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The island was small but it contained a lot of cultivation resources.

 With this size and amount of resources, they were clearly intentionally arranged.

 Fang Yuan and the other Gu Immortals looked around and scavenged for resources before redistributing them. Fang Yuan as Chu Ying was a transformation path Gu Immortal, he obtained a lot of transformation path immortal materials.

 But because transformation path projected all paths, these immortal materials were of various types and paths. For example, soul beast cores were soul path immortal materials, but if a transformation path Gu Immortal has a way to transform into soul beasts, then this soul core was also a type of resource for the transformation path Gu Immortal.

 Fang Yuan used transformation path as the concealment to pick a lot of time path immortal materials.

 Zeng Luo Zi seemingly asked casually: “Friend Chu Ying has a time path transformation? Why didn’t you use it when we were in the illusion?”

 Fang Yuan laughed: “I am just being greedy, I am sure everyone knows about the demon Fang Yuan. These time path immortal materials can be sold in treasure yellow heaven for many good things. But if I compete with everyone here, it will harm our relationship after all.”

 “Hahaha, that is a good idea Chu Ying, why didn’t I think of it?” Tu Tou Tuo laughed.

 Zeng Luo Zi’s eyes flashed with bright light, he stopped talking.

 After the scare from the illusion, these Gu Immortals finally had a change of mood, these gains were quite valuable after all.

 Especially when Miao Ming Shen was not corrupt, he split the gains equally, the atmosphere of the group was quite lively.

 Half a day later, the immortals gathered before the rank eight Immortal Gu House Merit Obelisk.

 “According to the information on the Merit Obelisk, these resources were all arranged by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable back then, it was to ensure that the Gu Immortals who did not want to accept the missions would still gain some rewards. Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable was truly a kind person!” Tong Hua was in awe.

 Gui Qi Ye pondered: “All of us have acted already, we have tried to but this island cannot be broken through forcefully.”

 “And this Merit Obelisk, we cannot unravel it with our abilities.” Feng Jiang added.

 The immortals were silent.

 How could Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable’s arrangements be so easily broken? Especially when all these Gu Immortals barring Fang Yuan were rank seven, even though some were elites, against a venerable, they were nothing.

 “Miao Ming Shen, I wonder what insight you have?” Tong Hua asked.

 Miao Ming Shen shook his head: “I know nothing about Paradise Earth’s true inheritance, I am like all of you. In my opinion, since we cannot forcefully unravel Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable’s arrangements, we only have two options. One is to ignore the obelisk’s missions and stay here for three hundred days, once the time is up, we will likely be sent out. The second way is to follow and complete the missions on the obelisk.”

 The immortals looked at each other.

 Undeniably, the resources on the island were all distributed already, who would want to stay here for three hundred days?

 The immortals had already gained something, their interest in Paradise Earth’s true inheritance grew as well.

 In their opinion, the cultivation resources on the island were just the appetizers, Paradise Earth’s true inheritance was the true treasure here.

 “But to accept missions, we will need to be acknowledged by the Merit Obelisk. The process is like a super clan’s life tablet Gu and soul lantern Gu, but more restrictive in nature. If this is a trap…”

 “Risk and reward are often interlanked, we came to explore Paradise Earth’s true inheritance, weren’t we taking a risk? I am going to accept the mission.”

 “Since this is an arrangement of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, there must be no problem. The true inheritance is right in front of us, if we stop now, we will regret it for life.”


 After some discussion, none of the eight Gu Immortals wanted to give up.

 According to the inscription, the eight immortals went up and placed their palms on the Merit Obelisk.

 With a bright flash of light, the eight immortals’ names were all displayed on the obelisk, the blank area earlier turned into a list.

 Fang Yuan’s name was there too, but ‘Chu Ying’ was written instead.

 This made Fang Yuan let out a sigh of relief.

 He had inspected this Merit Obelisk already, it mainly comprised earth path and sound path, he could not deduce it. Of course, there was a chance of destroying it with Fang Yuan’s battle strength. But the risks were too high, he was better off disguising himself and exploring with the others.

 The Gu Immortal world was filled with countless methods, this Merit Obelisk was a rank eight Immortal Gu House made by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, it had a high possibility of exposing his true name. Thankfully, that did not happen, otherwise, Fang Yuan would have to kill everyone around if he got exposed.

 His identity was too important, these people might have some peculiar methods, even if they did not, it would be bad if Heavenly Court was lured over.

 “Before I understand the situation, I should not attack them. This is Paradise Earth’s true inheritance after all, he emphasized on forgiving people for their mistakes, he was kind and magnanimous, if I kill people randomly, something bad might happen.”

 The eight immortals were listed on the Merit Obelisk, they started to look at the missions.

 There were only ten missions written.

 Each mission had a vague description, the Gu Immortal needed to explore it themselves.

 For example, the first mission — exterminate the surrounding water monsters around sea eagle city.

