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“You said that during Fang Yuan’s extortion this time, although he defeated Fang Zheng, Chi Cheng and Mo Bei, he left go of them and did not take their primeval stones?” Hearing the guard’s report, the academy elder revealed a slightly shocked expression.

“I dare not lie to lord, it is indeed like this.” The guard kneeling on the ground immediately responded.

“Mm.” The academy elder did not express his opinion, and waved his hand, “I have understood this matter, you may go.”

“Your subordinate takes his leave.”

Once the guard had left, the academy elder immediately fell into deep thoughts.

He was originally concerned with this matter as he was afraid Fang Yuan would snatch away the thirty primeval stones that Fang Zheng had gotten as a reward. If that was the case, the academy’s reward system would have no meaning, they might as well give everything to Fang Yuan.

If Fang Yuan really did that, the academy would not allow it, and the academy elder was already prepared to punish Fang Yuan.

But he did not expect that not only did Fang Yuan have no intention to take the thirty primeval stones from Fang Zheng, he even let go of Mo Bei and Chi Cheng as well.

“Fang Yuan has hundreds of primeval stones on hand, he might not be too concerned with the thirty primeval stones, that is understandable. But giving up on extorting Mo Bei, Chi Cheng and Fang Zheng, what is the reason?”

The academy elder contemplated, his eyebrows gradually easing. He had understood something.

Mo Bei, Chi Cheng and Fang Zheng, they could be said to represent the three factions of the clan. Letting go of them, the meaning was that he was appealing to the three different factions. This was understandable, as Fang Yuan’s attitude change meant that he was finally willing to lower his head to the clan.

“Understandable. As he cultivated, Fang Yuan may have the Liquor worm, but the situation has gotten clearer to him. The inability of a C grade talent, after a few outbursts, and letting go of the majority of his negative feelings, he is probably rather downhearted and depressed now.”

“It seems the clan leader’s words make sense, Fang Yuan is after all a fifteen year old, how can he go against the clan’s system? Now that he has started to accept reality, once he finds the position that he belongs to, he would fuse into the clan naturally.”

Thinking of this, the academy elder breathed out a sigh of relief, his feelings becoming more cheerful.

Three days passed in a flash. Soon, the mid-year exam was here.

“Faster, faster, I’ve lured the wild boar out!” A youngster ran as he shouted out frantically.

On both his legs, there was a light green ring of swirling wind. With these two rings, it led to him having above average speed at such a young age.

However, the wild boar chasing after him became faster and faster, and the distance between them was shortening.

The scorching sun penetrated the forest and reflected on the wild boar, causing both its teeth to shine brightly.

“The wild boar is coming, hold the rope tightly!” The four ambushing youngsters quickly hid in the bushes and pulled the ropes tightly, instantly forming a tripping rope.

The speeding youngster leapt lightly, jumping over the road and continued running.

But the boar behind him tripped over the rope and fell harshly on the ground, crashing five to six meters before stopping.

“Oww!” The four youngsters were pulled along by the rope, and fell to the ground along with the wild boar.

“Strike!” The youngster running ahead turned around and shouted.

The few people lying on the ground frantically stood up, and surrounded the wild boar.


A small budding tree, under the impact of the wild boar, snapped in half and the tree crown fell to the ground.

“What a close shave!” Gu Yue Chi Cheng wiped the sweat off his forehead, feeling lingering fear. “Luckily I managed to use the Dragonpill cricket Gu and leapt three meters to the left, otherwise this tree would’ve been my outcome.”

Pew pew pew!

Moonblade danced in the air as it hit the wild boar’s body, causing long and shallow cuts.

Gu Yue Mo Bei’s face was excited, his eyes glowing, his spirits immersed in this battle.

Half an hour later, the wild boar collapsed due to excessive loss of blood.

Gu Yue Mo Bei breathed roughly and also sat on the ground, his entire body full of mud and grass, at the same time full of sweat.

“Fighting against a living being like the wild boar is indeed different from the wooden puppet, grass puppet during practise battles. I spent thirty minutes just to kill a wild boar, I wonder how are the others doing?”

On a hidden small hill, there was a temporarily built tent. The tent blocked the punishing sun rays and casted an area of cool dark shadowy shade.

Under the cover, there was a few chairs and tables, with the academy elder sitting at the main seat. Beside him, there were other clan elders. A few Gu Masters were standing behind them.

