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Inside the academy, everyone’s attention was on Fang Yuan.

Their expressions showed shock, fear, mockery and callousness.

Fang Yuan paid no attention to these people. He looked at the academy elder with a stern expression, with his finger pointing towards the fainted guard.

“Reporting to elder, these two guards had impure motives, devious intentions! They broke into my room when I was at the crucial moment of breaking through into the middle stage. As everyone knows, a Gu Master cultivating cannot be interrupted. Especially so when one is trying to break through into higher realms. A moment of distraction would not only cause the breakthrough to fail, but their aperture would also get damaged. Thankfully my luck was good, because at the moment where they barged in, I had already stepped into the middle stage.”

“However!” Before the masses had reacted, Fang Yuan continued, “These two did not admit their mistakes earlier. To my surprise, they boasted shamelessly about wanting to get rough with me, even scolding our clan’s ancestors, lying that the act of disturbing my cultivation was the esteemed elder’s decision. Your student did not believe so, and resisted furiously. These two had strong martial arts, and I had to fight for life before finally defeating these two people.”

“But seeing as they were the academy guards, your student did not kill them immediately. I merely cut off one of his arms, and the leg of the other person. Although there was quite some blood loss, they are still alive. That is my report for this matter, please uphold justice for me, esteemed elder!” Having said so, he cupped his fists towards the academy elder.

His tone was urgent, saying a ton of information, and leaving no room for others to interrupt.

After he had finished, the surrounding people slowly started to react.

“What did Fang Yuan say earlier, I did not catch it.”

“I think he said he advanced to the middle stage!”

“How is that possible, he is just a C grade trash, to think that he actually advanced to the middle stage first.”

“He definitely lied, he is afraid of the academy’s punishment, thus he lied!”

The students discussed loudly.

When compared to Fang Yuan’s advancement to the middle stage, the two guards’ lives no longer mattered.

They were not Gu Yue clan members, who cares if they’re dead or alive?

“You said you advanced to Rank one middle stage?” The academy elder’s voice was ice cold, his expression unforgiving. “Fang Yuan, this is not a laughing matter. If you admit your wrongdoing now, I can still take into account that this is your first mistake and deal with you leniently. If you want to continue lying and attempting to cover up your mistakes, then I can tell you now, lies are easily seen through.”

Fang Yuan did not explain himself further, he laughed lightly and said to the academy elder, “Please inspect, elder.”

Even without his words, the academy elder had already moved forward.

He placed his hand on Fang Yuan’s abdomen, placing a trace of his spirit into it. Immediately he saw the inside of Fang Yuan’s aperture.

Within the aperture, there was no Gu.

The Spring Autumn Cicada had already hidden itself. A Rank six Gu is way superior than a Rank three academy elder, so if it wanted to hide, it would not be found easily.

As for the Liquor worm, Fang Yuan had placed it into the dormitory’s wine reserves, and did not bring it along.

The academy elder with his eyes shut, could see a green copper primeval sea, calm as still water.

Drops of primeval essence inside were all emerald green colours of middle stage primeval essence.

Seeing the aperture walls, the white coloured aperture walls were glowing with reflected light as if they were all made of water. Gushes of water flow rapidly moved along the wall.

Water wall!

“He really advanced to the middle stage, how is this possible?!” The academy elder shouted in his heart, a sign of shock under his calm expression. But he tried to hide it to the best of his ability, his face still expressionless.

A moment later, after he had digested this fact, he drew back his hand, speaking in a solemn voice, “It is indeed middle stage.”

The students had been holding their breaths, awaiting the results.

The academy elder’s verdict caused a huge commotion in the academy.

The students were full of bewilderment and shock, each of their faces showing immense disbelief.

Fang Yuan was only a C grade, but yet he was the first to breakthrough into the middle stage, this was against common sense!

For a Gu Master’s cultivation and breaking through realms, the most important aspect should be talent. How is this possible, a C grade was the first to advance? How would this make those A grade, B grades feel!

