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Wei De Xin knew she was pregnant from her own recent bodily reactions.

The new life in her womb gave her great hope.

This was her greatest secret and she had never expected that just a few days later, an outsider would expose it directly.

How could this not shock her, how could she not panic?

In Fang Yuan’s previous life, it was Wei De Xin who helped Shang Pu Lao to win against Shang Qiu Niu and become the most popular candidate for young clan leader’s position at one time.

However, in the great battle between righteous and demonic, Wei De Xin and Wei Shen Jing secretly contacted each other, and helped Wu clan to scheme against Shang clan; eradicating Wei clan in one fell swoop and taking revenge for the murder of her husband. After this was revealed, Wei De Xin gained fame for being the first person to make Shang Yan Fei suffer a loss.

Shang Pu Lao was thus implicated and banished from the clan, having a miserable end. One could say both his success and defeat were due to Wei De Xin.

Wei De Xin’s talent was outstanding and had now fallen into Fang Yuan’s hand. Controlling her and making her work for Shang Xin Ci was not a difficult thing for Fang Yuan.

“Wei De Xin, you don’t need to be afraid. As long as you do your best to help Shang Xin Ci, I won’t do anything to you. I might even help you raise the child in your womb properly. Also, I advise you to not go searching for your younger brother Wei Shen Jing for some time. He has already been recruited by Wu clan now and is being monitored all the time. If you don’t believe me, you are welcomed to find out for yourself.”

Fang Yuan stroked his fingers, he was sitting on the stone chair with his back straight, and his tone gave a feeling that everything was in the palm of his hand.

Wei De Xin was completely dominated by his attitude.

The expression on her face as she kneeled on the ground, changed. She opened her mouth several times as if to say something, but finally chose to keep quiet.

In the end, she deeply bowed her head towards Fang Yuan, her forehead touched the ground and she spoke in a respectful tone: “I…”

However, she had just opened her mouth when she was interrupted by Fang Yuan: “No need to say anything else, there is no point. You and your clansmen’s performance will be the best answer. You can leave now.”

Fang Yuan waved his hand.

Wei De Xin could only leave.

Fang Yuan sat inside the pavillion without getting up for some time.

He watched Wei De Xin’s figure as it gradually vanished within the rows of green trees. He knew that after this talk, she would assist Shang Xin Ci with all her strength.

After all, in his previous life, Shang Pu Lao also took advantage of the child in her womb to entice her into fully helping him.

Cold wind blew. Fang Yuan gazed at the lake surface. The shimmering lake was reflected in his abyss-like dark eyes.

He was silent.

“Now, Shang Xin Ci has the Wei clansmen to act as her middle and lower foundation. With Wei De Xin, she can organize female guards and form a powerful and stable armed force. There are also the three Xiong brothers who will be her generals. And she has her personal servant Xiao Die and Xiao Lan as trustworthy assistants .”

“With this, the general framework of her force has been constructed. It is enough to deal with this young master competition. But if we can recruit Zhou Quan and make him the steward, this young master’s position will definitely be in the bag! Wei De Xin, Xiong clan’s three brothers, Xiao Die, Xiao Lan are all generals while Zhou Quan will be the commander.”

Fang Yuan was very clear that with the help of Zhou Quan who had plentiful experience and outstanding talent, Shang Xin Ci would definitely win the young master’s position and it would even be more stable. Even if Shang Xin Ci did not work hard, with Zhou Quan’s help, her forces would become firmer and slowly increase to an enormous size.

Only Zhou Quan could keep these subordinates of Shang Xin Ci under check.

Right now, Shang Xin Ci could not awe these talents. After all, she was still too young, her aptitude was not high and her cultivation was not enough.

In the Gu Master world, rules are cruel and real, the first thing one looks at is strength. The rest are supplementary.

However, subduing Zhou Quan will not be so easy. Especially now that the rumors of Shang Xin Ci’s failure in recruiting Zhou Quan over a dozen times had spread and were given a vivid description.

Fang Yuan knew someone was secretly doing this to cause trouble and strike at Shang Xin Ci’s reputation.

But although Fang Yuan knew it, he did not stop it.

The timing was still not ripe yet and he already had a plan.

Several days later, at night, in a secret room of Nan Qiu garden.

Swish swish swish…

Waves surged in the aperture and thousands of white silver snowflakes swirled up.

Under Fang Yuan’s will, the peak stage rank three primeval essence rushed at the aperture walls.

Like the prancing of ten thousand beasts or the movement of the galaxy, the ninety percent primeval sea swept through everything with a force majestic and boundless, far above middle and lower grade aptitudes.

Primeval essence continuously cleansed the aperture walls.

The cleansing slowly and quietly caused a hidden change in Fang Yuan’s aperture walls.

When this change accumulates to a certain degree, it would cause a qualitative transformation and cause his cultivation to breakthrough rapidly to another realm.

This realm was rank four!

Fang Yuan used relic Gu to advance to rank three peak stage. And then with the help of Bai Ning Bing and bone flesh unity Gu, his cultivation had been making rapid progress. Every day, he made such progress that it was beyond normal people’s imagination.

“Rank four, I am only a step away…” This sensation was becoming more and more intense in Fang Yuan’s heart.

