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Following his memories, Fang Yuan brought Jia Jin Sheng to the cavern in the mountain.

The two entered the crack in the stone, and the path became more narrow as their vision was dyed in darkness. Jia Jin Sheng grew more vigilant as he was in an unfamiliar environment.

Finally, he could not hold it in any further, “I have a question, Jia Fu always treats people with honesty and is amicable with a good reputation. On the other hand, I lied and cheated, forcing transactions through coercion. Why did you choose to deal with me and not him?”

Fang Yuan’s voice travelled through the stone crack. “Because his cultivation is too high, so if he sees the image wall, he can choose to deal with me, or abandon the deal and just give the image wall to the Gu Yue clan head. I do not like giving the decision-making to others, furthermore I do not believe in integrity. The so-called prestigious reputation is just because the profits are small and are unable to incur his greed.”

More importantly, it was because Jia Jin Sheng’s position was special, for his cultivation was weak and he was easy to manipulate. Fang Yuan was naturally not going to mention this, of course.

“Hehe.” Jia Jin Sheng laughed dryly, his suspicions mostly gone immediately. “That last sentence really resonated within me.”

The two finally got into the secret cave.

Jia Jin Sheng saw the image wall at once, and could not help but laugh loudly, “Haha, I guessed right, you didn’t lie to me!”

Fang Yuan stood behind him, laughing lightly, not saying anything.

Jia Jin Sheng looked at the wall, seeing the changing images and the animosity between the Flower Wine Monk and the 4th generation clan leader.

He looked at it once and retracted his gaze, looking at Fang Yuan, mocking, “Your 4th generation ancestor doesn’t look that strong huh.”

Fang Yuan replied, “This is nothing. The Gu Yue clan needed a hero, thus the 4th generation became a hero. Not long after, the Bai family needs a despicable scum, so the 4th generation will become a degenerate. Hero, scum, all these are just people’s opinions.”

“Well said!” Jia Jin Sheng laughed as he surveyed the cave.

His sight was set on the corpse of the Flower Wine Monk, and he stopped for a while before saying, “What a pity, a Rank five powerhouse. You’ve gotten much benefits from him huh?”

A Rank five Gu Master’s inheritance was significant. Jia Jin Sheng’s heart beat faster upon thinking of this, and he could not help but ask.

Fang Yuan shook his head. “It’s been so long, most of the Gu are dead, I only got a Liquor worm.”

Jia Jin Sheng did not believe him. “Don’t lie to me brother, as long as this deal goes through, we are accomplices, I won’t reveal any information. Tell me honestly, what did you gain from this?”

Fang Yuan laughed coldly and did not bother replying him.

Jia Jin Sheng’s response was anticipated, and this was also why Fang Yuan chose him over Jia Fu.

Jia Jin Sheng continued to say: “At the very least, I know the Flower Wine Monk has a Thousand Li Earthwolf spider(1). That is a Rank five steed-type Gu, with a large body and is proficient in burrowing underground. The Flower Wine Monk was a demonic cultivator, and his ability to get about freely was mostly due to this Thousand Li Earthwolf spider, allowing him to escape from the righteous cultivators.”

“Oh, there’s something like that?” Fang Yuan frowned. Regarding the Flower Wine Monk, he did not have much information.

Jia Jin Sheng smugly said, “I came to your village last year and heard this legend, and I found it interesting so I went home and researched about it. The Thousand Li Earthwolf spider and Flower Wine Monk were inseparable, and in my opinion, this cave should have been dug out by the spider. Otherwise, with the Qing Mao Mountain’s rich and heavy soil, how can a cave like this form? Brother, you don’t have to conceal it anymore. The Flower Wine Monk died here so there’s definitely his Thousand Li Earthwolf spider here!”

