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“Looks like the sculpture of either a lion or a tiger skull, isn’t this the rumored mechanism which needs two people to cooperate?” A thought flashed in Fang Yuan’s mind.

“There are words carved in this sculpture’s fangs.” Bai Ning Bing made a new discovery, she then began to read the carvings in a low voice: ” Gemini with one mind, three spirits unite. Fated or not, do not be forceful…  what does this mean?”

“This is the code to opening the mechanism in this place. Gemini means two people should work together to open the mechanism. Three souls indicate a person’s mind, palm and eye.” Fang Yuan recalled from his memories.

Among the four limbs of a human, palm was most nimble; among the five organs, the quickest was the eyes; and human’s mind could think as fast as a lightning spark.

Hence, they were called three spirits.

“Come, put your palm on the pupils of the sculpture.”

There was a translucent, pure red gem in the eyes of the skull sculpture. The red stone was as big as large porcelain bowls and it clearly reflected the figures of Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing.

However, there was no change at all even after putting their palms on the red gem pupils for a long time.

“Haha, your words make sense but it turned out to be wrong.” Bai Ning Bing didn’t let go of any chance to snide at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan’s expression turned dark; Bai Hua had recounted and described about this mechanism according to his previous life’s memories. Logically, this should be the correct procedure, but why was there no change?

“One-minded gemini, three souls united…” Fang Yuan muttered, “Three souls united has been achieved, but one mind, one mind…” A bright light slowly appeared in his eyes as he continued his thoughts.

Is it saying the two people to open this mechanism must be of one mind and one heart?

If it is so, even if he and Bai Ning Bing were working together, they were only forced by the situation and were actually divided in hearts, with each having their own plans. No wonder, they couldn’t achieve the ‘one mind’!

When he thought of this, Fang Yuan couldn’t help looking at Bai Sheng and Bai Hua again.

As a result, this pair of brother and sister was again kicked awake by Fang Yuan.

“Evil thieves, what do you want?!” Bai Sheng angrily shouted after having woken.

Bai Hua, however, didn’t cry anymore, her two big eyes were closely gazing at Fang and Bai with deep hatred.

Fang Yuan couldn’t be bothered to explain to them; he directly grabbed the palms of the two and placed them separately on the pair of red gem pupils.

They were truly the inheritors decided by the fate, the moment these two’s small hands touched the red gem, it let out a bright light.

Crack, crack…

The skull slowly opened its mouth and revealed a large pile of coal stones and dry woods.

In the center of the black coal stones was a simple looking pottery container and a scroll lied on it.

“What is this?” Fang Yuan casually threw the twins onto the ground, then picked up and read the scroll before coming to an understanding.

It turns out the owner of this inheritance, Gray Bone Scholar, didn’t have a high aptitude; thus he was distressed about his cultivation throughout his life.

All his life, he put all his efforts into researching a type of Gu that could help a Gu Master to quickly cultivate.

There were already plenty of cultivation assisting Gu worms; the most typical being the liquor worm. However, these Gu worms were mostly very rare and would be very difficult to popularize.

Gray Bone Scholar’s aspiration was big, he wanted to research and refine an excellent Gu worm that could be widely used.

However, even when his lifespan was at its end, even after countless failures, he wasn’t able to achieve success.

At the final juncture of his life, maybe heaven took pity on him, when he was setting up the white bone mountain inheritance, he suddenly had an extremely ingenious enlightenment.

What was the main method to quickly raise a Gu master’s cultivation without the help of the specific Gu worms?

It was to let an elder impart his primeval essence..

Previously at Qing Mao mountain, Gu Yue Chi Cheng had received such help, receiving the refined primeval essence from his grandfather Gu Yue Chi Lian.

However, this move had a big disadvantage.

It was the mixture of different primeval essence, relying on an elder’s higher ranked primeval essence to wash and refine the aperture walls would leave behind his aura in the aperture, causing a Gu Master’s future development to be greatly restricted.

Unless one used cleansing water Gu to cleanse the mixed aura.

However, cleansing water Gu was also a rare Gu and ordinary Gu Masters would find it difficult to obtain it. Even elder level characters would have to rely on luck or pay a tremendous price.

Thus, imparting method also couldn’t be widespread.

Hence, Gray Bone Scholar thought of a wonderful concept.

If there was a Gu which could refine other’s primeval essence into the Gu Master’s primeval essence, wouldn’t that mean there would be no mixed aura after imparting?

He began making series of attempts and after removing most of the possibilities, he made a plan which had the highest probability of success.

The name of this experiment was —”Bone Flesh Unity Gu”.

This was what was written in the scroll: To refine this Gu, two Gu Masters must work together. And these two Gu Masters must have blood relation; Parents and children or twins. Relying on the connection of the blood lineage could one transform the primeval essence.

However, Gray Bone Scholar didn’t have enough time to put this concept into practice. After having made most of the preparations, he could only helplessly stop at the final juncture.

