be thrown far behind.” Miao Ming Shen said as he entered the undercurrent.

 Fang Yuan and the rest followed after him rapidly.

 Eastern Sea’s deep sea undercurrents did not have fixed paths, they were always changing and had various lengths, it was a display of the great power of nature.

 Moving along the undercurrent, the immortals were faster than some movement immortal killer moves, and most importantly, they saved a lot of energy, only having to put up defenses.

 If there were water path Gu Immortals who had methods to move rapidly in the undercurrents, they could even defend themselves while fighting enemies here.

 Fang Yuan was towards the rear of the group, he found that this group’s formation was quite specific. For example, Immortal Hua Die was right beside him, talking to him constantly.

 Fang Yuan entertained her on the surface while secretly inspecting his information path dao marks.

 After a while, Fang Yuan relaxed.

 These information path dao marks were not hard to get rid of, Fang Yuan had lots of methods. He even had immortal killer moves like self cleansing to resist these information path restrictions.

 But now was not the time.

 “Everyone, we are about to go out, follow me!” Ahead, Miao Ming Shen suddenly spoke.

 After several breaths, he left the undercurrent, the rest followed, nobody was left behind.

 After leaving, Fang Yuan found that he was in an ordinary nameless sea area.

 In the following journey, the immortals used several undercurrents to travel, if there were no undercurrents, they would travel under the sea as well, being extremely low profile. Even if they met desolate beasts or ancient desolate beasts, they avoided them. If they saw any resources, they would ignore them.

 After several days of traveling, the group became more cohesive.

 Miao Ming Shen was very skillful in human interaction, he solidified his position as the leader.

 He was smiling when he suddenly froze, saying: “We are near!”

 The immortals were energized.

 Fang Yuan felt a little suspicious, he had used several investigative killer moves but could not sense anything. He could not see what method Miao Ming Shen had used or why he was so confident.

 The blue dragon whale’s existence was known to everyone. But its exact location was a mystery, Miao Ming Shen must have a unique method to know its location.

 Fang Yuan had rank eight cultivation level with immense battle strength, it was possible to kill Miao Ming Shen and search his soul. But there were risks involved, Gu Immortals had all sorts of mysterious methods, if he possessed some strange abilities, there might be mishaps occurring.

 Thus, Fang Yuan continued to lurk, it would not be too late if he attacked after getting into the blue dragon whale.

 As they got closer, the immortals started to sense the peculiarity.

 The seawater became more turbulent ahead, if earlier was a drizzle, it was a storm now, the obstruction was far greater.

 Desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts increased in numbers, they could not help themselves in this huge storm.

 Fang Yuan and the rest had to fight while moving, slaughtering a bunch of desolate beasts before they carved out a bloody path to move on.

 At this time, everyone’s strength was displayed.

 Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die had the lowest battle strength, they were soon the ones who needed protection. Miao Ming Shen was leading the group as the vanguard, facing the greatest pressure.

 Behind him were Tong Hua and Zeng Luo Zi.

 Tu Tou Tuo was an earth path Gu Immortal, his battle strength was greatly restricted in this place.

 Next was Fang Yuan, he had already turned into a tiny seahorse that was palm sized, he moved like lightning speed. His strength was only mid-tier in the group, it was nothing impressive.

 The journey ahead was getting tougher, from the groups of beasts, figures of immemorial desolate beasts started to appear, the immortals could no longer move forward so casually.

 The ‘strongest’ Miao Ming Shen was merely rank seven.

 Following Miao Ming Shen, they flew out of the sea, arriving in the sky.


 Intense tornadoes surged in the sky, lightning flashed continuously as thunder rumbled, dark clouds extended to the horizons.

 Waves surged from the sea, they were thousands of feet tall.

 The situation was just as dangerous as underwater!

 Countless flying birds and eagles fought intensely amidst the thunder and lightning.

 Blue charm lightning shadows flickered in the dark clouds, they were hunted down by immemorial desolate beast thunder phoenix.

 Seeing the tail of the thunder phoenix flash by, Miao Ming Shen and the rest breathed in deeply in shock.

 “Quick, follow me!” Miao Ming Shen transmitted, his body was covered in sweat, he flew forward rapidly.

 The Gu Immortals all had their hidden methods, but this situation was too chaotic, the safest solution was to get away from this place as quickly as possible.

 The thunder phoenix screeched as it discovered Fang Yuan and the rest, diving down.

 The seawater erupted as an immemorial octopus large as a mountain moved its countless tentacles, treating Miao Ming Shen and the rest as prey for food.

 “Damn it, damn it!” Miao Ming Shen’s expression was distorted, he almost broke his teeth from gritting too hard.

 Even before meeting the blue dragon whale, they were already in a desperate situation, the aura of death was close.

 “Split up and run!” After hesitating for a while, Miao Ming Shen screamed.

 The Gu Immortals quickly split up and ran.


 The thunder phoenix was extremely fast, arriving before Fang Yuan in the blank of an eye.

 “Chu Ying!” Immortal Hua Die was dragged along by Gui Qi Ye, upon seeing this, she screamed in fear.

 “Save me!” Fang Yuan shouted with a look of despair on his face.

 Next, the thunder phoenix arrived in a flash, burning him to a crisp by lightning as he died on the spot.

 “Chu Ying…” Seeing this, the remaining seven immortals were shocked, they escaped in an even greater panic.