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The thoughts of Fang Yuan flew all over the place in the tree house.

With the knowledge acquired from his previous life, Fang Yuan could sense Wang Da’s existence, but how was his strength?

Fang Yuan had never seen this Wang Da, but with the information at hand, there was much he could analyze from this.

“Courage is built upon the basis of strength, he had collected my information and still wants to exact revenge on me. With such a confidence, his cultivation has to be above Rank one!”

“These three years he had been moving around the three red circled areas, living on the fringe of the three clan villages. Almost everyday he faced the risk of getting discovered and purged. This shows he does not have the strength to roam outside, and roaming outside requires Rank three cultivation.

“This means that, at first evaluation, he is a Rank two.”

Fang Yuan’s eyes glinted with cold light, “Counting the time, he disappeared for three years and cultivated to Rank two now, so he should be a B or C grade talent, and his aperture should have about 40-70% primeval essence.”

“These three years, he could survive and at the same time, live at home despite Jiang He’s observation, so he has to have a stealth-type of Gu worm at work.

Information was the most important thing to a Gu Master’s showdown.

Although Fang Yuan had no investigative-type Gu worm, with his experience and knowledge, he could forcefully reverse engineer Wang Da’s cultivation level and Gu worms to a highly plausible degree.

Very quickly, his mental image of a Rank two demonic faction Gu Master appeared, carrying the hatred of his family’s murder and lurking somewhere to kill his revenge target.

“I can kill others, others can naturally come to kill me. This is nothing.” Fang Yuan laughed lightly.

In this world, anyone had the right to live, and anyone had the chance to die.

Those who kill, are bound to get killed.

Since he committed murder, he should be mentally prepared to get killed.

If he was killed like that, then he would die like that, it was nothing much, and definitely no regrets. This was the path he chose.

This point, Fang Yuan had great resolve already.This is the resolution of the demonic way!

“Wang Er wants to kill me, then in this mid-year exam, it is definitely the best chance. Normally, students would reside in the village, and with his Rank two cultivation, he cannot creep into the village, that is courting death.”

“Maybe he evaluated that I might come out to hunt. But Qing Mao Mountain is so huge, he alone has to hide his traces and also have to search for me, it is too difficult. Now that there’s this chance, he is most likely to strike.”

“He is a Rank two Gu Master, and one that has struggled for three years, living a life of danger and unknown, a demonic faction Gu Master nurtured like this. With my current battle strength, I am definitely not his match. But this does not mean that I have no chance of survival.”


Fang Yuan instantly decided.

Nothing is too shameless if it is to survive, so if he can’t fight it, run.

For a Gu Master to make a sudden breakthrough is almost never happening. Fighting against a higher realm is possible, but that is built on the base that the Gu Master has special Gu worms.

Fang Yuan had a number of Gu worms in his possession, but the Spring Autumn Cicada was hibernating and unusable, while the Liquor worm, White Boar Gu, Little light Gu and Moonlight Gu were not trump cards to fight a higher realm.

Obviously knowing the enemy was unbeatable, yet resolving to fight to the death, that is a stupid “hot-blooded” behaviour. Even if he wins, that would not win him the favor of fate.

Fang Yuan is cautious his entire life even with trump cards, and if the chances of victory is slim, he would choose to avoid combat.

He liked to be in control of the situation, using unscrupulous methods to raise his chances to the limit. He loved fighting assured battles.

Only when he has no choice would he engage in a risky fight.

Thus, his favourite activity was to bully the weak and snatch resources to get stronger. Strong enough until he surpasses his enemies and then stomp on them afterwards, bullying the weak.

There is nothing shameless about this, those who find challenges just to prove their bravery and risk their lives to fight to the death with strong enemies, that is the real stupidity.

But unfortunately, this “quality” has been praised and recommended, because any organization needed the individual to sacrifice themselves to protect the interests of the ones in power.

One just needs to think slightly to know that survival is the prerequisite to all activities.

In order to survive and fulfill the ambitions on their heart, this is a person’s greatest courage.

Dying for aspiration, those are fools. Surviving shamelessly for their ambitions, those are true brave warriors!

On earth, Han Xin(1) endured the shame of crawling through someone’s legs, Cao Cao(2) was chased till he shaved his beard and torn his robe, Yue Wang(3) in order to live, had to eat shit to express his loyalty……

That’s why, fuck off with honor and reputation, and face!

Regardless of organization, they would applaud such a value system. The more that needed to be sacrificed, the more they would be promoted, like a military.

“Which direction should I go, the one that has the lowest chance of encountering Wang Da?” A map appeared in Fang Yuan’s mind.

“Wang Da already knows I have the beast skin map, now he should be hiding in the forest, searching for me by looking for the wild boar distribution on the map. I cannot go to these places, thus I can only move in reverse to find a chance to survive.” Thinking of this, a slightly insane route surfaced in Fang Yuan’s mind.Under the sunset in the mountain forest, tree shadows overlapped and wild grass grew abundantly.

