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After explaining everything, Mrs. Yang left her house.

Lu Zhou stood in front of Han Mengqi’s door. He looked at the keys in his hand and contemplated for a bit. Finally, he put the keys in his pocket and knocked on the door.


Lu Zhou heard a soft muffled sound.

It seemed that the door was knocked by a pillow of some sort.

“Leave, I’m warning you. I’ll call the police if you come in!”

This girl has such a bad attitude…

Her voice is pretty nice though.

Lu Zhou shrugged. He was not angry at all. He said through the door, “I don’t care. I get paid regardless. But is this what you want? I’ll get a thousand yuan for the five hours.”

Anyone who heard a thousand yuan must feel bad right?

Lu Zhou tried to change his approach, but he underestimated the attitude of rich people.

“Oh,” a cold voice traveled through the door. Han Mengqi said with a careless and loud voice, “Do what you want, that woman has a ton of money anyway. Who cares how she spends her money, you might as well be adopted by her.”

This girl…

From the tone, the hatred between the daughter and mother must have been deep.

Lu Zhou waited for a moment outside the door. He saw that this chick did not plan on opening the door. He did not want to waste his time so he went to the study room and carried all the study material into the living room.

He had not touched high school material in years, but when he looked through it, it all seemed pretty easy. After all, he was in one of the best universities in China. He had beaten thousands of soldiers, this was nothing to him.

He sat on the sofa and looked through the textbooks. He suddenly noticed the broken glass on the floor and could not help but frown.

His ADHD was acting up again.

He sighed, stood up, and went to the toilet to find a broom. He wanted to clean the mess up first.

However, just as he was about to put the broom down, a piercing scream came from the locked room.


Lu Zhou was shocked. He thought that an accident had happened and he quickly threw the broom down before rushing towards the room.

He used the key to open the door and pushed it open. A black unknown object crawled towards him.

A cockroach?

Lu Zhou subconsciously trampled it to death. He continued to walk inside the room and asked quickly.

“What happened?”

The room was very dark because the curtains were closed.

It was hard to imagine that this was a female’s room. It was even harder to imagine that this was a room in a luxurious apartment.

Because the messiness of this room was comparable to his dorm.

Books and toys were piled up in the corner. Bags of junk food were on the ground. He could even see a few pieces of potato chips… No wonder the cockroach came in to eat food. It was attracted by the oily junk food.

A petite figure with long hair sat in the corner of a bed. Her hands were grabbing onto a pillow and her knees were shivering. She was wearing a set of loose pajamas. Her fair face was stiff and her lips started to turn blue. It was like she had just seen a ghost.

“Die, die…”


“Is it dead?” asked Han Mengqi as she bit her lips and bravely looked under the bed. She was afraid to touch the floor.

Lu Zhou paused for a bit and looked at the cockroach next to his feet.

“You’re talking about the… cockroach?”

Han Mengqi nervously nodded.

“It’s dead. It’s right here,” sighed Lu Zhou as he pointed with his finger.

He thought an accident had happened, but it was just a bug.

I already stomped it to death.

Why are you so scared?

When Han Mengqi heard that her enemy was dead, she finally calmed down and her tight body relaxed.

However, very quickly, she stared at Lu Zhou like he was her enemy. She waved her iPhone and warned, “Who, who let you in! Get out, or I’m going to call the police! Why did you turn on the light, you impolite asshole!”

The bright light pierced Han Mengqi’s eyes and she raised her arm to shield herself.

Lu Zhou did not respond to her. He went to the bathroom and picked up the broom.

He cleaned everywhere in her room, except under her bed and tight corners.

After cleaning, he was shocked.

When Lu Zhou saw the pile of rubbish he cleaned, he wiped the dust off his face and could not help but criticize, “Why is there so much junk food in your room? Are bugs your pets?!”

The girl on the bed blushed and replied angrily, “Mind your own business!”

Lu Zhou looked at her and the box of junk food before asking, “You ate this for lunch?”


The girl became quiet and did not speak.

Lu Zhou did not say anything and dragged the rubbish bag outside. He walked out and even closed the door behind him.

