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The moon, round like a wheel, was faintly discernable among the floating clouds.

The academy elder hurriedly walked on the road, his face barely visible under the flickering moonlight.

It was hard to survive in this world, and Gu Masters going missing was a common thing. With his extensive life experience, the academy elder knew that under normal circumstances, these sort of sudden disappearances often spelled death.

Anyone can die, but Jia Jin Sheng cannot! Especially not dying in the Gu Yue Village.

His identity was special, his father being the Jia family head, his brother being the Rank four Gu Master Jia Fu.

A Rank four Gu Master has yellow gold primeval essence, and they have absurd fighting power. Within the Gu Yue clan, only the clan leader is Rank four and can match up to him, while the other clan elders were all Rank three.

The Jia family head was at an even higher cultivation level. He was a Rank five, and under his lead the Jia family rose to prosperity, becoming a large sized clan and possessing the resources of an entire mountain, with a large number of clansmen. Compared to them, Gu Yue clan was just a middle sized one.

If the two clans fought, Gu Yue village would definitely have the disadvantage.

The most crucial part was, if this matter was spread, the Gu Yue clan’s reputation would be tarnished. Many merchants are vigilant in choosing their routes. Without the interaction with merchants, the Gu Yue clan’s surplus local resources would not have an avenue to sell, and the external resources they required would not be purchasable. As time passes, they would definitely weaken.

“This matter is severe, if we do not handle it well, it would be a disaster!” The academy elder worriedly rushed towards the clan head’s pavilion.

Once he stepped into the conference hall in the clan head’s pavilion, the academy elder felt the solemn and serious atmosphere.

The main seat was occupied by the current clan leader Gu Yue Bo. The fat and short Jia Fu brought along five to six followers with him and stood at the center of the hall, adopting an accusative stance.

Under the bright light of the lamp, the solemn faces of the elders who were standing at side of their chairs were evident.

Jia Fu was a Rank four Gu Master, and since he was not sitting, these Rank three clan elders naturally did not dare to sit.

This was the deterrent force of a Rank four Gu Master.

It was also a form of respect for power.

“Greetings….” The clan elders were about to pay their respects, but they were stopped by the clan leader Gu Yue Bo’s hands.

Gu Yue Bo who had grizzled white hair was using his finger to rub his temple, a look of distress on his face, “I’m not going to say more about the matter, the clan academy is always under your supervision. Let me ask you, where is Gu Yue Fang Yuan?”

The academy elder was shocked. Internally he thought, how does this have to do with that brat Fang Yuan?

He answered politely, “At this timing, he should be cultivating in the academy hostel.”

The clan leader sighed, “Brother Jia is very suspicious now, he thinks that his brother Jia Jin Sheng’s disappearance has something to do with Fang Yuan. I order you to go and bring him here immediately.”

The academy elder shuddered in his heart. “Yes!”

He understood the severity of this issue, and hurriedly paid his respects before he turned around and left.

“Brother Jia, that Fang Yuan will be brought here immediately, have a seat.” Gu Yue Bo pointed at a seat near him and said to Jia Fu.

Jia Fu laughed bitterly, cupping his fists at Gu Yue Bo. “I apologise to Brother Gu Yue! I was really anxious then, it has already been days since I’ve seen my brother, I fear for the worst. I really cannot afford to wait.”

There are some things that, only after losing them can they be understood.

Jia Fu only realised it in these few days, the reason why his father paired him up with the burden Jia Jin Sheng for the caravan.

It was to test his nature. Seeing if he could, while suppressing his brother, remember their kinship, and at the same time take care of this little brother.

If Jia Jin Sheng was dead now, how would his father view him?

When he realized this point, he immediately held investigations in the caravan, and quickly set his target on the Gu Yue village.

He rushed back without a single break.

Now that he was standing, reluctant to sit, it was to create the impression that he was determined to get the culprit. This was both emitting pressure on the Gu Yue clan as well as giving his father a form of assurance when he return to the Jia family.

“Reporting to clan leader sir, Fang Yuan has been brought here.” Quickly, the academy elder brought Fang Yuan to the hall.

“Gu Yue Fang Yuan pays his respects to clan elder, Sir Jia Fu, and the various clan elders,” Fang Yuan said with an expressionless face.

“It’s him?” Jia Fu coldly observed Fang Yuan, at the same time, asked a female Gu Master.

This female Gu Master was the one who Fang Yuan bought the purple gold rock from at the gambling den.

“Yes, it’s him! There is no mistake,” The female Gu Master stared at Fang Yuan, saying confidently.

Jia Fu nodded. Immediately his gaze was like two steel blades, slashing at Fang Yuan. But he did not interrogate openly, for this was the Gu Yue village, thus he had to give the Gu Yue clan leader some respect.

Thus he looked towards the Gu Yue clan leader.

The Gu Yue clan leader had a serious expression. He knew that Jia Fu purposely conversed with the female Gu Master loudly; it was not only to confirm Fang Yuan’s identity, but also to assert his motive.

He was implying to the Gu Yue clan head that he had the evidence in his hands, “I have sufficient confidence, so you better not overly defend your own clansman.”

