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The skies cleared up in the afternoon. Jin Qingyan went to check up on the wedding preparations while An Xiaoning, who felt bored staying at home, went out for a walk.

The roads were still wet after the rain. With her bag slung over her shoulder, she walked on the streets and suddenly heard a few honking sounds from a car horn.

An Xiaoning turned back to look and realized that seated in the car was Gu Beicheng.

She did not know this man well, having met him only once. Moreover, Jin Qingyan had a cold relationship with him, making her even more reluctant to acknowledge him.

So An Xiaoning just looked him in the eye and continued walking ahead.

Gu Beicheng did not expect that An Xiaoning would ignore him completely.

Hence, he moved the car ahead by one length and, without any notice, he got off the car. “Ms. An, I wish to talk to you alone.”

“I’m not interested in talking to you.”

“It can’t be that you’re afraid to sit in my car?” His gaze was unusual, and his tone had a tinge of laughter, which left one guessing. “It’s regarding Jin Qingyan, I’m sure you’ll be interested.”

“What exactly do you want to say?”

“Get in the car, I won’t do anything to you.”

He went forward to open the car door. An Xiaoning scanned her surroundings, then got in.

Gu Beicheng drove the car to a quiet place, then he turned around and said calmly, “As far as I know, you and Jin Qingyan haven’t known each other for a long time, and yet you married him readily — aren’t you a little too bold?”

“What has this got to do with you? I even dared to marry someone like Shi Shaochuan, with whom I had no contact at all before. What is so bold about marrying Jin Qingyan?”

“That is true.” Gu Beicheng continued firmly, “However, Jin Qingyan will never fall for you in this life, so you better be mentally prepared.”

“Are you trying to drive a wedge in our relationship?” An Xiaoning curled her mouth. “I won’t fall into your trap.”

Upon hearing this, the faint smile in Gu Beicheng’s eyes grew deeper. “Someone who loves a woman to such extremes that, even though she is with another man, he still continues to love her — what makes you think he’ll fall for you?”

An Xiaoning knew whom he was referring to, but he still said stubbornly, “He’s married to me now so we’ll be living the rest of our lives together. If he really loves that woman to such extremes, why did he agree to marry me? Both his heart and body should stay loyal — that is what ‘loving to an extreme’ means.”

“Look — you insist on arguing with me, Ms. An, can you see the future? If no, then what makes you think he’ll live with you for the rest of your life without divorcing?”

“Because…” An Xiaoning answered weakly, “Because he is very sincere about marrying me, so he will not divorce me so easily.”

“Tsk…” Gu Beicheng sneered. “Let me tell you, as soon as Chi Rui’er reaches her hand out to him, he’ll embrace her and kick you out.”

Seeing that she was about to rebut again, he continued, “Whether I was right about what I said, see for yourself in the future.”

“Even if it were like that, I won’t regret it.” An Xiaoning raised her chin slightly. “I, An Xiaoning, can still live a brilliant life after leaving any man.”

Gu Beicheng started the engine. “Where are you going?”

“If you will, send me to my doorstep. The world outside is too dangerous — it’s best to stay at home to play with my dog.”

“You really have a dog at home?”

“Is that surprising?” An Xiaoning answered. “My husband bought it for me himself.”

“Surprising indeed.” He did not expect that Jin Qingyan — who hated cats and dogs — would compromise to this point. This woman was indeed not as simple as he had thought.

“Thank you for sending me home.”

“You are welcome. It’s all on you, for being so attractive.”

“Hope that I’ll never see you again…” An Xiaoning used her strength to slam the car door and strode towards her doorstep.

Gu Beicheng stared fixedly at her back and under his breath, said sternly, “No one has dared to talk to me like this, especially a woman.”

Meanwhile, in the residence of the Jin family.

Jin Qingyue placed her luggage aside, immediately plopped down on the sofa, and said to her mother beside her, “Mother, what happened to my brother, why is he getting married suddenly? Moreover, it’s someone who is remarrying! I’m puzzled.”

“Don’t see your sister-in-law as just a remarried woman — she is pretty formidable. Don’t look down on her. Besides, your brother is fine with it, so don’t add any trouble,” Mrs. Jin grabbed the fruit knife and started peeling an apple.

“Originally, brother wanted to marry sister Rui’er, but Grandma was so adamant against it and said she was not presentable enough, but this divorcee is presentable? I really don’t understand.”

“Can Rui’er be compared to your sister-in-law? She was with your brother but was still involved with that illegitimate child from the Gu family — could your Grandmother let her marry your brother?” As she spoke of this, Mrs. Jin shifted the subject to her. “I spoke to your Father. After your brother gets married, don’t leave the country anymore, stay right at home — it’s not like you are completing your studies overseas, so why run around all the time?”

“I like living overseas. Tthere’s no restraint, and I have my freedom. At home, I have to be disciplined by all of you about every small little thing.” Jin Qingyue frowned her eyebrows. “Mother, I’m an adult already, can all of you stop controlling me all the time?”

“Right. Because you are an adult now, your father and I can’t allow you to behave like this anymore. Now that you’re back, you’re not allowed to go anywhere. Stay right at home — after your brother’s wedding, your father and I ought to worry about yours. With so many talented young men available, you ought to choose wisely. For instance, Tianze is a good catch. Your father and I watched him grow up. We know his roots and everything about him.”

“Who?” Jin Qingyue widened her eyes. “Long Tianze? He’s a playboy. I don’t fancy him — even if you give him to me, I wouldn’t want it.”

“You brat, every rich boy has some flaws here and there. After getting married, they’ll become more serious. Also, don’t think your Mother doesn’t know, Tianze has always liked you. Last time when you were around at home, he came over all the time. He even grew up with your brother. If you and he get together, our whole family can rest assured.” Mrs. Jin passed the peeled apple over to her. “Take it.”

“Mother, can you stop mentioning him?”

As soon as she finished speaking, a voice from across sounded. “What about me?”

Mrs. Jin grinned and got up. “Tianze is here, both of you talk, I’m going back in.”

Long Tianze went through the doorway and walked towards the sofa. “Jin Qingyue, after going overseas for a period of time and seeing all kinds of foreigners, do you not fancy local men anymore?”

“So what?” Jin Qingyue looked at him coldly. “Next time, if I’m at home, can you stop coming over all the time? Now my mother thinks that you’re devoted to me to such an extent.”

“Hey, hey, little girl, can you think before you speak? I’m devoted to you? Stop dreaming, who would fancy you.”

Jin Qingyue’s face went dark. “Then what are you doing in my house? The moment I come back, you come over — what do you mean by this?”

“I’m not even here to find you.” He folded his hands in his pocket and turned around. “There are so many girls willing to go out with me — I make them tired every day — even their kidneys get weak.”