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[Hello, Lu Zhou. This is New York University’s Courant mathematical research department. First of all, thank you for submitting your research to the [ International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics] journal. One of your conclusions mentioned in the “Optimal Inversion Theory of Linear Operators and Linear Functional” thesis made significant progress for our research collaboration with the Paul Scherrer Institute.]

[… The project is regarding seismic wave back spectrum analysis which is used in geological exploration and seismic research. Specific details of the project are under a confidentiality agreement. But I promise you, your research is used for peaceful purposes…]

[… When we found out that you are only 19 years old, Professor Rodwell and Professor Li of our institute expressed their surprise.

At the same time, I quite admire your talent in mathematics. While expressing gratitude for your research, we are also sincerely inviting you. If you are interested in coming to the US to study undergraduate and master’s degrees, please be sure to contact us. The University of New York campus is open to you.]

Beijing, next to the Wudaokou college, in an old-fashioned apartment building.

The Jin Ling Daily was on the table and it quoted the letter from New York University. It selected parts from the letter and summarized the controversy on Weibo.

As for the origin of this newspaper, it was sent by his old classmate, who was the principal at the University of Jin Ling.

Also sent together was a copy of the English letter.

“Simply outrageous!”

The white-haired old man finished reading the newspaper, pushed his glasses, and shook his head. His finger on the table was shaking in anger.

A middle-aged man walked into the study room. When he saw the old man’s face, he asked, “Dad, what make you this angry?”

“Look at this yourself,” said the old man as he knocked on the newspaper with his finger.

The middle-aged man saw the newspaper’s cover page and suddenly realized.

He was different than his old retired father who would spend his day walking the dog and playing chess. He actually used the Internet frequently. He had obviously heard of this trending news. He was just talking about this with his colleague yesterday.

It did not matter if the theses actually had a problem. A self-proclaimed “expert” trying to catch an undergraduate student, was a greedy tactic for fame.

He’s just trying to steer up the pot, basically harassment.

You could even say that he’s destroying intellectuals, how devious!

The man smiled and asked, “You know about this as well?”

“An outsider pointing fingers, how outrageous! I can’t stand him! …”

It was like his turbid pupils fell into the memories of the past.

The old man opened his mouth. He then sighed suddenly and shook his head.

“Never mind, I’m not saying it. It’s in the past.”

Then, he looked at the newspaper again. It cited a blog post about the blogger named Zhu Fangcai.

“… This article is well written, similar to the custom of the past.” said the old man. He supported himself on the chair armrests and stood up.

The middle-aged man asked, “Dad? You’re going out? We’re eating soon.”

The old man waved his hand and walked towards the door, “I’m not eating. I’m going to my old classmate’s house! I’m angry, my heart’s feeling uncomfortable!”

The Thank-You letter that [Jinling Daily] posted changed the public’s opinion.

A student acknowledged by New York University could not be academic cancer.

The people who were originally skeptical about Lu Zhou began to reflect on this new information.

New York University was ranked in Top 30 in the world. One could say that the University of Jin Ling was covering up their own reputation, but there was no reason for someone across the Pacific Ocean to do that, right? Furthermore, the Swiss research facility also sounded high-profile…

This report came out and Zhu Fangcai was outraged.

He could not sit still. He jumped out of his chair and published the third blog post.

He was no longer entangled in the academic value of the paper this time.

“Even though you can prove there’s nothing wrong with the thesis, you still can’t prove that you wrote it yourself!”

“How could an undergraduate student possibly write theses like this?”

“Who can prove it? The University of Jin Ling? Just because you went to the library a few times? I’ve been to the library countless times. How come I can’t write 10 theses in a month?”

“You said that you’re a genius. I don’t believe it!”

Lu Zhou looked at Zhu Fangcai’s blog post and thought, “It’s because you’re dumb…”

However, unfortunately, Lu Zhou’s opponent did not give him this chance.

The argument was getting ugly.

Just when Lu Zhou thought that this controversy would continue, [Huaguo Youth Daily] published a report, breaking the stalemate.

The article title was dominating.

[Ambitions of a young hero!]

The article did not mention the online fight some time ago. It only reported a normal university student publishing eleven SCI theses this year. Furthermore, two professors from Wudaokou university evaluated these papers and that thank-you letter from across the ocean.

And his name was Lu Zhou.

Not only was this article published in the magazine but it was also posted on [Huaguo Youth Daily] official Weibo.

Also, [Everyone Daily] and several other media outlets re-posted it.

Lu Zhou was once again on trending.

However, this time he was on for a completely different reason…

Zhu Fangcai stared at his phone screen in rage. He could not stop sweating.

He suddenly realized that he was playing out of his league.

No one used to care about him and he could say whatever he wanted. Anyone that responded was also around his level and there was no one that could destroy him.

However now…

The media was blatantly trying to set Lu Zhou as an example of a stellar student. Yet, his argument was exactly the opposite of the media’s propaganda.

This is bad…

What do I do?


But my fans wouldn’t like it and my hard earned fans could all disappear.

But if I don’t surrender…

Zhu Fangcai was actually scared that he was going to get called out next.

No matter how many fans one had, one could still easily get destroyed by the media.

At the exact moment, his phone rang.

It was a call from another education commentator named Zhong Bowen.

The guy wrote similar blogs, but less harsh. His views were not as radical as “Big Mouth” either. The people called him Old Zhong. He was a kind and good person.

“Zhu, just stop this thing. It’s still not too late. If you continue on, I’m afraid there will be problems,” said Old Zhong with a heavy heart.

“Old Zhong, it’s not that I don’t want to stop. I can’t stop!” sighed Zhu Fangcai.

Old Zhong was heartbroken, “You think those universities are easy to mess with? Do you think that they don’t have followers? Is this about followers?! Why did you go after a university of all things when you don’t have alumni friends?”

“I didn’t want to anger the University of Jin Ling. I just wanted to criticize that little kid. Anyone that saw ten theses in a month would also think that it’s not normal, right? Who knew that their reaction would be so big? I think there must be a problem!” argued Zhu Fangcai.

“I think there’s a problem with your brain,” said Old Zhong. He could not help but insult him, “Think with your brain, an undergraduate student publishing 10 theses in a month, obviously he’s not a normal person!”

Now that you put it this way…

You’re right…

But now it’s too late for regrets.

“Then what do you suggest I do?” said Zhu Fangcai as he sighed.

“This thing is easy to solve. They just want you to apologize. If you apologize, admit your mistakes, this thing would be over,” said Old Zhong through the telephone.

“No way, I’d much rather take the lawsuit. A lawsuit wouldn’t be too expensive… If I admit defeat, I would lose more,” said Zhu Fangcai. He was struggling to speak. Finally, he shook his head, “At most, I won’t speak as much.”

There’s no way I’m apologizing. I’m not apologizing ever.

I’ll give them the silent treatment or we can go to court!

He had seen bigger storms than this!

He wrote that Longjing tea cured cancer and was sued by the government for a measly sixty thousand yuan. The court could force him to pay, but they could not force him to apologize!

Old Zhong sighed, shook his head, and said, “Then I won’t help you, I wish you the best.”

He hung up the phone.