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“Zhou, Liu Rui, Shi Shang, the Emperor of dorm 201 is back!”

Huang Guangming said as he carried a suitcase and walked inside.

Liu Rui, “Piss off!”

Shi Shang rubbed his hands, “Are you itchy? Come, let me give you a beating.”

Lu Zhou turned around and said, “Shi Shang, bring out the socks in your drawer and make Guangming use it.”

When Huang Guangming heard about Shi Shang’s socks, he immediately changed his tone and begged for mercy, “Please, don’t! This isn’t allowed!”

Liu Rui also panicked at the thought, “F*ck me, Zhou, you’re too evil!”

Shi Shang’s socks was a chemical weapon that could kill thousands!

Lu Zhou suddenly realized what he said but it was too late.

As expected, Shi Shang was unhappy.

Why did they bring up his socks?

Did they even respect him as a dorm leader?

Shi Shang slapped the table and said, “What are you trying to say? My socks are smelly? I just washed them two days ago!”

Two days ago!

The facial expression of the three people changed instantly.

However, Shi Shang failed to notice. He opened the drawer as if he was trying to prove something.

Liu Rui: “…”

Lu Zhou: “…”

Huang Guangming: “…”

The atmosphere in the dorm became awkward…

There was a stench.

With three pairs of eyes staring at Shi Shang, he gradually lost his confidence.

Without saying anything else, he coughed slightly before heading to the bathroom to wash his socks.

The last roommate had returned to dorm 201 as they started their life as a second-year undergraduate. The cold and empty dorm room soon returned to its former noisiness.

“League of Legends is about to release a new champion. Did you see the trailer? It’s OP.”

“It’s on the NA server already and it’s sh*t.”

“No way! 1v1 me later! Call me daddy if you lose!”

“Okay, I’m playing Garen and you can play whatever.”

“Screw you!”


If this was a few months ago, Lu Zhou might have joined into this heated argument. However, the joy of learning had made him turned his back on League of Legends.

He had already reached the last stage of the system mission. He only had one more boss to capture.

That boss was the insanely difficult [Integrated Circuit Design].

That circuit design book was basically inhumane. Circuit lines from metal1 to metalN drawings, countless flip-flops, and inter-layer channels. It was torture!

According to rumors, the University of Jin Ling’s electronics department had the highest percentage of bald teachers. If one wanted to know the skill level of a professor, one just had to see the amount of hair on his head. Lu Zhou now knew where the root of the balding problem was.

The amount of content in chip design was way too large and there was absolutely no way an undergraduate student could completely understand it. Even though this was an introductory textbook, Lu Zhou still felt immense pressure.

Of course, this field had good potential.

Integrated circuit design was not China’s strong suit and there was an insufficiency of talent. In addition, in this field, the strong only became stronger which resulted in many talented people with the skills to choose to move overseas. A 500,000 yuan salary was no problem if one were proficient in integrated circuit design.

An integrated circuit design project was large. Each step had a cumbersome process and any of the steps could be considered a scientific research project. Every step of the production line was a job opportunity.

Then again, with the difficulty in getting jobs, very few people could reach the standards that were required. In order to participate in an integrated circuit design laboratory, one would at least need a PhD.

Huang Guangming was playing League when he saw Lu Zhou reading the textbook. He then asked, “Lu Zhou, league? Liu Rui is feeding too hard. I can’t carry without your ganks.”

Liu Rui did not respond. Instead, he started to hum a song in embarrassment.

Lu Zhou thought and said, “I’ll play in a few days I’m pretty busy now.”

Shi Shang, who was playing top lane, said, “F*ck, last time you said you would play after exams but until now, you still haven’t logged on yet.”

In a serious tone, Huang Guangming said, “Zhou, you will lose your friends like this!”

“No friends? Impossible,” said Lu Zhou as he shook his head. He then added, “We all take the same classes, mathematical analysis 3, linear algebra, ordinary differential equation, complex functions…”

“Brother Lu, stop talking,” said Shi Shang as he suddenly let go of his mouse. He turned around and begged Lu Zhou, “From the moment I saw you, I knew that we would be brothers for life… You have to lend me your notes!”

Lu Zhou laughed.

Oh, what a weak student.

Liu Rui was killed and sent back to the fountain. As he leaned against his chair, he asked, “Aren’t you friends with Lu Zhou because you saw his sister’s photo?”

Lu Zhou, “F*ck off!”

He had nothing to say to this group of animals.

When Lu Zhou heard the sound of League abilities being used impetuously, he could not calm down.

In the end, he gave up in testing his own strength. He packed his stuff and walked outside with his backpack.

It was now the 1st of September and only two days left until the third. A large number of first-year students would be pouring into campus on that day. All kinds of community activities and studying were going to happen that night. In addition, the students who were preparing for the graduate entrance exam were trying their best to study and so, he had no hope to find an empty classroom.

There was not much time left for him to study quietly.

Coincidentally, Lu Zhou only had one focus capsule left. He did not know if it would be enough for him to finish the [Introduction to IC Design] textbook.

After dinner, Lu Zhou sat in an empty classroom and ate the final focus capsule. He planned to immerse himself into the book by entering into a state of high concentration.

The circuit lines gradually solidified in his brain and the layers of electronics unfolded.

He discovered this ability when he was studying topology. When he was highly focused, he could use his spatial imagination to “see” the graphics in his mind. It was hard to describe in words, but the resolution of his imagination was very precise and he could see every electrical circuit and every flip-flop.

Of course, entering into this status had great side effects. It would accelerate the fatigue of the brain. Although it would not decrease the focus capsule’s active duration to under five hours, it would make him very sleepy after five hours.

Therefore, he had already used two focus capsules while studying integrated circuit design and this was his third capsule.

Also, this was only introductory material, it only briefly explained topics such as RTL code, logic synthesis and RC time constant. The latter half was circuit wiring, which did not even count as core knowledge.

Time slowly passed and soon it was twelve o’clock. Lu Zhou stared at the last page of the textbook and sighed. He then collapsed onto the table.

Using his last remaining strength, he whispered quietly, “Enter… System space.”

Suddenly, the world spun and he was surrounded by a pure white space. His consciousness was immediately detached from the real world and transformed into the system space.

It was strange. His brain had a massive headache in the outside world but after entering this pure white world, his headache seemed to have disappeared.

However, he did not have time to cherish this feeling and he immediately stepped forward. With his hands placed on the semi-transparent information screen, he stared at it.

“System, show mission progress!”

[Mission 30/30]

[Congratulations user for completing the first reward. Double mission rewards are given. Hope you make persistent efforts!]

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