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“Get lost?” Hearing Wang Er’s words, Fang Yuan immediately broke into a cold smirk and he brandished his palm in front of him.


With a light sound, a blue coloured moonblade shot forward.

At the same time, he put strength into his leg and rushed towards the four hunters.

“Gu Master?!” The hunters were stunned and shouted upon seeing the moonblade.

The moonblade had already fired over, and they rushed to evade.


A person did not evade fast enough, and his right forearm was hit by the moonblade. Immediately his bones and flesh split, the entire wrist and his forearm cut through and fell on the ground.


He laid on the ground, screaming in fear and pain. His left arm was like an eagle claw gripping his right arm. His right limb spewed bright red blood non stop, quickly dyeing the floor red.

“Spare me!”

“We did not offend you intentionally!”

The other two mortals on seeing their companion’s state, went pale without a trace of blood in their face. They hurriedly got on all fours and kneeled down, kowtowing to Fang Yuan nonstop.

“Hmph, a bunch of fags, what are you afraid of? It’s just a Gu disciple!” Only Wang Er was still standing. Fang Yuan attacked without warning, and this had made him frightened and angry. His arms went behind his back, and with a swift action, he grabbed hold of the bow and arrow in his arms.

“Stop, come further and I’ll shoot you!” Wang Er retreated as he readied the arrow while screaming.

“Oh?” Fang Yuan narrowed his eyes. This Wang Er was rather intractable. Normally when mortals saw Gu Masters, they would be cowering in fear. Yet this man was able to remain calm, he must be rather bold.


Another moonblade shot out towards Wang Er.

“Unappreciative bastard.” Wang Er snorted and killing intent rose from his heart.

He took a side step and evaded the moonblade while shooting an arrow. The arrow was fast, and with a swoosh, it reached Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan ducked, his head lowering slightly and evading the arrow as he continued rushing forward, quickly reaching Wang Er.

Wang Er bravely threw away the bow in his hand and clenched his bowl sized fist, rushing towards Fang Yuan.

He had a large build, his back strong like a wolf’s and his waist like a bee’s, and he was at least fifty centimetres taller than Fang Yuan. The sunlight shone from behind him, and as Fang Yuan rushed towards him, he could see a dark shadow hanging over his face, his eyes emitting killing intent like a wolf!


“Stop quickly!”

The two hunters seeing that the two were going to collide into each other, frightfully shouted.

“Die!” Wang Er’s eyes were fierce as the muscles on his face twitched, showing his sinister and insane expression, like a bloodthirsty evil wolf.

Both his fists flew towards Fang Yuan.


His fist was fast and heavy, even cutting the wind!

Fang Yuan could see the fist getting bigger in his eyes, but his expression was unchanging as he took a side step.


At the crucial moment, he avoided the fist and forcefully rotated his body, knocking Wang Er’s left hand away.

Wang Er laughed sinisterly as he waved his fist horizontally, his fist striking first, about to reach Fang Yuan’s back.

But at this moment, a bright flash of sunlight entered his iris.

His back was originally facing the sun, and now that he had turned around, the eye-piercing sunlight temporarily made his eyes hurt, and his vision went blank.

Fang Yuan smirked as he backflipped in the air, dodging Wang Er’s fist, at the same time waving his right arm.


The third moonblade flew along the sunlight trajectory.

Wang Er’s senses tingled as he felt unprecedented danger. He turned his head around and the next moment, the eerie blue moonblade flew past.

“Be careful brother Wang Er!”

“Did he avoid it?”

The two kneeling on the ground forgot to beg for forgiveness at this moment, staring widely.

The piercing sunlight shone on their face.

At this moment, time seemed to slow down.

The surrounding sound vanished, and the world was silent.

The afternoon’s blazing sun paved a white background, and on this backdrop, Wang Er’s body became a black shadow. His body was in the air at an arc, his muscular body stretching in a crescent shape like an open bow, full of masculine appeal.