A pair of bloodshot eyes hid deep in the shadows. His eyes burnt with hatred and anger, as if it couldn’t be doused even with a tsunami.

“Fang Yuan, I’ve finally found you…” Wang Da gritted his teeth, growling the words out from his mouth.

Under his gaze, not far away, a youngster with a thin body and pale face was traversing the forest.

With his enemy nearby, Wang Da did not act immediately, but turned his gaze to several other positions.

From each of these positions, an invigilator Gu Master was hidden.

To prevent cheating and for immediate treatment of injuries, the area nearby had around a few dozen Rank two Gu Masters hiding. There was even Rank three clan elders holding the fort on the mountains high up.

Wang Da carefully moved around the forest and collected a lot of intel.

“I want to kill Fang Yuan, so I need to get rid of these three Gu Masters first. Otherwise, once I show myself, I will be disturbed. Maybe with surprise, I can kill Fang Yuan, but I will also get killed by the Gu Masters that chase after me from there.”

“I have Rank two middle stage cultivation, and there’s 50% primeval essence in my body. I have to act first and kill these three Gu Masters, it is difficult. I have to strike consecutively in a very short period. Otherwise, once they find their companions dead, they would become alert and my traces will be exposed……”

“Shadow Follower Gu.” Wang Da closed his eyes and called in his heart.

Immediately, his body became enshrouded in a lump of darkness and could move among the tree shadows.

All was silent.

In a thick bush nearby, the Gu Yue clan’s Rank two Gu Master sprawled inside, yawning out of boredom.

“So boring, accompanying these junior students, I feel like a nanny.” This Gu Master complained softly, not feeling the shadow that was slowly creeping around him.

A pair of bony hands stretched out from the shadows.

This pair of hands was pale to the limit, the joints were huge and the ten nails were sharp and long, the nails dyed a shade of dark purple and emitted a slightly fishy smell.

“What smell is this?” The Gu Yue clan Gu Master sniffed, frowning subconsciously.

He just wanted to investigate, but it was too late.

Wang Da pounced like a snake, striking at lightning speed!

One hand covered the Gu Master’s mouth and nose, while the other stabbed from the shadows towards his back. His dark purple nails were sharp as blades, his fingers easily entering the Gu Master’s body and reaching his heart.

The fingernails were poisonous, and at that moment it invaded the heart. Through the blood, it spread all over the Gu Master’s body.

The Gu Master’s body stiffened and lost all signs of life.

Although they were both Rank two Gu Masters, one had assaulted abruptly with preparation, so before the battle even begun, it had ended.

“I used 10% of my primeval essence, 40% left.” Wang Da checked his aperture, and fused into the shadows once again.

A moment later, the second Gu Master hiding behind a rock also met his assault. His eyes shrunk to pin size as he collapsed on the ground.

The poison invaded his body, and soon he turned purple, and from his nose two streams of purple blood flowed out.

“30% left.” Wang Da chanted silently, turning into shadows again.

“Who is it!” The third Gu Master was hiding on a tree branch atop a huge tree. At the crucial moment he sensed something wrong, and at the time where Wang Da struck, he turned around and grabbed the two poisonous hands.

“Damn it!” Wang Da laughed sinisterly, his ten nails growing crazily, at once becoming five centimeters long, stabbing the Gu Master’s forearm and piercing his skin.

His forearm bled and the blood quickly turned dark purple.

“This is the Love Life Separation?!” The third Gu Master seeing this was shocked beyond doubt; the purple poison had already infected his face.

He knew he had no poison resistance Gu worm and was surely dead, thus he showed resolve on his face, shouting, “Then let’s die together!”

He opened his mouth and stretched out his tongue.

There was a crescent moon tattoo on his tongue — it was the Moonlight Gu.

A moonblade shot out and slashed Wang Da’s right shoulder, piercing through and coming out from his back.

The blood splattered.

Wang Da grunted, his body swaying a little, but the Gu Master had already passed away, with a trace of life left.

“Correct, this is Love Life Separation.” Wang Da stood on the tree branch, slowly standing up, showing a bitter smile.

Love Life Separation, the number one poison among the Rank two Gu worms! To refine it, one needs the Rank one life breath grass, widow spider, red needle scorpion and the heart of a lover.

To refine this Gu worm, Wang Da killed his own wife who loved him deeply, and dug out her heart!

“It is all for survival, I could only choose strength… this is the resolution of my demonic path!” Wang Da’s eyes were red as he stared tightly at the nearby youngster.

“I gave up on love, and only had kinship left, but you took them from me! Fang Yuan…” He growled lowly, “I want you to regret deeply all that you did!”

(1) 韩信 (Han Xin): Famous general of first emperor Han emperor Liu Bang.

(2) 曹操 (Cao Cao): Famous statesman and general at the end of Han, noted poet and calligrapher, later warlord, founder and first king of Cao Wei, father of Emperor Cao Pi, as well as the main villain of the novel the Romance of Three Kingdoms.

(3) 越王勾践 (Yue Wang/King Gou Jian of Yue): sometimes considered one of the Five Hegemons.