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Giant Bull and Red Grandaunt were caught by surprise as they had not expected the smiling monks to make the first strike without warning. They cursed fiercely as they hastily revealed their magic weapons.

Long Saber, Holy Sword, Flying Bowl, Mountain Talisman, Flame Scale Grimoire, Heaven Detonation Seal, Holy Mud Cultivation Pill…

The rogue cultivators usually practiced alone with their eccentric magical weapons. Some of the precious weapons emitted beautiful light whilst some exuded killer intent. The various weapons and magical objects circled above their masters’ heads, waiting for the command to attack.

Giant Bull’s Wolf’s Fang Club was raging violently, raising a repulsive and smelly gust of wind as the surrounding air seemed to be filled with a wolf’s howl which intertwined with the sacred chant. The mellow and calming dawn of a winter landscape on the mountain was abruptly turned into an eerie and weird place, the contrast was like the difference between paradise and a graveyard. A pure white wolf the size of an elephant was flickering against the sunlight and cast a massive shadow on the ground.

Red Grandaunt’s hands were busy turning as one by one, large blooms of red flowers emerged and floated in front of her.

The Buddha’s Light Bug emerged from Wen Leyang’s chest and wanted to jump onto the flowers but a surprised Wen Leyang managed to hastily grab onto the unlucky bug before it could complete the jump. Fortunately, the group of rogue cultivators were focused on the monks and did not notice the incident.

The unsatisfied ‘You’ve Got Me’ wriggled its plump body in Wen Le Yang’s palm.

“Monk, if you still refuse to step aside, you’ll die without a burial ground!” Red Grandaunt was reluctant to start the conflict.

Mystic Swallow’s smiling face remained unchanged as if the magical weapons and objects that were flying around were all paper airplanes. He ignored Red Grandaunt’s warning totally as he continued on chanting the sacred words wholeheartedly.

Giant Bull looked eager to start fighting and shouted to Red Grandaunt, “No point talking to them, just do it!”

Red Grandaunt let out a shout. The red flowers around her flew forward. But instead of flying towards the monks, they instead flew into the ground and made a tinkling sound akin to glass breaking. In the blink of an eye, the hard red pieces of the flowers vanished into thin air!

Giant Bull, on the other hand, laughed out loud and shouted, “Good!” He then wielded his Wolf’s Fang Club and the snow wolf that had been hiding in the air showed itself and pounced on the monk with a shrieking howl.

The rest of the rogue cultivators were flaunting their weapons and treating the battle as an exhibition contest.

As the wolf pounced towards the monk, the sky was split apart in an instant as the rogue cultivators directed their magic weapons into an attack! All sorts of talismans and seals were summoned, all sorts of multicolored flying swords showed their might and followed behind the giant wolf to give the monk a big strike.

Just when the giant wolf was about to hit the monk, a fiery red light exploded at the feet of the monks all of a sudden. Blazing flames that were hot enough to melt steel beams erupted like a fountain and danced around, blooming with an unstoppable violence.

The kind and loving expression on Red Grandaunt’s face has long disappeared, replaced by a cold hearted smile. The sudden attack of the fire from the ground was induced by the shattered red flowers and is Red Grandaunt’s forte. In contrast, other than the Thousand-year Wolf Spirit which was summoned by Giant Bull, the rest of the magical weapons’ abilities paled in comparison.

The lustrous colorful glowing lights were reflected in the large eyes of Wen Xiaoyi and Mumu, making them even more beautiful.

Old man Gongye had not made a move. He was instead standing on the side with a straight back and his eyes slightly squinted with a sharp, pointed look as he stared at the monks who were dealing with the stormy wrath of the attacks.

Countless magical weapons came pouring down above the monks and lit up a row of bald heads while below their feet the raging fire was burning the soles of their shoes black. Mystic Swallow, who had initially seemed so calm that not even the collapse of Mount Taishan could surprise him, stopped chanting the Buddhist hymn all of a sudden and yelled, “Run!”

