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“You’re asking me why that Gu Master came to kill me? How would I know!” Facing Tie Ruo Nan’s questioning, Fang Zheng blanked innocently.

“If you have done something, I hope you won’t conceal the truth. Because your words, even though they might seem insignificant, can have great help towards solving the case,” the young girl said sincerely.

Fang Zheng shook his head. “I’m very perplexed too. During that period, I was cultivating non-stop, so how could I attract any assassinations? But afterwards, the people around me realized that this demonic Gu Master could have been hired by the other two clans, to kill a rising star like myself. You also know the rivalry between us and the Bai clan and Xiong clan. Especially the Xiong clan, they are the greatest suspects as they had once recruited demonic Gu Masters into their clan.”

“Xiong clan huh…” Tie Ruo Nan became a little discouraged after hearing this, since the Xiong clan had already been eliminated by the wolf tide. It seems that this lead is lost as well.

Suddenly, murmurs came from outside the room.

“Quick, look there, isn’t that people from the Xiong clan?”

“I thought the Xiong clan was exterminated, how can there be any envoys coming here?!”

Xiong clan envoy’s appearance caused a vivid discussion among the village, as people talked with one another.

Soon, news came from the clan leader pavilion.

“Xiong clan still has a large number of survivors.”

“They retreated on their own, using a Gu that their ancestor left behind, concealing many people at the same time, cheating death!”

“These scumbags, retreating and avoiding battle, causing the wolf tide to come to us.”

“Hmph, these Xiong clan people may look rough and large, but their hearts are devious on the inside. Wanting to borrow the power of the wolf tide to weaken us, they are too despicable!”

Gu Yue clansmen were furious.

The appearance of the Xiong clan envoy had caused the Qing Mao mountain’s political distribution to undergo a complete shift.

What was thought to be a two-sided competition between Bai clan and Gu Yue clan in the end remained a three-way competition.

But one would understand once they thought about it. The Xiong clan had survived for hundreds of years without falling, they had their own foundations too. Which clan did not have an ancestor, and a trump card?

After the Xiong clan envoy left, Gu Yue Bo immediately called for a clan elder meeting.

“These Xiong clan bastards, they really are nothing good. To think they retreated immediately!”

“Can’t look down on anyone indeed. Xiong clan had always ranked behind our clan and Bai clan, and was the weakest among the forces on Qing Mao mountain. But to think they had such a scheme, we have to be more careful from now on.”

“They wanted to borrow the strength of the wolf tide to eliminate us. They nearly got us this time, if not for that lightning lycan, we might not have lost so many elders. These people deserve to die!”

“If it wasn’t for the Tie divine investigator appearing, two clan leaders might’ve died. We cannot let them off simply.”

“Asking for compensation is a must. It was us and Bai clan working together to settle the problem of the lightning lycan. But to ask for compensation, we need to first discuss and formulate a sum.”

The clan elders spoke one after another, discussing until they had a conclusion.

Gu Yue clan would dispatch an envoy towards the Xiong clan. They have to observe Xiong clan’s remaining strength.

If Xiong clan was strong, they would join forces with the Bai clan. If the Xiong clan was weak, they might send people to eliminate them and steal the spirit spring.

“So then, who would be suitable enough to be dispatched to Xiong clan?” Gu Yue Bo looked around, asking, “Which clan elder would shoulder this responsibility!”

The hall immediately became silent.

The clan elders look around at each other. No one was willing to go.

The internal conflict was at its peak now, and it was the most crucial moment for the factions to divide the interest cake. If they went to the Xiong clan, their faction would be without a leader and others would make use of the opportunity. When they return, all would’ve been decided, so by then who would they complain to?

“This old one feels that, to go to the Xiong clan, someone of seniority and experience must go, it has to be someone who can hold his own. Among all of us here, only elder Mo Chen can take on this role!” Gu Yue Yao Ji suddenly said.

Gu Yue Mo Chen snorted, rebuking, “Speaking of qualification, lord Yao Ji has much more experience than me. Especially in terms of fame, I cannot compete at all, I admit complete defeat. Going to the Xiong clan, it seems we will have to trouble lord Yao Ji after all.”

“Elder Mo Chen is extremely right, I recommend lord Yao Ji.” A clan elder stood up.

“I feel that lord Mo Chen is a more suitable candidate.” Another elder immediately rebuked.

The scene was chaotic.

Gu Yue Bo stood at the leader’s seat, staring coldly without making a sound.

The medicine faction already had intentions of detaching into its own force, no longer under his control. Thus he did not want to help either, and merely observed the scene.

This was the first contest between the medicine faction and the Mo faction.

The two had their respective political allies, but the current situation was that both leaders made much compromises as well as exchange of benefits. But on a whole, the medicine faction was stronger.

Gu Yue Yao Ji’s reputation as well as the Chi faction’s inclination, caused this situation.

Gu Yue Bo stared coldly, noting in his heart the factions that each individual belonged to.

As the clan leader, he did not want to see his authority being reduced, and these elders were his competitors. But now he had decided to merely observe, and not strike yet.

“Mo faction controls too much power and resources, and now that they have lost their inheritor, the medicine faction jumped out hurriedly and tried to attack them. Thus, the most crucial aspect of this contest is all on one person.”