However, the surface of the primeval sea continued to decrease.

Snow silver primeval essence violently attacked the borders of rank four realm, consuming huge amounts of primeval essence. Ninety percent primeval sea was of no help and the aperture walls were already cleansed to sparkling pure, but there was no change.

Although rank four was only a step away, this step was like a deep gully which was very difficult to cross.

No one knew how many Gu Masters were stumped at the border between rank three and rank four and how many grand ambitions were stifled.

As Fang Yuan looked at the empty aperture, right at that instance, a stream of yellow gold waterfall fell down from the aperture.

This came from outside world; it was reinforcements by Bai Ning Bing through bone flesh unity Gu!

Although it was only rank four initial stage light gold primeval essence, but the moment it appeared, Fang Yuan’s aperture trembled.

Under Fang Yuan’s will, the waterfall-like primeval essence turned into a tidal wave and charged towards the aperture walls, following the steps of the snow silver primeval essence.

All the accumulation before this burst out at this moment!


Following a soft sound, tiny cracks started to appear on the aperture walls.

Dazzling white light burst out of the cracks.

The cracks continued to enlarge and the crystal walls started to collapse like the collapse of an iceberg; pieces started falling towards the bottom of the primeval sea and turned into nothingness.

Two whole hours later, under Bai Ning Bing’s unceasing support of primeval essence, this transformation ended.

The crystal walls were no more to be seen, replaced by a layer of thin light membrane. However, this white light was even more dazzling and shone upon the whole aperture.

A drop of light gold primeval essence floated up from the bottom of the sea.

Yellow gold primeval essence!

Fang Yuan advanced into rank four realm!

“I have finally reached rank four! With just two to three years in Shang clan city, I made such huge progress.” Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes; bright, sharp light flashed through them and drew a ray of lightning through the dark secret room.

He was pleased with this result.

To be able to advance to rank four using a short period of two to three years, he had to first give credit to bone flesh unity Gu, Bai Ning Bing and then the favorable environment of Shang clan city.

At the same time, the credit also went to his plentiful experience from his previous life and his own efforts.

Advancing to rank four meant stepping into a whole new world! In the mortal world, rank one and two were only low levels, rank three was middle level, while rank four and five were the high levels.

Elders of many clans were all at rank four realm. If Gu Yue mountain still existed, Fang Yuan could now fight for the clan leader’s position!

Whether it were Southern Border, Central Continent or other places, rank four cultivation was enough to let a Gu Master roam everywhere.

Gu Masters with rank four cultivation were a force to reckon with.

Many clans only had one or two rank four Gu Masters.

After reaching this stage, Fang Yuan could be said to have grown and exceeded most Gu Masters.

“Since rebirth, my cultivation has now reached rank four. Compared to my previous life, this speed is faster by countless times. By taking a step first and then moving step by step, I have accumulated my advantage continuously and reach today’s accomplishment. All these were due to the help of my previous life’s experience. All thanks to Spring Autumn Cicada …”

Fang Yuan was more and more aware of how formidable the rank six Gu Spring Autumn Cicada was.

It was because of Spring Autumn Cicada that he could have another chance.

“However, although I have advanced to rank four, Spring Autumn Cicada’s recovery speed is getting faster as well. The pressure it is exerting on the aperture is also becoming bigger.”

“Rank four is a brand new starting point, I can use many more rank four Gu with the light gold primeval essence. Next, I need to refine charging crash Gu. But before this, I still have something I need to do….”

Fourth inner city.

“This is the manor Zhou Quan is in charge of?” Fang Yuan stood inside a courtyard with hands behind him and his tone indifferent.

Instantly, he got the answer from a subordinate: “Yes, Lord Fang Zheng.”

Right now, standing behind Fang Yuan were Bai Ning Bing, Xiao Die, Xiong brothers along with Wei De Xin and her people who had recovered some of their strength after refining some Gu just recently.

“It is this place. Missy and I came here so many times, but we were given cold shoulder every time.” Xiao Die added in angrily from the side.

“Lord, if you wish to see my master, please pass us your visiting letter. My master is currently taking an afternoon nap.” The doorboy walked over and said with an arrogant
He recognized Xiao Die and understood these were Shang Xin Ci’s people.

“Afternoon nap? Visiting letter? Hehehe.” Fang Yuan laughed coldly before his expression immediately turned dark; he waved his hand: “Go, smash the door!”

“Hehehe…” Everyone was stupefied for a while, as the three Xiong brothers took the lead and walked forward with large strides.

“You… what are you trying to do?!” The doorboy was feeling extreme panicked and could not help but shout.

“You puny thing dares to block our way, get lost!” Xiong Huo gave an evil grin and kicked, sending the doorboy flying.


Xiong Tu used his brute force to forcefully smash the large manor door.

“What are you doing?” Some servants ran over at the commotion, but with one look at the group of fiendish Gu Masters, they stood still in terror.

Crash Bang Crash Bang…

Slam Slam…

Fang Yuan’s group intruded Zhou Quan’s manor and starting charging around violently; smashing everything they saw and beating people up. Xiong Feng even took liberties with some pretty looking servants.

The manor was in chaos. Some servants ran around panicking and in fear while some cried, screaming for help and forgiveness.

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