All the monks howled and turned around to retreat, dragging their pale and stuttering Senior Master along with them. They started running and disappeared from sight like lightning in front of the crowd! When they could be seen again, they were dozens of feet away and trying to put out the flames on their bottoms with their big sleeves.

Bang! A thunderous crashing sound sent the ground trembling and even the distant mountains groaned. Tons of magical weapons smashed onto the spot where the monks had been moments ago. The shockwave toppled a few people onto the ground and blasted the hard mountain rock into smithereens. A chasm the size of a public square appeared at the foot of Zhanyan Peak.

The towering and imposing Zhanyan Peak seemed somewhat shaken to its foundations.

However, the monks had already fled the area.

The rogue cultivators had not expected these monks to be such pitiful wretches who had refused to give way when they were asked politely to do so and only fled when their butts were on fire. The crowd was momentarily stunned by the turn of events before erupting into laughter. They bragged as they recovered their magical weapons and apparatus, all the while belittling the supposed might of the awe-inspiring Great Mercy Temple.

The stones that had been sent flying by the huge explosion earlier now began to tumble down the mountainside and the rogue cultivators quickly shielded themselves with their magical weapons. Red Grandaunt immediately created two large red flowers to protect the heads of Wen Leyang and the rest of his group.

When it was over, the crowd continued marching proudly up the mountain. They had only walked a few steps forward before Mumu’s sight was abruptly covered by something.

A piece of yellow cloth had fallen gently from the sky and landed on top of her head. Wen Leyang scrambled to remove the cloth and exclaimed,” There are words written on it!” Several rogue cultivators who were near them gathered around to read it. The letters on the yellow cloth were crooked and contained many misspelled words, it was obviously written by a child.

“Bang-yan Peek is dagger-ous (Zhanyan Peak is dangerous), the ant-cient cape is even more teacher-ous (the ancient cave is even more treacherous). This little monk is totaling you (This little monk is telling the truth), so will the immortals please go back f*ck (home), Xisheng restfully bags.

Giant Bull was able to gauge what the first part of the message meant, but he was stumped by the last two words. He muttered out loud to himself, “What does ‘restfully bags’ mean? Oh, he meant ‘respectfully begs’! Hahaha, the little monk is so funny, it’s so ironic that he can’t even write properly!”

We Xiaoyi explained with a smile, “He was probably writing based on the simple words that he knew, such as ‘ant’, ‘dagger’, ‘teacher’, or ‘bag’.

Wen Leyang, however, was on alert as no one had actually seen the little monk throw out this piece of yellow cloth. Though it was absolutely necessary for them to go to the ancient cave on Zhanyan Peak, they kept getting delayed by strange happenings beyond his understanding along the way. Coupled with the discovery of the bodies from his clan, he could not help but feel heavy in his heart.

Mumu’s expression also turned grave.

Both old man Gongye and Red Grandaunt did not comment further as they led the group towards the peak. However, they kept looking back as if anticipating another attack from behind. Though they had disparaged the Great Mercy Temple, they also understood that they should not underestimate their opponents as the monks had managed to escape the combined attacks of the magical weapons.

The Great Mercy Temple is regarded as the holy ground for Buddhist cultivators and its fame had been established with magical treasures and divine spiritual energy for perpetuity. Although the group of monks had given way, the climb up the peak is not bound to be easy.

Indeed, merely an hour into the climb, a golden light was spotted shining from Zhanyan Peak. The golden light quickly spread out and devoured the surrounding darkness like a tidal wave, swallowing up the sharp edges of the mountain cliffs. In a mere moment, it had enveloped the entire mountain in a golden glow.

Wen Leyang and the rest of the group were bathed in the golden Buddha’s light, even the hairy-chested Giant Bull was shining in a dignified manner.

A golden butterfly flew out from nowhere, flapping its wings lightly as it danced around the group.

A Buddhist hymn filled with compassion was like soulful chant blowing in the wind, as it lightly echoed in the ears of Wen Leyang.