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Lu Zhou was different compared to how most people wrote theses. All of his problems could be solved by asking the system, therefore the importance of proposing appropriate ideas far exceeds the realization of the idea itself.

Thus, the key to the problem itself lied in choosing the topic.

Lu Zhou’s criteria for choosing a topic was very simple.

Since he was going to be a mudslide in the academic world, then he would have to find the easiest topic to do! The easiest journal to submit to!

What was worth mentioning was, as the second largest science major in the engineering department, finding an easy journal to submit to was relatively easy.

Just like mathematics, where a “new solution to a proof theorem” could be published into a thesis, in the field of computer science, even a new algorithm could be published into a paper.

13 years ago, in an interview with the guy who founded Khan Academy, he said, “90% of academic papers are useless”, and “How many PhD papers have really been used?”. Hundreds of silicon valley giants agreed with him.

Of course, there was a lot of criticism towards him.

The statement indeed was biased, but it also reflected some problems on the opposing end.

Internet information security and artificial neural networks were considered the norm. Also, big data and cloud computing had become hard hitting areas. Artificial intelligence was even more of a mess as even civilians had joined in on the conversation. In addition, it was not just domestic, it was the same abroad. It was a common problem for all “young disciplines”.

Lu Zhou considered these factors. Therefore, he eventually chose the area of artificial intelligence.

Of course, the field of artificial intelligence was huge. From video games to frequency changing electric toothbrush, strictly speaking, this thing had penetrated into society. It was just a matter of how deep the level of penetration was.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and typed a line of text in a Word document.

[Application of Artificial Intelligence in Geographic Information Systems]

From the phone’s navigation system to autopilot driving, from traffic control to unmanned aircraft navigation.

He chose the later, just in time for the emerging concept of “unmanned aircraft logistics”.

Of course, this area was still very broad. However, he was not worried as he had nine theses to submit!

It was like pouring water into the sea of academia. He planned on breaking it into nine parts with a hose and then slowly poured it in.

Hence, his fingers tapped the keyboard and he continued to write.

[A pixel analysis algorithm based on artificial intelligence]

[Optimization Algorithm for Dynamic Image Recognition Based on Artificial Intelligence]

[Automatic measurement method of human body size based on artificial intelligence algorithm]

[An Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Harvesting Addresses]

{An artificial intelligence based…]

However, it was not just about completing the title. He still had to write an abstract to describe the topic in detail. After all, a video game “bot” and Ironman’s “Jarvis” both belonged to the same category of artificial intelligence. Lu Zhou did not expect the system to accurately understand the difference between the two.

Due to this, not only did he had to write a detailed description of the idea, it would not even appear in the final thesis.

He had just finished all of this when the library approached its closing time.

He dragged all of the documents into the same folder that had the thesis on mathematics. Lu Zhou stretched his back and leaned back on his chair. He thought back to when he wrote his first thesis and started to say in his heart.

“System, give me a thesis price estimation.”

The system very quickly gave an answer to his question.

[Total 10 questions. Total cost: 210 general points. Would you like to confirm a purchase?]

An average cost of 21 general points, after that he would only have 125 general points left. However, he would receive 800 general points when he completed the mission, not to mention additional rewards if he received an S grade. This was worth it!

“Confirm purchase!”

Lu Zhou closed his eyes. Soon, a feeling of being shocked by electric traveled from his spine up to his brain. This was followed by a huge flow of information.

Although his information science experience points had not changed one bit, after receiving this new information, he felt his understanding of artificial intelligence had deepened.

Purchasing knowledge with general points was also a learning method. However, it was much simpler and easier than studying it by himself.

Of course, it would still take a while for him to completely digest this knowledge.

However, it was enough for him to write the theses!

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and opened his eyes. There was a spirit of fire in his eyes.

Ten theses.

He would take a month at most.

He was going to complete this!

The next day, Lu Zhou forced himself to wake up early. He brushed his teeth and put on his clothes, and then he went out of his bedroom.