Although he had two nicknames, he, however, was only one person. What he lacked were two Gu Masters who fulfilled the criterias.

The final content on the scroll clearly revealed Gray Bone Scholar’s endless regret.

He did not have enough time to redo the preparations, and could only leave behind this blueprint. If someone fated was to arrive to this point and could open the mechanism and see this scroll, that would mean the Gu Masters who met the conditions had appeared!

“There is no harm in trying it, no matter what the result, please convey it to my gravestone.” These words in the scroll contained a lifetime of obsession of Gray Bone Scholar.

It turned out this pyramid Fang Yuan was stepping on was the tomb of Gray Bone Scholar.

There was no need to try though, Fang Yuan already knew the idea of bone flesh unity Gu was a success. Because in his previous life, Bai Sheng and Bai Hua — relying on this dual cultivation — had become the twin stars of righteous path, pushing the might of Bai Clan towards the peak with their rank five cultivation.

However, it was quite troublesome for Fang Yuan now.

He had originally thought bone flesh unity Gu was a finished product. But in fact, it had still not been refined into existence yet and couldn’t even be considered half-finished.

Moreover, he and Bai Ning Bing didn’t fulfill the conditions to refine this bone flesh unity Gu.

Unless, Gu Yue Fang Zheng had been here.

Even then, refining this bone flesh unity Gu might not end up good.

According to the description on the scroll, bone flesh unity Gu was a series of Gu and didn’t refer to just one type of Gu. And the deeper the feelings between the two Gu Masters refining this Gu, the better the quality of the refined bone flesh unity Gu.

Looking at the relation between Fang Yuan and Fang Zheng, the refined bone flesh unity Gu would absolutely not be perfect.

In Fang Yuan’s previous life, this bone flesh unity Gu had of course been refined by Bai Sheng and Bai Hua. However, the time was now many years in advance, although the two had deep feelings, but they were yet to become Gu Masters and thus couldn’t fulfil the criteria.

Bone flesh unity Gu was the most important target of Fang Yuan in this inheritance. The materials and the forge were already well prepared by Gray Bone Scholar, the only thing lacking was the final step; refinement.

Give up? Fang Yuan, of course, wasn’t willing to.

Then again, to refine it, let’s not speak of the refinement conditions not being met, there was still a group of powerful experts chasing them.

Time was pressing, Fang Yuan gritted his teeth and decided to take the risk.

He and Bai Ning Bing only met half the criteria, but Bai Sheng and Bai Hua, however, met the other half. Maybe there was a hope for success if the four worked together.

“Come, help out.” Fang Yuan began to ignite the dry woods in the skull sculpture.

The fire instantly soared and burned furiously.

“You plan to forcibly refine it?” Bai Ning Bing was shocked, “This can’t be a sensible option.”

Although she said so, she still made her move and put her palm on the red gem pupil, pouring her primeval essence into it.

The blazing fire suddenly changed color, from orange to eerie blue.

The pottery container was roasted by the fire; the several hibernating Gu worms woke up from the heat and began to crazily struggle. The pottery container shook constantly, but there was no damage to it.

The refining steps wasn’t complicated, Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing alternatively poured their primeval essence.

Soon, they reached the final critical juncture.

This step needed fresh flesh from the two Gu Masters, which would be thrown into the fire to be purified. The scroll clearly stated that the more flesh was thrown into the fire, the better the effects would be.

“Fortunately, we have flesh-bone Gu; cutting off few pieces of flesh wouldn’t be any problem.” Bai Ning Bing was just about to take action when she was stopped by Fang Yuan.

“Slow down, I have a better idea.”

Bai Ning Bing followed Fang Yuan’s line of sight to Bai Sheng and Bai Hua, the twins.

“You actually want to tamper with the modify at this juncture?” A disturbed gaze flashed in Bai Ning Bing’s eyes as she realized Fang Yuan’s intention.

“You, what do you want?!” Bai Sheng protected his sister behind him, as all of a sudden, he felt a calamity looming over them, causing him to feel anxious and panicky.

Being meat or fish on another’s chopping board , when Fang and Bai were refining the Gu worms, they knew they couldn’t run away, thus they had been obediently staying to the side, waiting for their clansmen to come to rescue.

However now, Bai Sheng felt tremendous regret!

“You should feel honored that your sacrifices will bring into existence an entirely new type of Gu worm. Even Senior Gray Bone would feel happy if he knew in the netherworld, right?” Fang Yuan gave an evil grin as he pressed on towards the pair of brother and sister.

“Sister, run away!” Bai Sheng shouted before charging towards Fang Yuan and grasping his leg.

“Big brother!” Tears spilled out from Bai Hua’s eyes, and just when she was hesitating, Fang Yuan had already knocked Bai Sheng unconscious.

Seeing Fang Yuan coming closer to her, an enormous fear was spreading at the little girl’s heart.

She turned around and ran, but how could she be faster than Fang Yuan?

She was quickly caught by Fang Yuan, her heart sank down and she futilely struggled and wailed: “Mother, where are you?”