“This!” Gu Yue Fang Zheng’s face was pale. He was still confident last night, but now that reality sat in front of him, he was unable to accept such a fact and fell to the ground.

Gu Yue Mo Bei clenched his fists, and Gu Yue Chi Chen hatefully gritted his teeth.

The academy elder could not be easily fooled, so how did Fang Yuan manage to do it?

At once, all the youngsters stared at Fang Yuan, having one question in their hearts —— with that C grade talent, how did he advance?

The academy elder’s heart was similarly full of doubt.

Under such great empuzzlement, he ignored the idea of suppressing Fang Yuan and asked directly, “Fang Yuan, I hope you can explain this, how did you manage to advance to middle stage.”

Fang Yuan laughed silently, “Heaven rewards the hard-working, and as a result of student’s persistent training, I managed to advance smoothly.”


“Tsk, if heaven rewarded the hard-working, I’d be first long ago!”

“Diligently studying and training? Some time ago, I still saw him strolling around the shop district.”

The students were evidently not satisfied with such an answer.

“Is that so?” The academy elder replied neutrally, his gaze staring at Fang Yuan, emitting pressure.

Fang Yuan’s expression was candid, making eye contact with the elder without fear.

His body was bathed in blood, his linen shirt messy, as if he had gone through an intense battle.

A pair of black abyss-like eyes, showing a kind of peacefulness, indifference, and even hiding a hint of amusement.

Seeing such a gaze, the academy elder’s heart wavered.

“This Fang Yuan, he is not afraid, not fearful, not threatened, and not shocked, how can he be interrogated by me right here? With his C grade talent, being the first to advance to middle stage, there has to be a secret. But since he does not want to say it, as the academy elder, I cannot forcefully interrogate him. It seems I can only investigate this privately.”

Thinking of this, the academy elder retracted his gaze and his cold expression became milder.

Fang Yuan however did not let the matter go, “Your student is frightened, esteemed elder. How are you going to deal with these two guards? They have lost a lot of blood, if they are not treated soon, they might die.”

“Frightened? You?” The academy elder retorted in his mind. His brows frowned deeply.

At this point, as the person in charge of the academy, he had to step forward and settle this.

“But how should I resolve this?” The academy elder could not help but feel troubled.

He silently began to think.

Fang Yuan took all of the academy elder’s change in expressions into consideration. He laughed internally; the academy elder must be really troubled now.

These two guards, they were merely outsiders, their lives cheap as grass. In normal times, no one would care if they died.

But now the situation was different, they were sent out by the academy elder. If they really died, the academy elder would lose his reputation!

Thus, the guards could not die, the academy elder is going to save them.

The part that truly troubles the academy elder is Fang Yuan’s verdict.

In his original plan, Fang Yuan first played truant, and then killed the guards. This could be said to be defying his teachers, being arrogant and self-centered. According to the clan rules, he’d be thrown into the clan jail, reflecting upon his mistakes inside.

But when adding in the matter of Fang Yuan’s advancement to middle stage, these wrongdoings became very different.

Fang Yuan played truant and killed the guards because he was cultivating. This was reasonable.

The crucial part was, he was successful in advancing to the middle stage, and became the first in this class. This allowed him to be on the side of reason.

Just what did Fang Yuan rely on to advance to middle stage, this secret would be discussed later.

Winners win all, losers lose all, the world only cares about result. No one would reprimand such an outstanding junior.

The academy elder could not execute any punishments on him.

What is the academy for? It is to nurture outstanding Gu Masters, and inject fresh blood into the clan.

Now that we have such an aspiring young man, you as the academy elder still wants to find trouble with him? That would be neglecting your role!

Just like a student who got good results, as a teacher he should be encouraging and praising him, instead of punishing and criticizing. A teacher who punishes and scolds a student for his good results is not one that would ever be recognised.

Perhaps the other elders would secretly cause problems for Fang Yuan because they fear Fang Yuan’s future prospects, or because of grudges and past grievances. But him alone, the esteemed academy elder, cannot do such a thing!