As a result of staying up all night, there were two dark circles below his eyes. He could not even count the number of times he yawned on the way to the cafeteria.

“Lu Zhou!”

Chen Yushan was wearing a backpack and stood nearby. She smiled and said hello. When she noticed his dark circles, she said, “Wow, where did you get those panda eyes?”

“I got them from the zoo… This joke is so cold, it’s not funny at all,” said Lu Zhou while yawning.

Chen Yushan’s appearance looked the same as usual. A pair of thick round glasses with her long black hair tied in a ponytail. Speaking of which, he had only seen her wearing makeup and contact lenses once. In a time where even young girls started to wear face masks, this type of “natural” girls was rare.

They began to walk together.

Chen Yushan asked, “You’re not going to the library today?”

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and said, “I might go in the afternoon. I have a mathematics modeling competition training to attend to first.”

“Wow, math modeling competition,” said Chen Yushan. She nodded her head and said with experience, “The prize money for that competition is pretty high. It’ll be very helpful for your future career. I’ll root for you!”

“You’ve joined before?”

“What are you talking about? I won the level two prize. I amazed the audience with my strengths!” said Chen Yushan as she flicked her eyebrows satisfyingly. She pumped up her chest and said, “If you don’t understand anything, feel free to ask for my help!”

“Cool, cool, cool,” replied Lu Zhou with a perfunctory attitude.

I guess this modeling competition doesn’t care about your mathematics skills…

That’s a bit difficult to do.

Just as Lu Zhou was thinking this, Chen Yushan who was walking next to him opened her mouth.

“Wait a bit, don’t move.”


Chen Yushan turned around, opened her backpack, and pulled out a pack of tissues.

Lu Zhou was confused about what she was going to do. She took two steps, looked at Lu Zhou with a serious face, then suddenly reached out and wiped his face.

“Ah, disgusting. You don’t care at all, do you? You didn’t even wipe your eye boogers before leaving the dorm.,” said Chen Yushan as she threw the tissue into a trash can.

The f*ck?

Lu Zhou face was instantly red and he was no longer sleepy.

It was not because he was embarrassed.

It was because…

Did I walk around all day with that big eye booger on my face?

Lu Zhou had a stiff expression as he asked quietly, “It… wasn’t that obvious right?”

Chen Yushan laughed, “Okay, fine. It wasn’t that noticeable. But I do suggest you go and wash your face in the bathroom before you enter a classroom.”

No s*hit, Sherlock!

Lu Zhou immediately went into a bathroom, splashed some water on his face, and started rubbing.

He felt refreshed after washing his face.

Lu Zhou went into the classroom with a wet face. He walked in and saw only one person inside.

He sat down in the first row and greeted the person.


Wang Xiaodong saw Lu Zhou and his expression did not change much. He just nodded briefly and said hello. He then started to read his textbook again.

Next week was the school wide English exams. Only people like Lu Zhou, who studied the entire level four English textbook like a freak, was unworried about the exam. After all, the exam’s vocabulary and grammar requirements were level four. Therefore, he only had to study the level four textbook. He would not get that high, but 80 marks were no problem for him.

Sitting there was boring and talking with Student Wong was even more boring. Lu Zhou took out his phone and started to read the material from yesterday. With these materials, he began to slowly digest the knowledge his brain took in last night.

Fortunately, most of the artificial intelligence programs were written in C++ because the language had higher degrees of freedom. The popular language Python was used to write a shell at most. For example, the first generation artificial intelligence learning system by Google, “DistBelief”, was the best example of an AI written in C++.

The only programming language Lu Zhou knew was C++, so it was not difficult for him to understand this knowledge.

If someone ever asked him how he wrote these theses, he could still write a couple of lines.

With the two people busy doing their own activities, the time reached eight o’clock quickly. With the sound of the bell ring, their instructor for the mathematical modeling competition, Liu Xiangping, walked into the classroom.