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It was in the evening when Lu Zhou went back to the dorm and opened his laptop. He was about to log on to the Academic Affairs Office website when he suddenly noticed the QQ pop-up window in the lower right corner. He was stunned.

He did not remember sending a message.

In order to keep in contact with Xiao Ai, he would usually send Xiao Ai messages through QQ.

“What the hell…”

When Lu Zhou opened the window, he found out that it was a group message.

[Historical information: First love invites you to join a group of mathematics model… Agree.]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Suddenly, he found out what was happening.

F*ck sake!

There’s a bug.

Lu Zhou opened the development tools and opened the program that connected QQ to Xiao Ai. He quickly found the line of the bug in the code.

Although he set the program to only accept messages from a specific account, friend and group request messages would cause a logic bug. This resulted in the computer defaulting in accepting the friend or group requests.

Lu Zhou finally remembered that when he gave that first-year girl his QQ number, he had accidentally given her the wrong account.

This is bad…

Lu Zhou clicked the group and he skipped over the 99+ messages to scroll through the first one.

Xian Yan: [Welcome new person.]

Chu Chu: [The new Lu student that joined is a national mathematical modeling champion, everyone welcomes him~]

Salt: [Oh my god, what a god!]

Dayday: [Bow down to the god.]

Chang Qing: [Will you fight in the modeling competition next year as well? Are you lacking a teammate?]

Kedu: [The god isn’t replying?]

Dayday: [Gods are relatively cold, it’s normal!]


The topic quickly changed.

It did not seem to be a mathematical modeling competition group organized by the school. In fact, it was more like a group chat for the students of the University of Jin Ling who was interested in mathematical modeling.

Lu Zhou read through the message and noticed that no one was actually discussing mathematics.

He laughed at these idiots’ messages. He was about to leave the group and fix the bug in his program when his eyes suddenly noticed the progress bar in the lower right corner.


He was stunned.

The progress bar…

Is full?!

No, technically speaking it’s half a millimeter from being full.

Suddenly, the group messages were at 99+ again!

It was at this moment that the progress bar moved forward.

When Lu Zhou saw the full progress bar, he gulped and used the mouse to click the confirmation button.

Instantly, two lines of prompt text by the system popped up.

[Congratulations, User. Artificial intelligence (technology branch) experience +100]

[Information science experience +100]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

It made sense that he got branch technology experience, but he did not know why he got information science experience points as well?

Upgrading technology branch experience also improved your core technology?

Lu Zhou still remembered that when he upgraded artificial intelligence from level 0 to level 1, nothing happened to the core subjects.

Lu Zhou thought, “Maybe… It’s because I used general points to accelerate the upgrading process?”

“Which is saying, the technology branch is equivalent to a mission. Obtaining technology branch experience through conventional means can enhance the experience related to core technologies. If you use general points to upgrade your technology branch, you wouldn’t earn extra experience points…”

Technology branch had a different experience leveling system. To upgrade from level 1 to level 2, artificial intelligence required 1000 points, which means that Lu Zhou still needed 9 more full progress bars.

In theory, if he did not use general points to upgrade his technology branch, he could earn 900 information science experience points as well.

Lu Zhou was surprised.

He did not think that other than missions, he could use this type of “secondary mission” to earn experience for his main subjects.

Suddenly, he realized another problem.

The third party app he designed essentially copied QQ messages into the dialog box of Xiao Ai. However, the program did not send group messages, which meant…

Even without the third party app, Xiao Ai could still read the messages that appeared on the computer?

Did Xiao Ai read the file or directly intercept the network?

Let me think carefully…

It makes sense. If artificial intelligence can’t even read messages, that would be a bit too useless. If this thing continued to develop like this, would it grow to be out of my control?

Lu Zhou felt like it was possible.

It seems that I have to find some time and check the core code of Eye.

He was about to check the code when he suddenly received a phone call.

He pulled out his phone and saw that it was Old Tang calling.

Old Tang did not even wait for Lu Zhou to speak, “… Come to my office!”

At the University of Yixian, Yangcheng, outside the teaching building.

When the bell rang, an old man with glasses walked out of the classroom.

He was preparing to return to the office. However, when he saw the director of the mathematics department, Director Chang, holding a journal, he walked over with a smile.

Director Chang smiled and looked at Professor Zhou Haizhong with a smile, “Professor Zhou, congratulations.” He shook the professor’s hand and said, “Congratulations, congratulations.”

Professor Zhou Haizhong was muddled as he looked at Director Chang with a confused expression.

“… Director Chang, did you mix something up? Why are you congratulating me for no reason.”

Director Chang asked, “Did you not read the latest issue of [Mathematics Chronicle] ?”

“I haven’t read it for a long time. I haven’t been keeping up with mathematics,” said Professor Zhou as he shook his head.

Although Zhou’s conjecture made Professor Zhou Haizhong widely known in the international mathematics community and he received special grants from the National Academy of Sciences, his hobby was not in mathematics, but computer science and linguistics.

Since 1980, he had published more than 100 theses, more than half of which were about linguistics, information science, and emerging interdisciplinary subjects. In particular, his series of theses on fuzzy mathematical linguistics research had received extensive attention from the academic community and its academic value was equal to Zhou’s conjecture.

As for number theory…

To best honest, he did not have the energy to research number theory.

Director Chang did not say anything. He merely placed the journal in his hand and smiled, “Take this, and start from page 30 and read to page 34. You’ll know why I congratulated you!”

Professor Zhou Haizhong was full of questions as he returned to his office with the journal.

He placed his bag on the desk and leaned against his chair before he opened the [Mathematics Chronicle] to page 30.

The second he saw the title of the paper, he was stunned.

[Discussion On The Distribution Law Of Mersenne Prime Numbers And Proof Of Zhou’s Conjecture]

[Abstract: This paper studies the distribution law of Mersenne prime numbers and proves that when 2^(2^n) < P < 2^(2^(n+1)), MP has 2^(n+1)-1 Prime numbers are established. Based on this argument, it is proven that when 2^(2^(n+1)), Mp has 2^(n+2)-n-2 prime numbers. ]

He quickly sat up from his office chair. He opened the drawer, pulled out a pen and paper before he started to calculate according to the steps given in the thesis.

Time slowly passed, his eyes became more and more serious.



Completely correct!

So this is how you solve it?!

The more Professor Zhou Haizhong read, the more emotional he felt. He could not help but applaud the exquisite proof process.

As the writer of the conjecture, this problem had plagued him and the mathematics community for more than 20 years.

He had not been researching number theory for a long time. Instead, he put his heart into linguistics and education. Like a curse, the unresolved conjecture tangled around him and he could never stop thinking about this issue.

His heart was excited, but at the same time, he did not want to get his hopes up.

The closer he reached to the end of the thesis, the more scared and careful he was.

He was scared that in the last calculation, there would be a flaw in the proof process. The problem would then remained unsolved.

However, the probability of it happening was low, especially after he saw the reviewer’s name…

Time slowly passed by…

The view outside the window gradually became darker and the old man finally stopped holding his pen.

He did not say anything.

Instead, he placed the pen down and stood before he walked next to the window. He then quietly lit up a cigarette and puffed a long trail of smoke as he said in his heart, “The young are surpassing us.”

The lake outside the window was sparkling.

As his wrinkled old face reflected on the window, he started to tear up…

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