 Water monsters were similar to soul beasts, they were both dao beasts that had various forms, most of them would dissipate after dying, leaving behind water cores or soul cores. These were immortal materials filled with abundant water path and soul path dao marks.

 But what level were these water monsters, were they ancient level water monsters or desolate beast level water monsters, there was no information.

 Sea eagle city? What was that? Where was it? There was no information.

 There was still some clues regarding exterminating water monsters here, but the remaining missions were weirder.

 For example, creating a water well in fish round island, or gathering medicinal herbs for three tattoo tribe, maintaining a spirit spring, protecting the merchant caravan, fixing the formation, and others.

 The eight immortals looked at the Merit Obelisk, after thinking for a while, Zeng Luo Zi sighed: “My information path methods are useless against this rank eight Immortal Gu House, whatever mission we choose is based on luck. Let me try first, I will choose the first water monster extermination mission.”

 The others were silent.

 Even though Zeng Luo Zi said that, the missions had differences.

 Using logical deduction, the harder the mission, the greater the merits. Water monsters were at least desolate beasts, the mission of eliminating them was naturally difficult, the merit reward should be quite high.

 As for maintaining a spirit spring, protecting the merchant caravan, and others, they were mortal level missions, the difficulty was lower than exterminating water monsters.

 Zeng Luo Zi’s choice was clearly to snatch the best mission, the atmosphere in the group suddenly changed.

 Zeng Luo Zi remained silent but he was a little nervous in his heart.

 Miao Ming Shen nodded as he agreed and said: “Go ahead, I will be the last one.”

 Everyone looked at him with a different gaze the moment he said that.

 Miao Ming Shen waved his hand, saying: “No need to overthink it, I just feel that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable created such an arrangement with deeper intentions, how could he not think of balance? These simple missions might not be as easy as they seem.”

 Everyone nodded upon hearing Miao Ming Shen’s words.

 Tong Hua spoke: “I choose the second mission.”

 Tu Tou Tuo made his choice too.

 Their decision was the same as Zeng Luo Zi, they evidently chose the harder missions.

 After Tu Tou Tuo chose the mission, there was still one seemingly hard one. The rest of the missions were all very ordinary.

 There were still three rank sevens left, they were Miao Ming Shen, Fang Yuan, and Gui Qi Ye.

 “Next… go ahead and choose, Chu Ying.” Miao Ming Shen took a look and smiled.

 Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die were beside him, they did not speak.

 “Wait.” Gui Qi Ye suddenly interjected: “Everyone, Lord Miao Ming Shen, to speak the truth, I wanted this mission from the start.”

 The immortals’ expressions all turned weird.

 Miao Ming Shen looked at Gui Qi Ye, showing a gaze of shock and criticism.

 But Gui Qi Ye ignored him, he looked at Fang Yuan eerily.

 “Picking on the weakest person?” Fang Yuan chuckled in his heart, saying: “Gui Qi Ye, since you like it, this means that the mission has an affinity with you, I will not snatch it from you. Hmm… I will choose the seventh mission.”

 Everyone turned to look, this seventh mission was to collect Earth Trench black oil from the deep sea, it was something that only mortals would do.

 Miao Ming Shen quickly added: “Chu Ying…”

 “No need to refuse it, I am truly in admiration of Brother Miao for having such a companion. You deserve it, if not for you, how could I have gotten in here?” Fang Yuan laughed heartily.

 Gui Qi Ye looked at Fang Yuan with a kinder gaze now.

 Indeed, he forcefully chose the mission not for himself, but for Miao Ming Shen.

 Like what Fang Yuan had said, everyone could come here due to Miao Ming Shen, he deserved it with his contribution.

 Miao Ming Shen refused, but Fang Yuan persisted.

 Miao Ming Shen was helpless as he accepted it.

 A moment later, everyone made their choice, the Merit Obelisk shot out a pillar of light, the Gu Immortals were all transported away once they stepped inside.

 Fang Yuan’s field of vision changed, when he blanked, he was on an unknown island.

 “I am a rank eight Gu Immortal, but that Merit Obelisk transported me with no effort. It seems to be the core of this entire grotto-heaven, it is truly profound, as expected of Paradise Earth!”

 Regarding these missions, he had a similar conjecture to Miao Ming Shen. He gave up that mission earlier not because he was courteous, but because he was probing Miao Ming Shen.

 After Fang Yuan left, only Gui Qi Ye and Miao Ming Shen were left.

 “Oh you…” Miao Ming Shen sighed.

 Gui Qi Ye cupped his fists: “Please forgive me, lord.”

 “What wrong did you do? It is just that you underestimated Chu Ying. He was the first person to die in the illusion, so you think he is weak.” Miao Ming Shen shook his head.

 “Lord thinks Chu Ying is hiding his strength?”

 Miao Ming Shen shook his head: “I did not detect anything, the possibility of that is small. But in this unknown environment, we should unite instead of having internal conflicts.”

 “Yes, I understand.”