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After dinner, Mrs. Yang sent Lu Zhou and Chen Yushan back to the school.

Before leaving, Han Mengqi said goodbye, albeit reluctantly.

Her summer vacation was starting tomorrow.

According to Mrs. Yang, she would be staying in Shanghai with her father for the entire summer vacation. Obviously, she would be unable to get tutoring during that time.

The next tutoring session would be in September.

As Chen Yushan and Lu Zhou walked towards the dorms, she turned around and asked, “I’m going to study vocabulary when I get back to the dorm. How about you?”

Lu Zhou thought about it and said, “I’m going to the library.”

Chen Yushan said, “Little brother, you’re studying so hard as a first-year student. I’m feeling the pressure from you.”

Lu Zhou smiled and said humbly, “I’m not working that hard. I’m not the only one staying at school. There’s another one in my dorm.”

Chen Yushan looked at the sky and sighed, “Are all new students like this?”

The two separated when they were near their dorms. Lu Zhou first went to the library to pack his stuff that was left on the table. He then went to Building A and when he found an empty classroom, he turned on the light.

Once he found a seat to sit down, Lu Zhou poured the contents of his backpack on the table. When he looked at the clock on the wall, it was exactly eight o’clock.

“If I take a focus capsule now, and the effective time is five hours, the drug effect would last until exactly one o’clock.”

“From my previous test, at most I can maintain would be until around five o’clock .”

“I’ll wake up at twelve, eat lunch at the cafeteria… Then I’ll go to the school’s computer room.”

Lu Zhou unscrewed the mineral water bottle and took a deep breath. He then took a pill from the bottle, threw it in his mouth, and swallowed.

He felt the sensation of an ant climbing on him again. The ant crawled from the back of his head to the eyebrows and soon, everything in his field of vision became clearer than ever.

It was like he was cheating…

Wait no, he was cheating!

Lu Zhou did not waste a second. He quickly took out the [Python Language Introduction Tutorial] textbook and started to read from the first page.

There was a joke that said that if one wants lazy programmers to start working, the best thing to do was to ask them, “Which language is the best?!”

They would be divided into answers such as “C++”, “Java”, “Python”, etc. Then, they would work hard until they proved that their language was the best.

Therefore, it was actually meaningless to argue which language was the best. The most appropriate language was the best language.

A good programmer would need to master more than one language. It was like a general had to know more than commanding infantry. They had to command high mobile cavalries, long-range archers…

As for stuff like tanks, cannons, and airplanes, they might be stored in the system database, but Lu Zhou was unable to come in contact with them.

Functionally speaking, C++ was more like a swiss army knife. It had strong operability and could do anything. One could do small tasks with it, but for large projects, it was not that feasible.

For example, if one wanted to build a car, one would have to start from the wheel.

In contrast, Python was similar to Java. It was a higher level of language and a wheel in itself.

If one wanted to build a car quickly, Python was undoubtedly the best choice. It was simple and fast. It was the best code cavalry in the world! The code was also highly readable so the users would not have to spend so much time on syntax. It could realize the user’s ideas in the shortest amount of time. For example, if one wanted to build a webpage, Python would be much easier and looked much more concise than C++.

Lu Zhou had already mastered the basic skills of C++. Therefore, it was easy for him to learn Python. He only needed the time to memorize the basics.

As for the actual operation methods of Python, he could learn it tomorrow. He believed that he could learn it well without help from the focus capsule.

The next day, Lu Zhou’s head was on the table. When he opened his eyes, he was confused. There was a red print of his hand on his face.

Just like the previous times, when his brain was overloaded to the critical point, he would pass out. He did not even have to try to fall asleep.

This type of feeling was very enjoyable and it was better than drinking. On one hand, the brain was being filled with knowledge. On the other hand, his soul was being pushed to the limit to the point that it was almost like he was becoming immortal…

The only thing was that the after effects were obvious, especially his sleeping position. Half of his butt was in the air. When he stood up, he could not feel his right thigh and nearly fell on the ground.

“I think I need to request the school to put a bed in the classroom… Seems a bit unrealistic though,” said Lu Zhou as he held onto the desk. His brain felt groggy.

[Mission progress 11/30]

He finished the entire [Python Language Introduction Tutorial] last night. While he was not proficient in Python, at least he knew the basics.

What time is it?

Lu Zhou looked at the clock on the wall and his expression changed.

Oops, it’s almost two o’clock! The cafeteria is closed!

I’ll die on the way if I try to eat outside of the school.

Lu Zhou changed his facial expression and sighed.

Oh well, I’ll just eat some instant noodles for lunch.

Since he ate expensive food yesterday, he would just take it easy today.

Lu Zhou went to the supermarket and bought some instant noodles before heading back to the school building.

The building had a hot water machine. One just had to swipe one’s card and it was free as well. The only inconvenient part was the water speed varied and it was easy to burn one’s hand.

Lu Zhou soaked his noodles and when he found a random classroom on the first floor, he sat in the front row and started to slurp on his noodles.

When he finished the cup of noodles, he was glad to finally had some food in his stomach.

He wiped his mouth and was about to throw out the trash when he suddenly heard heavy coughing coming from the back.


There’s someone in the classroom?

Lu Zhou’s had an awkward expression. He failed to notice that there was someone when he came in earlier.

He turned around and looked.

What a coincidence!

It’s Wang Xiaodong!

Lu Zhou walked up and greeted him before asking, “You didn’t go home either?”

Wang Xiaodong did not say anything. He had an “of course” look that was plastered on his face.

After that, the conversation stopped.

Lu Zhou had wanted to say hello before leaving. However, when he was about to leave, Wang Xiaodong noticed a book in Lu Zhou’s bag that he had read before.

Wang Xiaodong’s eyebrows jumped as he asked, “You’re reading a programming book?”


Did this guy not go on Weibo or WeChat?

Lu Zhou looked at the genius.

He talked about his nine computer science theses in the [Huaguo Youth Daily] interview. Why would anyone be surprised that he was studying programming?

Lu Zhou felt weird but did not think that it was out of the ordinary.

Lu Zhou was a humble person and so, he smiled and said humbly, “Yeah, I’ve been interested in it recently, so I looked at it for a bit.”

“Python language? It’s a very excellent language, suited for beginner programmers. You’re a first year, so you’ve already studied C++, right? If you want to learn code at a deeper level, Python is a great choice. Do you have a book list? A study plan?” asked Wang Xiaodong. His eyes lit up as this was a topic that he knew a lot about. He rarely spoke this much.

“Oh, I’m just looking at it casually. I don’t have a plan…”

Lu Zhou felt as if the guy’s enthusiasm was hard to deal with.

“No, you can’t do that. Programming is an esoteric field. You have to use planned systematic learning to build up your foundation. I can recommend a few books for you. You can find them in the library. Go and look at them if you’re interested,” said Wang Xiaodong. Lu Zhou did not even reply but Wang Xiaodong took a pen and started to write a long list of books on a piece of paper.

Lu Zhou saw him writing the list of books and cringed. He could not help but think, “Is this guy also this annoying in front of Lin Yuxiang?”

It’s amazing that she can tolerate him…

While Lu Zhou was very grateful for the book list by the genius, he probably would not use it.

“If you’ve something you don’t understand, you can ask me,” said Wang Xiaodong with an expressionless face while he pushed his glasses up.

“For sure…”

Lu Zhou talked for a while with him before he carried his empty instant noodle cup and left the room.

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