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In a sense, these refreshed missions were actually pretty good.

Especially after he looked at the first mission.


Mission 1: Never stop researching

Description: Blow up a municipal research institute

Rewards: The subject experience value is determined by the research contribution of the institute (minimum value 5000). General points are determined by the amount of economic loss occurred. One chance of lucky draw (85% garbage, 15% sample).


“What in the hell is this?” Lu Zhou could not help but swear out loud.

He now understood why this so-called high tech system would have a long distance running mission.

It was to train his body in preparation for this type of mission.

Without any hesitation, Lu Zhou excluded this mission as an option even though the experience points awarded was tempting.


Mission 2: Not a single grain of sand in your eyes

Description: Corruption is the root of the prevention of academic progress. The waste of scientific research funding in human society leads to the social resources that should be devoted to exploring the future to be consumed in meaningless things. A true academic warrior cannot hold a single grain of sand in his eyes. The academic community also needs discipline. Head on, young man!

Requirements: Collect evidence of corruption and defeat any professor (any levels above associate professor). Use any means necessary to end his academic career.

Reward: Subject experience points are determined by the level of corruption of the target. (minimum 3000 points). 1000 general points. Sample given (small reconnaissance drone)


Morally, it seems correct, but apologies, I want to graduate!

Lu Zhou ruled out the mission without any hesitation.

There was no way he could collect enough evidence. Even if his evidence was conclusive, it would be a huge news story. The door for an academic community would close on him. After all, the school needed honor. They would not be happy at an instigator like him.

As for an anonymous report, it was even more useless.

This was not without precedent.

Lu Zhou felt that he was not a person with a strong sense of justice. He was more rational than emotional. He had a little conscience at most.

This type of vigilante act should be handed to people that cared about it.

Lu Zhou was about to continue reading when his heart suddenly tightened.

Wait, I already rejected two missions, so there’s only one mission left to choose?

Before, some of the three missions given were pretty bad, but most of them were acceptable. He even had room to choose the mission based on the mission rewards.

But this time…

It seemed that something was wrong.

Please don’t give me another bad mission!

Lu Zhou swallowed his spit and continued to read.


Mission 3: Become an academic mudslide

Description: Since you don’t want to become an academic rive slide, go become a mudslide! Let the entire academic world tremble under your crazy water!

Requirements: Successfully submit 10 SCI theses within two months and pass the review process. If the 10 theses are not completed within two months, failure is given and the rewards would be canceled. Completing the mission ahead of time will increase the evaluation.

Prize: Every thesis carries a fixed prize of 100 experience points towards the relevant thesis subject. 800 general points. One chance of lucky draw (90% garbage, 9% sample, 1% blueprint)


Lu Zhou: “…”

He did not have a choice and so, he forced himself to choose mission three.

The worst case scenario was a two-month delay on his missions. Anyway, the system did not mention any punishment if he had not completed the mission. If he failed to finish the mission, all he would lose was his 200 general points.

However, he could have traded 200 general points for a lot of theses!

Sometimes, he really thought that the purpose of the system was not to help him but to take revenge on society.

Generally speaking, other than those weird subjects or very hardworking researchers, publishing two papers in a year was considered pretty good.

If a person published fifty or more a year, no matter what department it was, it would definitely be crappy work.

If Professor Tang knew that Lu Zhou published ten SCI papers in two months, he would be massively pissed off.

No. I can’t let him know!

Feeling stressed, Lu Zhou exited the system space and laid down on his bed. He thought about the mission for a while.

I had just spent so much effort just to submit one thesis, now I have to submit ten! Isn’t this a bit too much?

After a bit of groaning, he suddenly thought it through.

In fact, when he thought about it carefully, accepting this mission was not necessarily a bad thing.

The 800 general points were pretty tempting. Also, each paper had a fixed experience value of 100. He considered that he could pick any subject for his papers. If he wanted mathematics experience points, he could submit a mathematics paper. If he wanted information science experience points, he could just submit a computer-related paper.

In other words, the experience points could be manipulated by himself!

He could publish a mathematics paper and then published nine computer papers! This way, his information science experience points would reach 1000, enough for a level up! And he would reach mathematics level 1 at the same time, thus, killing two birds with one stone!

Moreover, this system did not have a rigid requirement for the quality of the theses, and the task rewards were not linked to the academic value of the papers. This meant that no matter how boring the paper was, as long as it could be approved, it would be accepted into the SCI journal.

Lu Zhou’s eyes lit up.

He immediately climbed down the ladder while taking the computer off his bed and stuffing it into the backpack. He grabbed a T-shirt and put it on.

Liu Rui caught a glimpse of Liu Rui and saw that his mathematical analysis book was still sitting on the table. He asked, “Lu Zhou, are you not going to study mathematical analysis? Tomorrow is the exam.”

Lu Zhou walked to the front door and as he put on his shoe, he said, “I have some stuff to attend to at the library. I’ll come back later and see if I feel like studying.”

Liu Rui was curious and so, he asked, “What’s there to do at the library? Isn’t there wifi in the dorm?”

“The wifi in the dorm can’t download papers from the journal website. I recently entered a mathematical modeling competition. A lot of specific topics can’t be found with Baidu.”

Obviously, Lu Zhou was not going to reveal that he was researching thesis topics, so he just gave an excuse. After all, if Liu Rui knew that he published in the SCI journal while they were all revising for the exam, his mind would explode.

Lu Zhou was still concerned about the mental condition of his roommate.

Upon hearing about the national mathematical modeling competition, Huang Guangming, who was still doing practice questions, suddenly raised his head and yelled, “F*ck me! Zhou, you’re insane! Treat me to dinner when you win the prize money!”

“Ok, ok, call me brother Zhou and I’ll treat you!”

After responding, Lu Zhou immediately walked out the door. He did not give a chance and left Huang Guangming behind.

“Brother Zhou! Brother Zhou! Don’t leave! I said it!”

Facing the densely written exercise book, Liu Rui’s expression was a bit stiff and confused.

A national mathematical modeling competition?

He had also paid attention to this competition before and even consulted the seniors who previously won the first prize about the details of this competition. He was deeply saddened by his lack of ability. Originally, he was preparing to enter when he was in the second year. He did not expect the idiot Lu Zhou to apply…

Although the probability is low, but if he wins the competition…

There’s no way.

Liu Rui took a deep breath and squeezed his fists. He made up his mind.

I still have three months till September.

After the mathematical analysis exam, I’m applying as well!