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The night atmosphere outside the windows was bustling and the traffic on the roads was seemingly endless.

Lu Zhou hung up the phone and closed the curtains. He then took a shower before he laid in bed. He then started to whisper in his heart and went into the pure white system space.

As expected, after the list of winners was officially announced, the entire mission was completed.

Lu Zhou hurried over to the semi-transparent screen where a large line of text appeared.

[Congratulations, user, for completing the mission. Hope user can make persistent efforts.]

[Mission completion detail is as follows: On the basis of receiving the national prize, winning the Higher Education Society Cup… The final evaluation for the mission is S+ (reward mission is given)]

[Mission reward: According to mathematical modeling disciplines used: 200 mathematics experience points. 2000 physics experience points. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket (80% garbage, 10% experience, 5% sample, 5% blueprint)]

When Lu Zhou saw the S+ evaluation, he was happy.

Sure enough, the national first level prize was the minimum requirement to complete the mission. The Higher Education Society Cup and MATLAB Innovation award corresponded to an evaluation of S+ and S respectively.

He had only received the S evaluation once, so the rules were unclear to him.

However, now that he got the S+ evaluation, he was sure that getting an S or above meant he would receive a reward mission!

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and commanded.

“System, open my characteristic panel!”


Core science:

A. Mathematics: Level 1 (2000/10000)

B. Physics: Level 1 (2100/10000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 0 (0/1000)

D. Engineering: Level 1 (0/10000)

E. Materials science: Level 0 (0/1000)

F. Energy science: Level 0 (0/1000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (0/10000)

General points: 1175 (one lucky draw ticket)

Mission: None


Mathematics limited the upgrade of other subjects. Therefore, it was Lu Zhou’s focus. Then there was engineering and information science where these two subjects were the easiest to make money with. Lu Zhou decided to give up on physics and just leave it alone.

Now, next…

Is the thrilling lucky draw!

Lu Zhou took a deep breath, reached out, and pressed the lucky draw button. When he saw the familiar prize wheel appearing in front of himself, he said, “Spin!”

The wheel began to spin at a speed that was impossible for the naked eyes to follow.

Lu Zhou repeated “good prize, good prize” in his heart several times. He shouted with his eyes closed.


The wheel’s inertia caused it to spin a few more turns before it slowly stopped.

Lu Zhou opened his eyes and looked at the screen…

[Congratulations user, you received garbage.]

Goddamn it!

Does the system hate me?

Lu Zhou looked at the “garbage” text and screamed in his heart.

However, the system still did not care about him.

[Received: A can of coffee.]


Lu Zhou looked at the icon on the screen quietly as he realized that the system did not care about his feelings.

Lu Zhou left the system space and sat in his bed. He put out his right hand and said in his heart, “Coffee, coffee…”

There was a flash before his eyes.

Without any warning, a brown can appeared in his hands. It was like something out of a movie.

However, Lu Zhou was already accustomed to the magic of the system. Unlike the first time, he was not surprised. Instead, he was calm as he wondered, “Is this a Future again? Same brand as that coke, right? Why didn’t they give me a can of sprite instead?”

Lu Zhou turned the can over to find the production date but he could not find it.

“I’ve tried futuristic coke. Let’s see what futuristic coffee tastes like.”

Lu Zhou opened the can and poured it into his mouth.


It felt like the taste of ordinary instant coffee but it was very smooth.

It was indescribably delicious and he wanted to drink another can.

This type of unexplainable satisfaction was similar to the “Future” coke’s feeling.

Lu Zhou licked the corner of his mouth, wiped the can clean, and stuff it into his bag. He planned to find a rubbish bin outside tomorrow to throw it out. The hotel check-in information was linked to his citizen ID and it was better to be low-key.

He went to the bathroom and washed his face before he laid back in bed, closed his eyes, and went into the system space.

It was time for the reward mission.

[Reward mission begin!]


Mission: Reward mission (Able to cancel anytime, no general point penalty will be given).

Requirements: One SCI thesis.

Reward: Subject experience (Experience value is determined by the academic value of the thesis, minimum 1000 points. Experience type is determined by the content of the thesis.) One lucky draw ticket (50% sample, 50% blueprint)]


Not too good, not too bad

The reward and difficulty are average.

It seems that S+ evaluations corresponded to a reward mission. Not all reward missions can unlock technology branches. But this lucky draw probability is the best as I can only get a blueprint or sample. Both are pretty good.

As for the content of the mission, it was similar to his second mission.

The only difference was that the lower limit of his second mission was 100 points, whereas this mission was 1000 points.

Basically, what it said was that even if he just casually submitted to some random journal, as long as it passed review, he could get 1000 experience points.

“Minimum 1000 experience points… I wonder what the maximum is. If it’s determined by academic value…”

Lu Zhou remembered his blueprint that contained Zhou’s approximation proof.

“Last time I was afraid to use it but it should be fine this time.”

Full marks in mathematical analysis and advanced algebra, mathematical model national champion, submitted 10 theses in a month, etc. Lu Zhou had proved that even if he solved this 20-year-old problem, no one would question him.

I just have to go back to school and spend some time typing up the thesis.

Lu Zhou left the system space. He laid in bed and closed his eyes before he went to sleep.

Time slowly passed by…

The clock on the wall ticked.

Lu Zhou tossed and turned around.

After a while, he opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling while he laid on the bed.


I’m not tired at all.

Lu Zhou took out his phone and squinted his eyes to look at the time when his eyebrows suddenly twitched.

F*ck, it’s two in the morning already?! It doesn’t feel that late!


It’s because of the can of coffee?

Lu Zhou’s expression changed.

F*ck sake!

I totally forgot. I just drank it for fun!

Lu Zhou could not breathe because of his heartache and he buried his head in the pillow.

I lost big! I should’ve used it for intense studying session!