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The days slowly passed by and Lu Zhou maintained the library and dorm lifestyle. Other than eating at the cafeteria or asking professor Tang for help when he was stuck, the trajectory of his life had not changed.

It was the first time his life had structure since he stepped into the university. Not to mention, he had maintained it for over two weeks.

He had not expected it at all.

Finally, Lu Zhou managed to finish his thesis before the 15th of June. He had also translated it from Mandarin to English.

It was worth mentioning that when Lu Zhou was discussing “Derivation of the Fourier partial series in relation with inversion functions” with Professor Tang, Professor Tang showed immense interest in Lu Zhou’s thesis. Professor Tang said that he would not mind helping Lu Zhou to edit his thesis.

Lu Zhou trusted Professor Tang’s editing skills when it came to the thesis.

Putting Tang Zhiwei’s kindness and generosity aside, he had worked many years as a professor and had published more theses than Lu Zhou had read books. It was rare for him to take notice in an undergraduate thesis. Additionally, the topic of his thesis was nothing special. Even if Lu Zhou solved this age-old problem, Tang Zhiwei would at most feel proud of his student.

Only supervisors who had low qualifications and could not even become professors would pressure students’ to complete their graduate projects. They would constantly chase after the students’ research results.

Lu Zhou did not know if there was an academic scum like that in a high-level institute like the University of Jin Ling. However, one thing he was certain was that Professor Tang was not one of them.

Having an experienced supervisor giving him advice would greatly increase his chance of successful thesis submission. Also, he believed that Professor Tang would be able to give valuable advice regarding the academic journal selection.

Therefore, Lu Zhou planned on asking Professor Tang to look over his thesis after he finished his math exams.

As for now, he would have to pray to God.

After all, other than advanced algebra, he still had to study for modern history.

The part that pissed him off the most was that for this year, it was a closed book exam!

Lu Zhou did not understand what was the point of studying all this.

Would studying this make me succeed?

Even though he had a million complaints, he still had to study and he still had to learn.

After all, it counted as two credit points and it would impact his GPA by quite a bit.

Lu Zhou persisted as he sat alone in his dorm. He picked up the textbook and started to read.

The results were as expected.

The knowledge did not sink into his brain at all!

Lu Zhou sat in his dorm. After a whole morning of reading, he felt dizzy. He threw the textbook on the table and gave up.

When one was tired, one just wanted to do nothing. Lu Zhou stared at the ceiling mindlessly for two minutes before taking out his phone.

Coincidentally, someone sent him a message. He opened up WeChat.

Chen Yushan: [Little brother, how come you didn’t come to the library today? I’m stuck on a question. Could you please help me?]

Chen Yushan: [Photo]

Lu Zhou thought for a second. He then wrote a message and sent it.

[I’m studying modern history. Wait a minute…]

Lu Zhou zoomed in on the question in the photo. He looked at it for a second before putting his phone down and sat up from his chair.

He took a draft paper and started to draw on it. After two minutes, he solved the question.

He took a picture with his phone and sent it. Lu Zhou saw the modern history textbook and contemplated.

I guess mathematics is still more interesting!

Lu Zhou felt lazy. He did not want to study. He picked up his phone and continued to look at his friends’ news feed.

After some scrolling, he found a post by his roommate.

[Liu Rui: Ahhhhhh… I haven’t studied at all! Mathematics is so hard! I’m going to die T.T]


Lu Zhou felt like he should block these type of friends online. However, in his heart, he remembered to be kind. So, after some thinking, he still pressed like on the post and then quickly scrolled past.

As he scrolled past the posts, he felt as if he was reviewing theses.

Time passed by without him realizing it.

Suddenly, the door opened. A sweaty Shi Shang walked in carrying a basketball.

“Did you fall in the drain?” asked Lu Zhou after taking a look at him.

“What drain? Basketball! At the end of the month, there is an interclass basketball tournament after my English exams. The class leader dragged me to training,” said Shi Shang. He sat down on the chair, opened his water bottle, and started to drink quickly. He released a breath and said, “Motherf*cker, class two’s center player is way too tall! He could be an electric pole. ”

“You’re not studying?”

“Study, my ass. I’ve already looked at the material. It won’t change a thing if I study. 90 is unrealistic, 80 is pushing it, 70 is easy peasy. If I want a good mark, it’ll be up to Professor Tang’s kindness!” said Shi Shang. He was fanning himself with a textbook as he said, “Not to mention, basketball is way more important than mathematics.”

“But sports only counted for a few credit points…” said Lu Zhou nonchalantly.

“Lu Zhou,” said Shi Shang as he looked sternly at Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou’s entire body felt uneasy when the guy was stern.


“Does your life only consist of credit points?” asked Shi Shang in a heavy tone.

“What else is there?”

“I’ll change my question. Do you want chicks?” asked Shi Shang seriously.

“They’re okay…”

Lu Zhou felt like he was not that desperate for chicks. From a logical perspective, he was in no financial situation to date.

He was afraid of trouble and he was even more afraid of giving other people trouble. Even though he was certain that he would become wealthy one day, maybe richer than anyone else, he still did not want to steal someone else’s youth.

Of course, maybe the only reason he was thinking like this was that he had not met someone he truly loved.

However, who could predict what would happen in the future?

“What do you mean by okay? Lu Zhou, as the dorm leader, I have to lecture you on some life lessons,” said Shi Shang. He leaned against the backrest of the chair as he said seriously, “Think about it. When you pass the ball into the free throw line and two big guys are standing in front of you, suddenly you go for a three-step dunk… What will happen next?”

“I… I don’t play basketball.”

Lu Zhou’s height was tall enough to touch the basket, but he was far from dunking. If he tried to take the ball by force, he would probably get blocked.

“Throw! You know how to throw, right! You throw a perfect three-pointer, ” said Shi Shang. He continued to say, “Think about it!”

He knew how to throw.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and said, “The ball went through?”

“Just that? Too young! Too simple!” said Shi Shang. He grabbed his thigh and said in excitement, “It’s cheers! Think about those flying pom poms! Those cheerleaders! Think about those girls with long legs and short skirts as they screamed your name with a slight blush on their face…”

“Stop! Stop first!” said Lu Zhou as he pinched his forehead. He interrupted Shi Shang’s train of thought as he asked, “Is there even… any girls in our class?”

Not only were there no girls in class one but there were also none in class two.


The dorm room turned dead silent.

From another perspective, being able to end the conversation with just one sentence was a gift in itself.

Shi Shang let out a long sigh and looked at the ceiling before saying, “I… I can’t talk to you.”

Lu Zhou sighed as he thought about the same thing.