Because he is in charge of the academy, he has to be impartial, at least on the surface.

These are the rules!

“Do I just let him go like this? It was not easy finding a weakness of his.” The academy elder was indignant. He knew in his heart that all the youngsters in the academy were merely spectators of this matter.

They can only look at the matter as entertainment, but are unable to see the crucial point in this, they are unable to experience the excitement in this battle!

The truth is, this is the one time where he as the academy elder, was battling against Fang Yuan the student.

First he grabbed hold of the rules, and was bent on punishing Fang Yuan, removing his strong image in front of the other students.

Next, Fang Yuan retaliated! His actions may seem rash, but it hit the matter on the point, and with the excuse of advancing to the middle stage, he got back his argument.

As for those two unlucky guards, they were merely sacrificial pawns who were implicated by the two’s battle of wits.

“This Fang Yuan, he is too cunning! If he had really killed the two guards, I can still retaliate against him with this reason. Although his talent is lackluster, with such a meticulous and experienced method, it is hard to believe that he is just a fifteen year old. The worst part is, I cannot retaliate. No wonder back in those days, the clan had rumors about his early awakened intelligence!” The academy elder suddenly realised, he had lost.

His loss was due to his status, he was the elder in charge of the academy.

This was both his strength and weakness.

One’s strength is also one’s weakness.

Fang Yuan had understood this logic long ago!

The academy elder was both helpless and frustrated.

He had asked Fang Yuan to explain, and in actuality Fang Yuan’s explanation was full of loopholes and easily exposable.

These guards were chosen by the academy elder himself, they would not be so rash and retarded to scold the Gu Yue ancestors.

Fang Yuan’s words were on purpose, it was blatant accusation, framing and laying a trap in front of the other party!

The academy elder was clear of this, but he knew that he could not pursue the matter.

This was a trap.

Once he looked into it, the truth would be revealed, and how would he handle this matter?

If he did not punish Fang Yuan, the two guards would be pitifully framed, and as the academy elder, if he does not handle things impartially, how can anyone trust him?

If he punished Fang Yuan, that would be suppressing and displaying jealousy of the talented! To suppress a junior of the clan for two servants who were not part of the clan, this matter would trigger the unhappiness of the clansmen.

Thus, the best way to resolve this was to pretend to not see anything, and treat these two guards as discarded pieces. Admitting that they had performed a huge mistake, as well as praising Fang Yuan.

This way, the clansmen would be satisfied, and the deceived guards, without additional information, would think of this as being impartial.

If he handled the matter like this, it would give the academy elder the largest benefit.

Logic told the academy elder that this is the way to handle it. But emotionally, he could not take it lying down.

This Fang Yuan was too devious!

The academy elder not only failed to suppress Fang Yuan, but he himself became the stepping stone for Fang Yuan, getting humiliated in public!

Fang Yuan did not show the slightest respect for him and dared to oppose him like this in public, causing this esteemed academy elder to suffer such humiliation and frustration.

The point was, in future if these two guards felt indignant and wanted to reveal the truth, as the academy elder, if he wanted to maintain his image and position, he would have to be the first to step up and suppress them.

But this was all caused by Fang Yuan!

What sort of feeling is this?

For example, it would be like Fang Yuan pooping on the academy elder’s face, but the elder himself still has to praise him and at the same time, clean his butt for him. If anyone wanted to point out that there was poop on his face, he has to be the first to shut that person up.

This feeling of grievance, it was almost unbearable for the academy elder.

There was a growing urge in his heart to give Fang Yuan a few tight slaps!

But finally, the academy elder stretched out his arm and patted Fang Yuan’s shoulder.

“Good lad.” The academy elder’s face was dim like stillwater, forcing the words out of his mouth.

“It is all thanks to the academy’s nurturing,” Fang Yuan replied plainly.

The corner of the academy elder’s eye twitched.