In the surrounding forests around the tent, there were also some hidden Gu Masters.

At this time, the forest ahead had an abnormal disturbance.


A Gu Master emerged from the forest like a shadow and quickly ran out, kneeling outside the tentage.

“How is the situation?” Academy elder asked.

“Reporting to Lord Elder, at this point, there are no casualties among the students.” The Gu Master quickly answered.

“Good, good.”

“An afternoon had already gone by since the mid-year exam started. To have no injuries, this is different from the past years.”

“It looks like this is all the academy elder’s effort.”

The other clan elders nodded satisfactorily, praising in turns.

The academy elder shook his head slightly, he knew the reason. This was due to Fang Yuan’s emergence, extorting his classmates, causing them to practise hard on basic martial arts, thus having such a performance.

He looked towards the kneeling Gu Master, and continued asking, “Then at this point, whose results are the best?”

The Gu Master answered immediately, “Reporting to Lord, at this point, Gu Yue Fang Yuan, Fang Zheng, Mo Bei, Chi Cheng, are leading. Chi Cheng killed three boars, Fang Zheng and Mo Bei killed five, and Fang Yuan has the most, at eight.”

“Oh? To think Fang Yuan is leading!”

“In all the years, it is a very rare sight that A and B grade talents are being suppressed by a C grade.”

“He has the Liquor worm right? That means he has upper stage green copper primeval essence, so to have such a result, it is understandable.”

“I believe that from now on, Fang Zheng, Mo Bei and Chi Cheng would surpass him. Although he has the Liquor worm, his primeval essence recovery rate cannot compare to A, B grade talents.”

The other clan elders discussed.

“You may go.” Academy elder waved his hand towards the kneeling Gu Master. “Instruct the others, focus on their protecting job. Especially Fang Zheng, Chi Cheng and Mo Bei, pay more attention and ensure their safety!”

“Yes, lord.” The Gu Master retreated.

These outdoor combats to most students, it was really their first time. Thus, there was danger and the clan naturally has plans. Dozens of Rank two Gu Masters were concealed in the forests, controlling the safety of this entire examination. At the same time, some Rank three clan elders were staying here to anticipate sudden accidents.

The blazing sun slowly descended from the highest point in the sky, gradually nearing the north-east mountains.

The sunset glow ignited the clouds; it was the sun’s last flow of passion.

As the last sunlight shone into the forest, another wild boar fell on the ground.

“Twenty third.” Fang Yuan calculated in his heart, and then squatted down, skillfully carving out a wild boar teeth.

There was a bag on his back, inside was a large number of wild boar teeth.

At the same time, he had another bag, carrying the teeth of those boars he killed last time. These teeth were originally stored in the rock crack secret cave, and were retrieved by Fang Yuan the previous night, stored into a bag and buried in a secret location.

“I am familiar with the terrain and wild boar distribution, at the same time I have upper stage primeval essence to use the Moonlight Gu together with the Little light Gu. The others’ efficiency definitely cannot compare to me. Just with this bag on me, I can get number one easily. I wonder what expressions they would show when I take out the other bag later? Hehe.”

Fang Yuan looked at the sky; it was time to retrieve the other bag.

Thinking of this, in his head, a map showed up.

These days, he had memorized the beast skin map. Fang Yuan was clear of his current position. If he turned left and walked along the stream for fifteen minutes, he would reach the location where he buried the bag.

But when he was about to move, he hesitated.

“With my current location, I am only five to six hundred meters away from the nearest red circle marking. Such a rare chance, should I go take a look?”

Once he had the thought, it was unstoppable.

Since he had already won anyway, Fang Yuan had a lot of time left.

“That beast skin map had three red circle markings, these three locations were very important to old man Wang. It is also the only meaning that I could not decipher on the map. I’ll go see!”

Fang Yuan naturally knew that there were Gu Masters controlling the scene, but this was also why he needed evidence.

Immediately, he acted like he was going to continue killing wild boars, and moved deeper into the forest.

Seven minutes later, he arrived at the red marking location.

A treehouse was hidden among the bushes on a huge tree, and if one did not observe closely they would not be able to find it.

“This is old man Wang’s temporary residence while hunting?” Fang Yuan frowned, his heart getting confused.

He climbed into the treehouse.

When he saw the sight in the tree house, his expression changed!