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At Jin Ling Normal High School, Grade 11, Class 2, they were having mathematics.

The teacher asked the class representative to pass the exam paper to the class. At the same time, he picked out a few outstanding students’ papers to praise.

“Han Mengqi, 130 marks. Your scores over the past few months have improved greatly, but don’t get arrogant and continue to make persistent efforts,” said Teacher Chen. Han Mengqi nodded as she took the exam paper.

Han Mengqi’s smirked as she returned to her seat.

The students sitting next to her looked at her with amazement.

It was not because of the 130 marks.

In their class, this score was above average at most.

The real surprise was that it was Han Mengqi that got this score!

Her mathematics score had been near failing last year, but she got 130 today!

This improvement was over the course of three months.

Was there anything more shocking than this?

When Teacher Chen saw Han Mengqi, she nodded with relief.

Since the monthly test before the summer vacation, it was as if Han Mengqi had turned into another person. Her mathematics scores soared and she went from two digit scores to three digits.

Teacher Chen had been teaching for many years and it was rare for him to see this pace of improvement.

Han Mengqi knew that her classmates were surprised and even though she blushed, she had a smug smile on her face.

Before, she never felt as if she belonged at home or at school.

However, she recently found out that she actually loved school.

It was not because she loved studying…

It was because being it was great to be looked at with confusion, surprise, and adoration!

After class, Han Mengqi meticulously copied the questions that she got wrong in her book. This was the task that Lu Zhou gave her and this task had become a habit for her over the past three months.

Suddenly, a girl even more petite than her came over and asked shyly, “Meng Qi, is your tutor’s first name Lu?”

The girl was one of the few close friends that Meng Qi had in mathematics. Meng Qi called her Xiao Ran and they talked about everything.

Han Mengqi nodded and said, “Yeah, why?”

Xiao Ran then asked, “Is he a college student?”

Han Mengqi continued to nod her head as she replied in a tone that was filled with suspicion, “Yeah…”

“Is he from the University of Jin Ling?”

“Yeah, yeah, get straight to the point. Stop wasting my time,” said Han Mengqi as she rolled her eyes.

Xiao Ran’s eyes widened, “Haven’t you seen Weibo?”

Suddenly, Han Mengqi was unhappy as she said, “Nope, that woman confiscated my mobile phone, you know that.”

However, Xiao Ran did not notice Han Mengqi’s uncomfortable expression as she took out her phone and said, “Wait for a second. I’ll show you this news article.”

Han Mengqi stared at her and said, “When did you pay attention to the news? Don’t you always just look at your celebrity gossip?”

“I also pay attention to trending news okay? Anyway, here, look,” replied Han Mengqi as she handed the phone to Han Mengqi.

The article was from Huaguo Youth Daily.

When Han Mengqi saw the name of the account, she was not too interested. However, when she saw the title, her eyes instantly widened.

[20-year-old college student from University of Jin Ling has overcome a world-class mathematics problem, and won a million yuan reward from the university!]


[Source: Jin Ling Daily]

Xiao Ran asked in a hurry, “Is that him?”

“No, how is this possible?!” gasped Han Mengqi. She was so surprised that her mouth could not even close as she stared straight at the screen.

It was not that she doubted Lu Zhou’s abilities…

It was that she never expected the tutor that came to her house every weekend was a great mathematician who solved a world-class mathematics problem.

Han Mengqi gulped as she swiped with her thumb and looked at the comments.

[… All bow down to this genius student!]

[This genius student is crazy!]

[God, I want to have your babies!]

Han Mengqi raised her eyebrows.

What is this!


He already has a girlfriend!

Although she had never confirmed to Lu Zhou or her cousin, she always assumed that they were dating. There was no other explanation as to why he cared about her studies so much as any other tutors would not be able to stand her.

“Oh, I was wondering why your mathematics scores were soaring. I guess there’s an expert helping you,” said Xiao Ran as she looked at Han Mengqi enviously. She then asked, “Is he still going to tutor you in the future?”

Han Mengqi subconsciously blurted out, “Yeah, why not?”

Xiao Ran tilted her head as she asked, “But, he already has a million, he doesn’t need to work as a tutor anymore, right?”

Han Mengqi’s heart tightened.

She had not given this a thought.

You’re right…

If Lu Zhou isn’t in need of money, would he still teach me mathematics?

Every time he tutors me as if I’m a child and even cooks for me and listens to my complaints about school…

Anyone would be annoyed right?

Also, a guy like him must have more important stuff to do.

Han Mengqi’s lips quivered as she said, “He… Probably will.”

She was not confident at all.

Xiao Ran tilted her head in confusion.

She was not sure why her close friend was acting like this.

Although Lu Zhou was determined to make his Campus Train app bigger and defeat those haters, he had no idea how to run a business.

In the past, Dean Lu would occasionally ask him how his project was going. Now, the dean would not even bring it up.

Compared to solving a world-class mathematics problem, an app was nothing.

The school was not a bank or a business. The leaders of the school leaders did not look at financial statements! They looked at scientific research results! Although the student’s entrepreneurship project was an achievement, it was nothing compared to solving a world-class problem!

It was not only Dean Lu who thought about this, but the head dean, Dean Qin, thought about it as well. Dean Qin kept hinting at Lu Zhou to just close the company and used the money left to repay part of the loan. The remaining loan would just be erased, so Lu Zhou would not even have to pay it.

Losing money was one of entrepreneurship’s lessons. Lu Zhou should just focus on academia and get a Fields Medal, would that not be much better?

However, Lu Zhou was dissatisfied with just honor. Although the medals were good, Lu Zhou wanted money.

Even though Lu Zhou was disinterested in running companies, he was interested in money!

Also, he would probably have to burn a lot of money for this sh*tty system. From the missions the system gave, it was obvious that the system was ambitious.

The discovery and monetization of technology could never be separated. It was just a matter of which to choose and pursuit.

Lu Zhou could see himself making that decision in the future.

Therefore, he planned on taking some advice from a successful person…