His head lowered as he tried to avoid the moonblade.

The moonblade flew like a snail in the air, its eerie blue light almost invisible under the sun’s rays.

The white background, the black shadow, and the blue moonblade — these three formed a brilliant stage for a moment full of life and death.

The moonblade flew over.

The shadow that represented Wang Er landed smoothly as it flowed with the trajectory.

He was safe and sound.

“Phew!” Seeing this, a young hunter breathed out a sigh of relief.

“He avoided it!” Another hunter was cheering internally.

But at this time!

A small piece of the shadow’s head flew out along with red fluids, separating from the shadow and spewing everywhere.

The blue moonblade gradually dissipated in the air.

That black shadow was like a broken bow, as the energy accumulated within it disappeared at once. It turned into a beautiful but sad fallen leaf, silently landing on the ground.

The two hunter’s irises shrunk into pin size.

Their mouths were agape, stretching to their bodily limits.


The bright red fluid landed on their faces.

The two touched their faces —


They jolted awake!

In their perception, time had returned to normal, and noise returned.

There were birds chirping, water flowing and their companion screaming while grabbing his broken arms.

“Second brother Wang…?” A hunter called, his voice full of horror. All this time, Wang Er was their leader.

“He’s dead!” Another hunter cried out, his face grim to the limit.

“Brother Wang Er is our strongest hunter. A while ago he was still talking with us, but to think the next moment he’s dead!”

“He should not have angered that Gu Master, we mortals are no match for Gu Masters!”

The two hunters were frightened and shocked, at once they were like statues kneeling on the ground.

Fang Yuan got up from the ground.

Earlier, to avoid Wang Er’s fist, he rotated his body in the air and lost his balance. After shooting the moonblade, he fell to the ground. But this fall was worth it, as Wang Er’s fist would’ve caused him to vomit blood on the spot. After all, Fang Yuan had no defensive Gu, and his body was only a fifteen year old.

Now, he stood up, other than his shoulders hurting, he had practically no injuries.

“This Wang Er is very strong, much stronger than that Mo family servant Gao Wan! If any other student encountered him, they would lose without doubt. Even a Rank one upper stage Gu Master would lose to him out of carelessness.” Fang Yuan stared at the corpse of Wang Er deeply.

Gu Masters were still threatened by genius mortal martial artists when they are at Rank one stage.

This Wang Er was truly skilled.

His archery skill was fast and stable, just relying on this it could match moonblade. In fact, the moonblade might even be inferior, as the arrow has a larger range. His fighting skill has reached the peak of mortals — a strong body with tough bones, and he was also ruthless. With Fang Yuan’s small body, it could not go head to head with him.

Thus, any other student would lose undoubtedly. Unfortunately for Wang Er, he met Fang Yuan.

Once he appeared, Fang Yuan noticed his bow and deduced that he could not fight long range with him.

The moonblade only had a range of ten meters. The bow had far greater range than the moonblade.

Thus, Fang Yuan ditched long combat. He quickly got closer and closed the gap between them, showing a physical fighting stance.

Wang Er had no choice but to discard his bow and fight physically with Fang Yuan.

But Fang Yuan did not really think of going close combat with Wang Er. He used the angle of the sun’s rays and caused a weakness in Wang Er, before shooting out his third moonblade.

He was already middle stage now, and with the Liquor worm’s refinement, the moonblade had the attack power of an upper stage Gu Master. At such a close range, with Wang Er’s weakened vision, his defeat was guaranteed.

“But this Wang Er is indeed skillful. I wanted to decapitate him, but at the crucial moment, he relied on his senses and reflexes and evaded half of my attack, causing my moonblade to cut off only half of his head.”

“Life and death is nature’s law. All living beings are equal, and everyone has their right to survive and be killed. There might be royalty and lower beings, but in face of death, a person’s death is no different from a pig’s, what’s the difference? They’re both dead.”

Fang Yuan took a final look at Wang Er’s corpse and sighed in his heart.