This caused some displeasure in the Gu Yue clan leader’s heart, thinking, “You Jia Fu lost your brother, it was your mistake to begin with. Now you come here to our Gu Yue village with an accusative stance, do you think my Gu Yue clan can be easily bullied? My Gu Yue clan is impartial and works around based on logic, but don’t be mistaken that this is a weakness!’

Thinking of this, he did not interrogate Fang Yuan immediately, but fiercely said to the female Gu Master, “Did you see clearly? I’m not afraid to tell you this, but Fang Yuan has a twin brother who looks extremely identical to him, are you really sure it’s him?”

The female Gu Master was just a Rank one, and under Gu Yue Bo’s pressure, she instantly showed a hesitant and nervous expression.

Jia Fu frowned and took a step forward, blocking her from Gu Yue Bo’s sight. Cupping his fists, he said, “Brother Gu Yue, I’ve always respected the Gu Yue clan. Especially the Gu Yue clan’s first and fourth clan leader, these two were Rank five powerhouses. One built the clan from scratch, where he went through tough times and created the Gu Yue family’s hundred year foundation. Another was a benevolent hero, for to protect his clan he sacrificed himself, and is worth respecting. Brother Gu Yue, as the clan leader, I believe you will act impartial, please interrogate this Fang Yuan.”

Hearing that his tone had softened, Gu Yue Bo nodded, but his heart had already decided.

If this Fang Yuan was the culprit, then he would hand him over. After all he was just a C grade, there is no loss in losing him. As long as it is able to settle this dispute.

If Fang Zheng was the one who did it, Fang Yuan also has to take the blame. Fang Zheng is an A grade genius, the only one in three years. The clan higher-ups still expect to nurture him greatly to go against that Bai Ning Bing from the Bai clan village.

“Fang Yuan, don’t be nervous.” Gu Yue clan leader smiled benevolently, using a gentle tone towards Fang Yuan, “Let me ask you, do you know any information about that Jia Jin Sheng?”

“Who is Jia Jin Sheng?” Fang Yuan looked up and said calmly.

“He’s lying!” The female Gu Master from the gambling den shrieked right as Fang Yuan finished his question.

The people in the discussion hall, upon hearing this shrieking, frowned and all looked towards her.

The female Gu Master pointed at Fang Yuan, showing an agitated expression, “It’s him, it’s him! At our gambling den, he bought six purple gold rocks, and the fifth was a mudskin toad. Young master Jia saw it and tried to use five hundred primeval stones to purchase it. This left a huge impression on me, even if a year or two passes I will not forget. Not only me, but the other Gu Masters at the gambling den saw it too.”

“Is that so…” The Gu Yue clan leader’s smiled disappeared, showing a stiff expression and dragging his question towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan only nodded now, showing a hint of nervousness, and pretended to suddenly realize, “Oh it’s him. Alright, if he’s Jia Jin Sheng, then I do know him. But after the gambling den incident, I did not see him ever again.”

“He’s lying again!” This time, it was not the female Gu Master, but a male Gu Master who called out in public.

Fang Yuan looked towards him, and as if he had recognised him, showed an expression of shock, but quickly tried to hide it.

His expression changes were reflected in everyone’s eyes.

Everyone started to ponder.

“Esteemed sirs, I am an employee at the wine shop.” The male Gu Master first cupped his fists to everyone, and then vigorously pointed at Fang Yuan, “That night, I saw clearly at the wine shop, he was sitting with young master Jia Jin Sheng, and the two secretly conversed for a long time!”

Once he said so, the hall erupted into a clammer of soft discussions.

The academy elder used a cold gaze and looked at Fang Yuan.

The Gu Yue clan master moved backwards slightly, slowly leaning on the large chair.

“How can that be!” Fang Yuan showed an obviously frantic expression, hurriedly saying, “The wine shop had so many people, how can you recognise me just like that? You might be mistaken yourself!”

“Haha, I am definitely not wrong.” The male Gu Master smiled, his gaze staring at Fang Yuan, at this moment he felt extremely confident.

“Not to mention it was young master Jia Jin Sheng who coming to our wine shop, we have to take care of him carefully. Even if it was not him, I would still have had recognised you, as you had given me a strong impression!”

Saying so, he raised his eyebrows, saying smugly, “Do you still remember? That day you came to our shop, wanting a cup of monkey wine. But you only drank a mouthful. After that you released the Liquor worm and fed the remaining monkey wine to it. I saw the Liquor worm and was very agitated, wanting to purchase it from you but you refused to sell it and walked away immediately!”

“Good, exactly what I wanted to hear.” Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart, but showed an expression of shock on his face, subconsciously taking a step backwards.

“Liquor worm!” The eyes of the academy elder behind Fang Yuan shone.

But quickly he frowned again, and could not help but ask, “Fang Yuan, where did you get that Liquor worm?”

Fang Yuan clenched his fists, gritting his teeth, but refusing to answer.

The surrounding clan elders flew into a rage, starting to scowl.

“Fang Yuan, do you know the trouble you’ve caused!”

“Talk, exactly what happened?”

“Tell us of what you know, own up. This Liquor worm, is it Jia Jin Sheng’s?”

“How can it be his? The Liquor worm is obviously obtained by myself! I opened it!” Fang Yuan raised his head suddenly, his expression worked up, as if he could not stand such a slander, and shouted loudly with an indignant emotion.