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Lu Zhou left the system space and his consciousness fell into darkness.

Only then did he realize that before he entered the system space, he ate the last focus capsule…

By the time he woke up, it was already the next morning.

This was different than his previous study grinds. His sleep quality this time was quite good. He woke up early and he even used his book as a pillow.

The only unfortunate thing was that the last page of [Introduction to IC design] had been covered in his saliva.

Fortunately, it was not too obvious. It would be dried up in the current hot weather in two minutes.

“This all-day study grinding life is horrible,” said Lu Zhou as he moved his painful back.

It was seven o’clock in the morning and not a lot of people were in the school building. Through the windows, he could see people running on the track field.

Lu Zhou’s towel and toothbrush were in his bag and so, he first went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up. Then, he walked to the cafeteria under the morning sun.

As always, he bought two steamed buns and a cup of soy milk. He then sat at a corner of the cafeteria and while eating, he pulled out his phone.

First, Lu Zhou went on Weibo. All of the trending topics were celebrities and he had no interest in them. The number of his followers did not seem to change much. In fact, it was similar to when he was still on trending, which is in the tens of thousands.

Lu Zhou looked at the news briefly before closing Weibo. He logged onto the app developer platform and surprisingly found out that “Campus Train” had broken 500,000 users and was growing steadily.

The momentum was good but he had to work harder as compared to other third-party booking software, his number was tiny!

With his sleepy eyes half opened, Lu Zhou ate the buns quietly. He then moved his thumbs and opened WeChat so that he could take a look at his news feed.

[Shi Shang: Forward: Notice of the semi-final campus basketball match.]


He was disinterested but he still liked it to indicate that he read it.

As Lu Zhou took a bite of his bun, he continued to scroll.

[Lin Yuxiang: Mathematical modeling is so hard, the competition is starting soon, I’ll have to study and grind all night ~ (effort)]

She also posted a picture of a textbook.

Lu Zhou: “…”

I want to block this chick…

Forget it, I’ll do it after the competition.

The campus was gorgeous. With colorful ribbons hanging on the parasol trees, the environment was as lively as a festival.

Numerous cars dropped off students in front of the school gate and countless students were registering at the sign-up spot. Parents carried suitcases, helped their children to fill out forms, bought sim cards, cleaned up dorm rooms, etc. It was only eight o’clock but the street in front of the dorms was completely blocked.

Lu Zhou walked on the track field and watched the crowds from afar. He thought back to when he first entered the school. At that time, his mother was in the hospital and his dad had to take care of her. He took the train for hundreds of kilometers and entered the unfamiliar city by himself.

That was the first time he traveled so far.

Looking back at it, the time had flown by so fast and it had already been a year.

He soon noticed two familiar figures in the crowd.

One was Fat Wu. He was wearing a telecom t-shirt and was sweating as he managed a team of student workers. They guided the parents towards the telecom store. Every time school started, he would be busy. The student union was busy welcoming the new, while he was busy making money.

The other was Lin Yuxiang. She wore a plain white dress and sat under the shed at the reception for new arrivals. She smiled and had a flushed face as she handed out the forms to the younger students.

As the vice president of the student union, she was working with the student association and youth league committee, working the job that no one wanted to work. She was quite the fighter.

Lu Zhou did a rough analysis in his heart.

He was unfamiliar with the operations of the student union and he only knew about it when his class leader bragged about it.

Lin Yuxiang noticed Lu Zhou. She smiled gently at him as she waved her hand and said hello.

Lu Zhou nodded and said hello back. He did not stay for long and walked back to his dorm.

When he arrived at his dorm, Shi Shang was worried.

“Lu Zhou, you didn’t come back to the dorm last night? Where were you? You didn’t pick up my calls.”

Lu Zhou placed his bag on the table and replied casually, “I was reading books all night.”

Liu Rui was studying a physics textbook and he complained, “… You’re too good.”

Huang Guangming was lying in bed with his phone and he sighed as he said, “He’s not even a genius, he’s a god… Zhou, did you go to heaven last night?”

“Yeah I did, almost did. I won’t stay up this late after school starts, ” said Lu Zhou before he yawned. He sat in his chair and opened his laptop before he logged onto JD to search for a suitable laptop.

After he paid for tuition, he still had 40,000 yuan left. It was not a problem to buy a laptop for less than 20,000 yuan. The artificial intelligence USB was still sitting in the system space. He planned on buying a machine and quickly install the USB.

However, he had not expected that his words would surprise his two roommates.

Shi Shang was shocked as he said, “F*ck me, what do you mean you won’t stay up this late after school starts? Does this mean for the entire summer…”

Huang Guangming gulped. He did not say anything but he stopped playing on his phone.

Liu Rui laughed miserably as he said, “You only just found out? I can’t even understand the books he was reading.”

His expression conveyed, “Now you know how much pressure I had for the summer, right?”

Huang Guangming: “…”

Shi Shang: “…”

The two did not say anything but they showed a sympathetic look towards Liu Rui.

Lu Zhou failed to notice the interactions between his roommates as he was browsing the web. Finally, he chose an HP Zbook15 that was released this year.

Strictly speaking, it was not an “ultrabook” but more of a “mobile work station”. The hardware specifications were better than high-end laptops such as “gaming laptop” or “super laptop”. It had insane graphics imaging processing capabilities.

Of course, high performance meant high prices. The highest configuration model would cost him 25,000 yuan and it was not even used for gaming.

However, when Lu Zhou thought about that artificial intelligence USB in the system space, he clicked the purchase button reluctantly.

“Motherf*cker, this high tech system is so demanding…”

He had no other choice as he had to give his artificial intelligence “child” a good foundation.

If he picked a sh*tty laptop, he might turn the artificial intelligence into artificial retardation.

The money in his card instantly became 10,000 yuan or so and it was back to where he began.

As for the 500,000 yuan in the company’s account, Lu Zhou could only look at it. It was not that he could not use it, but he was an honest man and he would never do something that would stain his record.

Maybe the school would not know?

Haha, one would be lying to oneself. For this type of small-sized company, the accounting would be done by the teachers from the Department of Statistics. When he registered the company, it even saved him a small sum of money because he did not have to hire a professional accountant.

If the first big purchase he made with that money was a computer, he would definitely make Dean Lu disappointed in himself.

“I hope that little guy will be happy with this computer home as I can’t afford anything that is more expensive,” sighed Lu Zhou as he turned off his laptop.