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After all, Secretary Liu was very busy. He said a few more bureaucratic words in front of the camera. Once he was done with his fake act, he then left.

Lu Zhou was surprised to see that Professor Wang also left. After those two left, the media also dispersed a lot.


Why do I feel like I was being taken advantaged?

It was not like Lu Zhou lost anything, so he did not really care.

Dean Qin looked at Lu Zhou’s backpack and asked, “You’re going to the library?”

Lu Zhou nodded, “Yeah, I’m studying there.”

Dean Qin smiled and said, “I’m going that way as well, let’s walk together?”


The administrative building was not that far from the library and the two walked along the brick road toward the library’s direction.

On the way, Dean Qin suddenly smiled and said, “What did I say last time? Does this count as earth-shattering?”

Lu Zhou smiled embarrassedly as he said, “I think… It’s still a little different from earth-shattering.”

Dean Qin smiled and said, “Ah, you’re quite ambitious. Even Everyone Daily published about you. If this doesn’t count as earth-shattering, what is?”

Lu Zhou was shocked, “Everyone Daily?!”

Dean Qin raised his eyebrows and smiled, he said, “You didn’t read it online?”

“Um… Actually I just woke up.”

Dean Qin shook his head and said, “You shouldn’t stay up that late, strive for longevity. You’re different than me. You still have a long road to go, so you shouldn’t hurt your body.”

Lu Zhou replied, “I know.” He actually wanted to say, “I didn’t stay up. It’s because I injected the needle so I slept for longer.”

“The article in Everyone Daily was pretty interesting and it mentioned you. If you’re interested, you can look through it,” said Dean Qin with a smile. He continued, “Secretary Liu read that article in the morning and rushed to our school in the afternoon.”

Is that why he came?

Lu Zhou was amazed.

Although he guessed that Secretary Liu was politically interested in his thesis, he had not expected it to be because of Everyone Daily.

However, once he thought about it carefully, it made more sense. After all, Everyone Daily’s report reflected the attitude of the entire country. If upper class people cared about it, lower class people cared about it as well. It had been like this since ancient times.

Lu Zhou was deeply moved.

However, he never cared that much about politics, so he should stay away from it.

When Dean Qin saw that Lu Zhou did not speak, he said, “Professor Tang’s view is actually correct. You must guard yourself from arrogance and stay away from fame. But I think that people are still social animals. If you become too anti-social, you will have a bad time.”

Lu Zhou nodded thoughtfully and asked, “Dean Qin, what are you trying to say?”

“Nothing, I’m just having a conversation,’ said Dean Qin. He smiled and asked, “Oh yeah, aren’t you interested in the school’s reward?”

Lu Zhou said, “Can… You disclose this to me in advance?”

“It’s not like it’s a bad thing. Why can’t I disclose it to you?” said Dean Qin. He smiled and said, “If you want to hear it, I’ll tell you.”

Dean Qin paused for a second before he continued to speak.

“First is the registered residence problem. The city’s staff will help you solve that. The city council suggested for you to move your registered residence from Jiangling to Jin Ling. Then you can enjoy preferential treatment policies. The bank won’t need to check your credit before you apply for a line and your interest rates will be low. I don’t know exactly how low, but it’s low!”

“You might be more interested in the second point,” said Dean Qin as he looked at Lu Zhou, who was listening closely. He smiled and said, “Yesterday, our principal called us to a meeting to discuss your thesis. According to previous SCI publication rules, the impact factor is used as a measurement for the reward. However, the impact factor doesn’t accurately measure the academic value of your thesis.”

“Therefore, we did some research and decided to award you a million yuan!”

Dean Qin emphasized on the words “million yuan”.

It was like a wind blew past.

That gust of wind blew into Lu Zhou’s ear and he stopped breathing for a second.

“One… Million?!”

Lu Zhou gulped and he swore he could hear his own heartbeat.

“Yeah, is it too low?” asked Dean Qin. He smiled and continued to say, “It’s pretty low. Compared to that Sitapan conjecture, your Zhou’s conjecture contributed way more to our country’s mathematics industry. However, I hope that you can understand that the one million yuan reward was the maximum amount the principal was willing to give.”

Even though the University of Jin Ling was wealthy with the state providing them with the university funds, but this money could not be spent recklessly.

Actually, Dean Qin did not tell him the complete story. The million yuan reward was not decided by Principal Xu himself. They had a meeting and then they asked the director of the Ministry Of Education who gave them the green light.

From which account the money came from, how the money was going to be paid, this all had to be planned out.

“No, it’s not low at all!”

Lu Zhou was so excited that his shoulders began to shake.

A million yuan!

It was equivalent to hundreds of months of tutoring!

He had only seen this amount of money in movies…

When Dean Qin saw Lu Zhou’s excitement, he smiled in his heart. The dean knew that Lu Zhou would be ecstatic.

He paused for a second and smiled before he said, “Okay then, I’ve told you this in advance. We’re at the library now. Go ahead and study.”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Thank you, Dean Qin. See you later!”

“Go go go.”

After Lu Zhou separated from Dean Qin, he still had not recovered from the news of one million yuan.

He felt dizzy, like he was floating in the sky.

He was still worried about getting five million for the mission when he did not know that the school already helped him with 20% of the mission…

Not far away, Chen Yushan held a stack of books and walked toward the library entrance.

When she saw a familiar figure standing in front of the library, Chen Yushan’s eyes lit up and she walked forward to tap Lu Zhou’s shoulder.

“Lu Zhou, did you know that you’re on fire?”

Lu Zhou turned around and when he saw Chen Yushan, he was still shocked by the news. He said, “I know.”

Chen Yushan opened her mouth and was disappointed, “Oh… You already knew.”

“A million…”

Chen Yushan was confused, “What is a million?”

“Nothing,” murmured Lu Zhou as he finally recovered and shook his head. He said, “You’ve bought me so much food, I’ve got to pay you back… I’ll buy you dinner.”

“Really?” said Chen Yushan as her eyes lit up. However, she then had a suspicious expression as she asked, “Wait, why are you so generous? This isn’t like you.”

“… Are you eating or not?”

“I’m eating!” Chen Yushan nodded immediately. She quickly remembered the tragic experience from last time and said, “Can we not eat spicy hotpot? I nearly died last time…”

When Lu Zhou saw her expression, he nearly laughed out loud.

It’s just spicy hotpot, why are you so scared?