Fang Yuan’s expression was indifferent as he knocked her unconscious too.

It was all done efficiently; he removed all the clothes from this pair of brother and sister, then carrying one on each hand, he threw them into the fire.

The moment they were thrown into the fire, they immediately woke up due to the heat, severe pain attacked them as they tried to madly flee.

The two jumped out from the fire with their limbs crazily moving about as they desperately struggled.

Fang Yuan coldly snorted, before kicking them back into the fire.

The scroll stated that it required fresh flesh, thus Fang Yuan didn’t want to kick them to death. As such, after he kicked them, they again ran out before he kicked them back in again.

This continued over and over, until Bai Sheng and Bai Hua were finally burned to death.

Their bodies resembled candles as they slowly melted; the fire turned from eerie blue to scarlet blood color.

However, the fire transformation slowed down and didn’t change to reddish-purple.

The scroll had stated, the color of the fire had to change into reddish-purple for this step to be considered a success.

“What to do?” Bai Ning Bing’s brows were furrowed; the Gu Masters would also receive backlash if the Gu refinement failed.

Fang Yuan’s mind worked at turbo speed: “Bai Sheng and Bai Hua were the fated inheritors, why did it fail? It seems because there was a discrepancy because they were not Gu Masters. If so, we need to try again!”

Fang Yuan didn’t hesitate as he activated tusita flower to spit out a sharp blade.

He stretched his forearm and slashed, blood started flowing rapidly and he threw his own flesh into the fire which was now blazing higher than a man’s height.

“Your turn.” After doing this, he threw the sharp blade to Bai Ning Bing.

“You sure it will work?” Bai Ning Bing hesitated for a while before she similarly used the blade to slash at her forearm. However, because of her ice muscles, the blade seemed to be cutting into ice.

With no other choice, Bai Ning Bing called out chainsaw golden centipede and sawed a piece of flesh.

When her flesh landed into the fire, the fire immediately turned reddish-purple.

“Good, success or failure depends on this! We need to pour our primeval essence together.” Fang Yuan was overjoyed at this scene.

The two poured their primeval essence into the red gem pupils at the same time; the mechanism started slowly closing up, like a bone beast swallowing the blazing flames.

Two rows of fangs came together and the jaws closed securely; the flame continued burning from inside, roasting the skull into a shade of scarlet.

Bang! The pottery container seemed to have exploded.

The whole skull shook.

Only after hearing this sound, Fang and Bai let go of their hands.

Fang Yuan closely stared at the movement while extending his hand towards Bai Ning Bing.

He didn’t say anything, but Bai Ning Bing already knew what Fang Yuan wanted.

She snorted, but thinking about the situation, she had no choice other than to give the flesh-bone Gu to Fang Yuan.

She didn’t have the ability to instantly refine Gu worms, but Fang Yuan could.

Flesh-bone Gu didn’t resist even a bit under the aura of Spring Autumn cicada and was instantly refined.

However, although Fang Yuan refined it, he couldn’t use it due to his low cultivation. Thus, he again handed it to Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing received it and immediately activated it; an orange glow covered the wound on her forearm and almost instantly, skin and flesh grew out and her injury was completely healed!

However, Bai Ning Bing’s rank three peak stage primeval essence was also instantly down by twenty percent!

The disadvantage of flesh-bone Gu was it required instant consumption of a great amount of primeval essence. If it were Fang Yuan’s green copper primeval essence, he wouldn’t be able to activate it even if his primeval sea completely dried up.

Following, Bai Ning Bing healed Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan’s face was pale, he didn’t have ice muscles to stop his bleeding in a short period, thus he had lost a lot of blood.

The injuries on their forearms had healed, but the pain was still as intense as before and their hearts trembled from the pain, even feeling dizzy!

But the two had iron willpower, despite such pain, their expressions didn’t change as they forcibly withstood the intense pain.

In a flash, the skull slowly opened up; the fire had already disappeared.

There were neither any traces of the pottery container nor the corpses of Bai Sheng and Bai Hua left.

Two Gu worms appeared in Fang Yuan’s sight.

One was green and another red, they were tied together like two jade bracelets, and quietly let out warm luster as they hovered in the air.

“This is the bone flesh unity Gu?” Without taking the time to carefully investigate, Fang Yuan took it and instantly refined it, storing it into his aperture.

“Let’s go!” He flew down the platform and rushed into the new secret tunnel that had appeared at the end of the hall.

Only a short moment after, Bai Clan Gu Masters arrived at this hall.

“Someone refined a Gu here!” The remaining aura in the air made the elders’ expressions change.

“Look, there are clothes of the two young masters.” Soon, they found children’s clothing that had been torn by Fang Yuan on the high platform.

Seeing this, an intensely bad feeling struck Bai Clan Leader’s heart, almost causing her to blackout.

She didn’t dare to even make the connection.

“Chase them! They can’t have gone far, my children are definitely with them!” Bai Clan Leader shouted, her two eyes had become bloodshot.

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