Fang Yuan frowned even more deeply, feeling a sense of discomfort, his gaze grim, “Yes, there are no other exits here. The Thousand Li Earthwolf spider is massive, he would not have been able to squeeze out from the crack we just walked through. However, there is a possibility that the Thousand Li Earthwolf was plotted against and killed by the 4th generation. Seeing that image wall, even when the Flower Wine Monk was fighting he did not summon the Thousand Li Earthwolf spider.”

“That makes the situation even more peculiar. This cave is not formed naturally, thus it has to be created by the Flower Wine Monk. Without the Thousand Li Earthwolf spider, could there be any other methods?” Jia Jin Sheng looked at Fang Yuan suspiciously.

Fang Yuan’s frown swelled into a knot as he felt more and more uncertain. From Jia Jin Sheng’s information, he found out something: it appears as if there was a crucial point that he had missed out.

He could not help but fall into deep thoughts.

Jia Jin Sheng was thinking too, the image wall was no longer enough for him. Once he confirmed that the situation was real, he wanted to dig out the Flower Wine Monk’s inheritance from Fang Yuan.

But at this time, something unexpected to the two of them happened!

The image wall which was playing endlessly, suddenly changed its image.

A gravely injured, pale bald Gu Master replaced the original video and appeared on the wall.

He weakly sprawled on the ground, his back facing the wall. His chest and limbs were deeply cut, but the strange thing was that his wounds did not bleed, as if his entire body’s blood had been drained out.

“I am the Flower Wine Monk.” The bald Gu Master laughed, his expression distorted with madness, “Future person, no matter who you are, to endure this video and let it play for nearly one hundred days, it proves that you have no good will towards the Gu Yue family. Very well, you shall be my successor! My entire inheritance is yours, but I have a condition. You must exterminate the Gu Yue clan for me. Murder the entire clan and leave no one alive!”

Jia Jin Sheng was stunned on the spot, his face frozen with shock.

“A Rank five powerhouse, the Flower Wine Monk’s inheritance!”

He was stunned, and for a moment his brains were churning and thinking.

“My god! A Rank five powerhouse, what does that mean? Rank three is a family elder, Rank four is a village lord, and a Rank five is a mountain lord, able to rule over a mountain and do as he pleases! To think that in this tiny place, there is a Rank five Gu Master’s power inheritance.”

“Wait, Flower Wine Monk is a demonic cultivator, so if I inherit his powers, is it inappropriate? No, strength has nothing to do with good or evil. The Flower Wine Monk wants his successor to destroy the Gu Yue clan, but do I really have to? He’s already dead, I just have to take his inheritance and ignore those issues.”

“This is a godsend opportunity. Even with my D grade talent, if I inherit the Flower Wine Monk’s inheritance, I might be able to improve my talent. Those rare talent-raising Gu worms, they might be part of the inheritance. If I inherit this fortune and become a Rank four or five Gu Master, I’d be able to contest with Jia Fu!”

“Wait! I almost forgot, there’s an outsider, what should I do?”

“Should I split the inheritance with him? No, kill him! Only by killing him can I protect this secret. Yes, I should calm him down first, and lie that we’re going to split the treasure. Getting rid of his guard, then assaulting him and killing him here. This place is so hidden, it’s great. Even if I kill him, nobody would know.”

Although he thought of all these, it was merely a moment in real life.

Having a plan, he squinted and revealed a fake smile.

He slowly turned around and faced Fang Yuan but just as he was about to speak, he saw two blue moonblades flying towards him.

His pupils dilated into the size of a pin; the distance was too small, he could not respond in time!

“You……” His voice came to a halt.

The moonblade aimed accurately for his neck, and in an instant, his skull flew into the air, fresh blood pouring out like a fountain.

After two seconds, his corpse plopped on the ground.

The scalding blood poured on the mountain walls, dyeing the withering vines red.

“Don’t think so much when killing people.” Fang Yuan looked at the corpse plainly and then shifted his gaze towards the image wall.

“To think there was such a twist here. How interesting,” He muttered as his eyes emitted an eerie glow.