Gu Yue Bo thought silently, turning his gaze towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had been sitting in his seat, not saying a word.

“It seems this Fang Yuan isn’t very close with the Mo faction, and has not gotten a mutual agreement on interest distribution. Otherwise, he’d have helped out already. Is this my chance?” Gu Yue Bo thought.

But at this moment, Fang Yuan suddenly stood up from his seat.

This action, attracted everyone’s attention.

What he said next was a shocker. “Going as an envoy, this is an important matter involving the survival of our clan. I am willing to step up, bearing the responsibility of an envoy, and investigate the Xiong clan’s current state for our clan!”


“Fang Yuan is asking to go?”

“What is the meaning of this? Is he really stupid or acting stupid? Isn’t he afraid that when he comes back, all the interests would’ve been distributed away already!”

The clan elders all showed expressions of shock.

Fang Yuan had his own plans. If he went to the Xiong clan, he might be able to find a chance and instigate a conflict among the three clans. Even if he can’t, this is a chance to leave.

“Wait! Anyone here can be the envoy but Fang Yuan alone!” The door suddenly opened and Tie Ruo Nan walked in, barging her way in.

Fang Yuan turned his body to look, and his irises shrunk a little. He saw the Tie family father and daughter walk in, as well as two other people behind them. One looked just like Fang Yuan — it is indeed his brother Gu Yue Fang Zheng, while the other was Gu Yue Jiang He.

“What does Tie divine investigator have to enlighten us on today?” Gu Yue Bo stood up to greet him, his tone slightly unhappy. This was a Gu Yue internal discussion, how could they just barge in like that?

“Gu Yue clan leader, as well as the other elders. My daughter has already investigated the identity of the demonic Gu Master that once assaulted Gu Yue Fang Zheng,” Tie Xue Leng spoke.

“Oh? Is that so…”

“That demonic Gu Master, wasn’t he instigated by the Xiong clan?”

“Is there a hidden story behind this?”

“Indeed, this demonic Gu Master’s true identity is a hunter from a hamlet at the base of the mountain. Only by chance did he manage to become a demonic Gu Master, his name is Wang Er. The reason why he assaulted Gu Yue Fang Zheng, is because of his brother Fang Yuan!” Saying so, Tie Ruo Nan stared intently at Fang Yuan.

“Brother, to think you are such a person!” Fang Zheng standing at one side clenched his fist, showing rage in his eyes.

“What do you mean by this, young lady?” Gu Yue Mo Chen said in a solemn voice.

“Don’t tell me, Fang Yuan is the one that hired this demonic Gu Master to assassinate his own brother Fang Zheng?” Gu Yue Yao Ji showed an excited expression.
Even Gu Yue Bo was taken aback, as he adjusted his posture on his seat.

“You’re all mistaken.” Tie Ruo Nan shook her head. “The truth is, Fang Yuan killed innocent people, murdering old man Wang’s entire family, causing Wang Er to take revenge. But Wang Er did not know that Fang Yuan had a twin brother, thus he mistook Fang Zheng for Fang Yuan, and assaulted him for revenge.”

“Young lady, everything needs proof,” a clan elder spoke.

“Of course I have evidence. Gu Yue Jiang He, tell us everything that you know.” Tie Ruo Nan was prepared for this, not panicking.

Gu Yue Jiang He sighed. He looked at the Tie family father and daughter in fear, slowly walking forward and kneeling on the ground, crying, “It is this subordinate’s dereliction of duty, I seek clan leader’s punishment!”

Gu Yue Bo’s face was grim as water, “Say everything clearly first, do not hide anything from us!”

Back then, when Fang Yuan killed old man Wang’s family, it was under Gu Yue Jiang He’s area of jurisdiction, and only when he got to the spot did he discover it. Because of the clan evaluation, he suppressed this matter and did not report it. Never would he have thought that today, the matter would be exposed, dug up by Tie Ruo Nan.

“The truth is like this…” Jiang He stammered as he spoke, not adding any details into his descriptions, very simple and truthful.
At this time and place, he did not dare to lie. Fang Yuan was also a clan elder, so he did not dare to exaggerate facts.

“I never would’ve thought that the truth would be like this!”

“Fang Yuan killed Wang Er’s father, and Wang Er came to take revenge, but found Fang Zheng instead. So that’s it….”

“Fang Zheng was innocently involved, and blocked the crisis for Fang Yuan.”

The clan elders whispered among themselves.

Fang Zheng’s clenched fist was even tighter as rage grew in his heart. He could not help but growl at Fang Yuan, “Brother, how can you take people’s lives away so easily. That old man and girl, they were innocent mortals. How could you cut them down?!”

Facing his brother’s accusations, Fang Yuan was indiffierent, as if he did not hear it.

Gu Yue Fang Zheng was not the main point.

Fang Yuan looked at the Tie family father and daughter. Being able to discover the truth in such a short time, they were indeed divine investigators.

Regardless of what Gu worms they used, whatever method to make Jiang He submit and reveal his own secret, they had their ways.

This ability made Fang Yuan even more certain that the matter of him killing Jia Jin Sheng, would definitely be found out by the Tie father and daughter duo. It was only a matter of time. After all this is the Gu world, where Gu can be used to commit crime, and also used to solve crime.

Pressure was intensifying…

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