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“I’m not asking you to ride the rocket,” sputtered Ren Changming as he nearly choked on his own spit. He said, “I’m asking if you are interested in developing in the field of aerospace.”

When Lu Zhou heard the word aerospace, he finally remembered.

This old gentleman was one of the judges in the mathematical modeling competition expert interview?

Professor Ren Changming…

Former Chinese designer of the lunar exploration project!


Aren’t you retired?

When Professor Ren saw that Lu Zhou did not speak, he thought that Lu Zhou was taking this matter seriously and so, he said slowly, “I’ve read your mathematical modeling thesis multiple times. To produce such a high-quality model and thesis within a short period of time is impressive.”

“I heard that you’re an applied mathematics major but that you still research on pure mathematics and even wrote a functions thesis a while ago. Our country’s aerospace industry could use someone like you,” said Ren Changming. He smiled and said earnestly, “Young man, are you interested in going to Yan University? Yan University’s mechanics and aerospace technology department is famous in the country!”

Lu Zhou listened carefully to his offer before he finally said something.

He formed the sentences his mind and refused any euphemism as he said, “I’m sorry, Professor Ren. I don’t know anything about aerospace. To put it bluntly, mathematical modeling only transforms complex particle motion problems into mathematical problems. It doesn’t involve any esoteric knowledge. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be lucky enough to get this Higher Education Club Cup. Really, the area of aerospace is not suitable for me.”

Lu Zhou could not accept the professor’s offer.

It was not as if Lu Zhou was completely disinterested in aerospace technology. It was because the entrance requirement to the field was too deep. With his current physics, mathematics, and engineering grades, he would not even be let in the door.

If he wanted to get into aerospace, he would at least have to achieve level 5 in material science, biochemistry, and engineering.

It was difficult for him to get into this field now.

“Ah, what’s the point of studying? Just learn what you don’t understand! If you already understand everything, what’s the point of learning? You might as well start working,” said Professor Ren. He smiled and continued, “You’re still young. The decision is up to you but I bet that if you put your heart into it, you would become successful.”

Lu Zhou did not know how to reject him.

A loud voice came from afar, “Old Rin, you’re not honest at all. Coming all the way from Beijing to scout at our Jin Ling.”

Lu Zhou looked towards the direction of the voice and saw Professor Tang walking over.

“What are you talking about? What do you mean scouting? I’m doing this for our country’s aerospace development. I can’t let this genius waste his time,” said Professor Ren Changming unhappily.

“What do you mean wasting his time? Wasting his time studying mathematics? Or is the University of Jin Ling wasting his time?” said Old Tang. He was not happy either and he pointed out, “If Yan University is so nutty, why aren’t we in space yet?”

The huge development project of lunar exploration was not something a university could do alone.

Just Chang’e 3’s data collection took teams of researchers from various universities, and that did not even include actually sending Chang’e 3 into space.

Even though University of Jin Ling’s mathematics department was relatively weak, their physics department was top in the country.

At least, in the eyes of the professors at the University of Jin Ling, they were the best!

When Lu Zhou saw the two old professors fighting, he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He quickly took the opportunity and whispered goodbye before he left. Without them noticing, he walked into the crowds and slipped out.

Lu Zhou went to the cafeteria and ate lunch before he headed back to the library.

When he found a random corner and sat down, he started to read his notes from the lecture.

Even though Professor Ren was in the aerospace industry, his lecture ability was still high. He was also well equipped in mathematics.

Especially in number theory.

As the professor said, Mr. Zhang opened a pathway for the twin prime. It was equivalent to the Norwegian Mr. Brown’s “9+9” proof of Goldbach’s conjecture. It provided a path for number theory researchers.

Following Mr. Zhang’s path, global mathematicians had advanced the research of twin primes to the number of 246. It was close to the number of 2.

The key is the selection of the lambda function…

Is that it?

Lu Zhou felt like this was simple.

He was always slightly off his inspiration…

“Maybe it is because of my mathematics level?”

Lu Zhou suddenly came up with an idea.

Did the mathematics level only unlock the system’s database?

He suddenly remembered that last time, the system asked him to independently complete the mathematical modeling competition and win the first level national prize.

In fact, not only did he won the first level national prize, but he also won the Higher Education Society Cup.

If it was a few months ago, could I have done that?

Lu Zhou suddenly thought about something that happened a long time ago.

Before he upgraded mathematics to level one, when he first got the Zhou’s conjecture blueprint, at that time, he tried to read the proof theorem from beginning to the end. Back then, he could not produce any “inspiration” at all.

“That is to say, the improvement of the level isn’t just for unlocking the system data? It also improved the research ability of the subject?” thought Lu Zhou.

He believed in talent.

Perhaps it was not particularly obvious in the field of engineering, but for the purely theoretical disciplines like mathematics and physics, the more in-depth the field research, the more a researcher could feel a “bottleneck”.

A good example was the problem that plagued the world of mathematics for a hundred years. For Gauss, it was one night’s effort. If the mathematics level of an ordinary mathematician was LVn, then the Gaussian level was probably LV(n+1) or even higher.

Lu Zhou speculated that this level of disparity had nothing to do with pure knowledge, but rather an abstract concept that was closer to “research and development capabilities”.

Lu Zhou did a macro analysis of the system and thought of an example. If he was level 1 mathematics and wanted to study the twin prime numbers, it might have taken decades or even hundreds of years. However, if he was level 2, perhaps this time would be shortened into decades. Level 3 would be ten years or a few years…

Perhaps, if he raised his mathematics level above level 2, he would be able to grasp that flash of “inspiration”.

If his guess was correct, then the level of the main subject should be linked not only to the access of the system’s database but also to his research and development capabilities in a particular subject area. This research and development ability determined the time that he would need to complete a research project…

Lu Zhou suddenly figured this out.

Although he failed to solve the problem of the twin prime numbers, he solved something much more inconspicuous.

The secrets of the system…