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Fat Wu’s ability to get stuff done was indeed very impressive.

Lu Zhou was still looking for people to consult on the relevant legal terms, to draft contracts, and etc, when Fat Wu had already formed a startup team for him.

The team consisted of twelve people, from business majors to software majors to law majors. Furthermore, they were all geniuses! Although, there were some enthusiastic first-year students that wanted to get carried…

However, that was not the point.

The point was that they were all free labor!

Surprised, Lu Zhou asked if he had to pay these people but Fat Wu just smiled and started to talk about life, “Passing out flyers, installing, sorting packages… Do you think that these part-time students are only doing it for the money? One thousand a month of pocket money isn’t enough for them?”

Fat Wu shook his head and replied to himself, “Of course it’s enough.”

Lu Zhou actually wanted to interrupt him to say, “No it’s not enough.” However, he resisted it as he did not want to embarrass Wu Dahai. So, he allowed Fat Wu to continue talking.

“Find anyone and ask why they want to work part-time. 80% of the answers can be summarized into three categories: Bored, want to experience life, want to train myself.”

Fat Wu continued, “This is the University of Jin Ling. There are tons of geniuses here. Maybe they’re not at your level, but there are still a lot of normal geniuses. Everyone is just eager to work part-time for money? No! It’s actually a stage for them! A chance to perform!”

“I told them that I’m a business partner and that we’re incubating a great project. If this project succeeds, it could become the next unicorn in the tech industry. From now on, we are a team, we are a family, we are founders… I’m just providing a stage for them!”

“If our project fails, then we lose together. But if we succeed…”

Fat guy Wu paused for a second before he smiled and continued, “… Then, it wouldn’t be too late to give them some benefits.”

Fat Wu explained those benefits to Lu Zhou in detail.

“We can just pay them if we’re cheap. If not, we can organize dinners, traveling, create associations, or give them the opportunity to network. That’s a lot better than giving money.”

Lu Zhou was surprised after he heard him.

I’m impressed.

Before Fat Wu signed the contract, Lu Zhou thought he was just an older student that took care of him. He had no idea that Fat Wu was so sophisticated.

At first, when Fat Wu talked about the reasoning behind working, Lu Zhou thought it was nonsense…

However, now that he thought about it, it was brilliant!

His roommates would help him to install routers and they did not do it for the money. They did it for the life experience! In the end, only Lu Zhou was the one who would do it for the money.

Lu Zhou said, “Studying mathematics is a waste of your talents.”

Fat Wu looked at the sky with sadness and sorrow as he agreed, “I think so too.”

Lu Zhou said, “I meant that you should be doing sales.”

Fat Wu: “…”

Like this, [Campus Train Club] was established.

According to Fat Wu, having a “club” made them seemed more legit. They could fool some new students into working for them while at the same time, they could also borrow the school’s “public resources”.

Since Fat Wu was blacklisted from applying for a club, Lu Zhou was the one that applied.

To be more accurate, Lin Yuxiang was the one that got it done.

Lu Zhou finally experienced the advantage of having connections. Other people had to go through a one-month application process and one month observation period while he was different. Especially since his club had monetary motivations, there was a 90% chance that the student union would kill his club.

However, Lin Yuxiang did him a favor and passed the club immediately…

Thus, the club was created.

The club president was Lu Zhou and the deputy president was Wu Dahai.

As for those twelve workers that Wu Dahai found, all of them were ministers.

After all, the club titles were all virtual and it was not like they cost money.

Lu Zhou could not help but ask why Fat Wu why was so experienced in these doings. Fat Wu replied casually, “I’ve done similar things before, like University of Jin Ling venture club, part-time workers club, etc.”

He continued, “There are many benefits to doing this type of thing. You can easily recruit people when your club is new. Then you can make those people do a lot of free work in the name of helping the club. Plus we have the official seal of a company, so we can use their labor in the name of internships. In short, there are many advantages.”

Lu Zhou asked, “You’ve done this before? What happened to your clubs?”

Fat Wu smiled awkwardly, “… It was shut down by the teacher of Social Affairs…”

Lu Zhou: “…”

The school did not allow the students to involve in off-campus activities that involved money transactions. Since anything involving money could go wrong, if there was a problem, the school would have to be responsible.

However, Fat Wu told Lu Zhou that the Campus Train Club was absolutely okay. Unlike the work-study clubs he worked on, all the club activities were completed in the school, and there was no need to contact the people outside the club. There was no problem at all.

In addition, this was a project in the university students’ entrepreneurship support program. There were school leaders who were endorsing this project. As long as there was no big trouble, the teacher for Social Affairs would not be so “nonsensical”.

In the time of one cigarette, Fat Wu explained the whole situation to Lu Zhou.

This also made Lu Zhou confirmed that this guy was talented.

Although this is another kind of talent…

I really don’t know how this guy got into the University of Jin Ling.

The second day after the establishment of the club, Fat Wu’s second order of business was to tell those twelve slaves… No, those twelve ministers, to meet at the fish restaurant.

Lu Zhou never thought about how to spend the company’s money. Now, it was Fat Wu who planned the company spendings.

The first spending was to eat and drink with a thousand yuan budget.

The money was from the company’s account, but when Fat Wu paid, he pretended as if it was coming out of his own pocket. This was one of Fat Wu’s tricks. If a person wanted others to help him, that person must make them felt as if they owed him.

During the early stages of a business, the leaders must treat all the workers to a meal.

A thousand yuan, that was the entire monthly expenses of a student!

Even if they ran into trouble in the future, these people would not forget this meal.

What was team cohesion?

This was team cohesion!

When the food arrived, Fat Wu stood up and raised his cup.

“Everyone here is from different places, but the University of Jin Ling made us met with each other. It’s fate that brought us together. Doing business together is also fate! It doesn’t matter if we succeed, at least we tried to achieve our youthful dreams!”

“Come, cheers for our business!”


These people originally did not know each other. They only worked part-time with Fat Wu before. However, after alcohol, they all became a lot closer.

Lu Zhou sat next to Fat Wu as he started to think.

There is no way I can learn his talent…

Like planned, President Lu Zhou stood up and introduced himself.

When Lu Zhou sat down, everyone went around and introduced themselves.

After that, the appointment of personnel was also settled on the dinner table.

For this type of tiny company, other than the company manager, there were two other important positions. One was the product manager, which was responsible for the app production. The other was a technical manager responsible for the app updates and maintenance.

The product manager’s name was Yuan Liwei. He was a third-year student in the business school. Even though he was an undergraduate student, he had experience in helping professors to design websites. He was well known in the school’s business department. Thanks to Fat Wu, they were able to get him on board.

The technical manager was called Rong Hai. He was in software engineering. He was proficient in Python, C++, and Java. His software development skills were slightly worse than Lu Zhou’s mathematical modeling competition teammate, but he was not bad at all. He could still be considered a genius.

Then design students did user interface, law students did legal consulting, marketing students helped the product manager to plan and do market analysis as well as proposing interesting ideas to torture the coders…

As for those useless people, they mostly ran errands and recruited new people into the club. Some people felt useless and left the club.

Who cared about those people.

Not like the University of Jin Ling lacked talent.

They lacked the stage…