Han Mengqi saw the door being closed and was astonished. She stopped gripping the pillow. She was surprised that the tutor her mom got her had already “compromised”. She had already made a long term confrontation plan, but now she felt like her preparation was unnecessary…

Lu Zhou went back into the living room and started to read the high school mathematics textbooks. He had the books spread out across the coffee table.

It was not only textbooks. There were also additional studying materials. Last month’s exam papers were also left by Mrs. Yang. It was true that her daughter’s grades in mathematics were pretty bad.

She could barely get 75 marks out of 150, and her highest was an 80.

It would be a problem getting into a university with these kinds of grades.

However, the grades for her Mandarin exams were pretty good. Lu Zhou read her essays and was surprised to see it written so literary. Her English was not bad either. It was usually above 120 marks. As for her science subjects, some were good, some were bad, so it was difficult to judge.

“Why does she wants to get into science… Why doesn’t she just do liberal arts?”

Lu Zhou shook his head and picked up a pen from the table. He started to write on a blank A4 paper.

High school mathematics was not difficult. It did not test your ability to transform knowledge. It simply judged your ability in remembering the knowledge.

The required topics were merely sets and elementary functions. It would take around 40 class hours to teach. One lecture of university advanced algebra contained more information than that.

This was also why many students who received stellar grades during high school struggled when they got to university. It was because the university lecturers did not teach at the speed of a train. They taught at the speed of a rocket.

The foundation of Han Mengqi’s mathematics was horrible, but Lu Zhou still saw a chance of salvation.

After all, the exam was not a competition. It would only test for fundamentals.

Once she learned the fundamentals, she might be unable to get 140 but she could possibly get a 120.

The four textbooks looked scary, but the topics inside were the same… At least it seemed like that for Lu Zhou, who finished the entire [Analytic Geometry] textbook in one night.

First of all, he had to outline and summarize all of the topics in the textbooks. Then he had to refer to Han Mengqi’s previous exam papers and point out the topics that she struggled in… Actually, she should have done this herself.

After all, it did not matter how bad the attitude of his “customer” was. Lu Zhou felt that since he accepted this job, he should try his best.

It was at least worth the 200 yuan per hour pay. Even though he had no knowledge of the tutoring market, he still knew that this pay was abnormally high.

Like this, time passed by.

It was around half past five when Lu Zhou stretched and moved his sore shoulders.

He looked at the tidy A4 paper that was full of his writing and could not help but smile.

Although it was a bit of a hassle in the beginning, it was quite rewarding to go back and looked at what he accomplished.

It was almost six o’clock.

He could show this paper as a report of his work.

There was a slight noise coming from the door nearby. A petite figure came out.

Lu Zhou looked and saw that her pajamas had changed into jeans and a t-shirt, but her hair was still messy.

It might have been an illusion, but he felt like she looked even tinier than when she was crouching in bed.

Especially her washboard body, there were no curves at all. She was the exact opposite of her cousin.

“What… are you looking at? I’m gonna call the police!”

Lu Zhou sighed, “Stop threatening me with the police. I didn’t even do anything and you need a reason for calling the police. Disrupting the law is also illegal, so think this through.”


Han Mengqi was stunned by Lu Zhou’s calmness. She did not say anything and went into the bathroom.

Lu Zhou saw the bathroom door closed and realized that she must have been bursting to pee.

I was wondering why she came out.

Soon after, a flushing sound came from the bathroom. Han Mengqi washed her face and walked out with a taut face.

She walked past the living room and when she noticed the items on the coffee table, she frowned and asked, “What is this?”

“You don’t even remember your own textbooks? When was the last time you studied?”

Han Mengqi looked at the A4 paper and said, “None of your business.” She turned around and went into the kitchen, “I’m hungry, eat whatever you want.”

“Your mom is coming home soon. Shouldn’t you wait for her?” asked Lu Zhou. He leaned against the sofa and put his legs up as he looked at Han Mengqi and said seriously, “I think it’s better if a family eats together.”

Han Mengqi turned around and laughed coldly.

That laugh wasn’t a typical teenager’s laugh.

“Wait for her? Didn’t she message you?”