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“And then…”

“Then I saw Gu Beicheng help you wrap your scarf properly.” Jin Qingyan said in a low voice, “I really can’t stand the sight of him. Don’t you let him touch one finger of yours next time.”

“Hubby…” She turned around to look at him. “Are you really that petty?”

“He harbors other thoughts about you,” he said frankly. “As long as a thing or person belongs to me, he’s interested in it.”

“I’m already married to you, I don’t think he’ll covet a married woman.” An Xiaoning changed the topic, “Do you want to bathe?”

“Yes, let’s bathe together.”

“I’ll run the water.” She turned and headed towards the bathroom. Her originally neutral face had brightened up. Wasn’t this a sign that he cared about her? She loved this feeling so much.

For two consecutive nights, Byron did not return home to sleep. She called him, only to find out that he had gone out of the country for business.

Mo Li could not help but overthink. She could not sleep at night and wandered about in the courtyard alone.

She stopped in her tracks when she heard a few whispering sounds.

“What do you know, our Prince did not return these two nights because he was staying elsewhere! Although we’re forbidden from spreading this, but that night, when the Princess Consort was abducted, I heard it was done by another man. Think about it, he’s not even coming back at night now, something’s bound to happen soon.”

“That’s true. Although maybe the Princess Consort wasn’t a willing party, she still made a cuckold of him.”

“That’s right. From what I see, this Princess Consort cannot be compared to the previous one. I thought they were deeply in love and would get back together again. Who would have thought that the Prince would marry this foreign woman? How perplexing.”

“Alright, alright, let’s just keep this between ourselves. Be sure not to leak this out. Let’s go, we should go back and sleep.”


The sound of footsteps faded away. Mo Li stood there, her whole body frozen in shock.

It was impossible for her not to take it to heart.

If it was before marriage, then it would have been different.

She knew indeed that she was a disgrace to him as his wife. She was aware of her own limitations.

As she walked back in, she decided to go to the house her mother was living in.


“Li Li, why aren’t you asleep?” Mrs. Mo sat up as she asked her.

She sat at the side of her bed and replied, “Mom, I feel like getting a divorce.”

Mrs. Mo widened her eyes and exclaimed in a raised voice, “What did you say? Don’t say such silly things, you’ve only been married for a few days. Moreover, if you divorce, you’ll be falling into Ye Xiaotian’s trap! You’re fine now, but if you really get divorced, you’ll never be able to shake off Ye Xiaotian!”

“But, I feel like I’ve done wrong towards Byron.”

“I know you’re a kind child, but this was not what you wanted either. If it wasn’t for Ye Xiaotian…” While mentioning Ye Xiaotian, Mrs. Mo suddenly burst into anger. “Oh, he really ruined your whole life!”

Mo Li said as she lowered her head, “I’ve thought about ending my life once and for all. But, Mom, I know I’m still so young. Death is not the solution to anything.”

Mrs. Mo held onto her hand. “Li Li, Mom would be so devastated if you were to die. Don’t do something silly, everything will all pass.”

She nodded. “Byron is a good person. Now I feel that I did not grab hold of a life-saving straw but dragged it into the waters instead. Mom, if I were to make the choice to divorce in the future, please don’t blame me.”

Mrs. Mo nodded. “I’ve never blamed you. Li Li, Mom hopes for you to be well and fine and, furthermore, for Ye Xiaotian to disappear from this earth. Without him, you will not be in this state now.”

“Where’s Dad?”

“In the bathroom.”

“I’ll go back to sleep now.” She got up and left her mother’s room. Mo Li looked up and gazed at the pitch-black night sky, sighing helplessly in her heart. Her hopes and efforts came to nothing in the end.

“Ring, ring…”

Just as she got back to the bedroom, her phone on the table rang.

She answered it. “Hello.”

“Hearing your voice, you’ve not gone to bed yet?” Byron’s voice on the other end was low and deep.

“You’re not back, so I can’t seem to sleep.” Mo Li asked, “When will you return?”

“Tomorrow.” His tone was exceptionally gentle. “Be good. When you wake up in the morning, I’ll be at home.”

“Mmm, okay. Goodnight.”


She ended the call and laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling, tears flowing down her cheeks as she laughed.

She really could not bear to hurt a man who was truly good to her.

After all, she was the source of all these mistakes. She was the cause of everything; he had nothing to do with it.

“Knock, knock, knock. Sis, are you asleep?” From outside the door came her brother’s voice.

“Not yet.” She got off the bed to open the door. Mo Xun was standing at the doorway and passed his phone for her to see. “Sis, look at this.”

Mo Li took it. It was a web page of a news report. The title read: ” Ye Xiaotian assassinated, life and death uncertain. 

The corner of her lips curled into a smile as she passed the phone back to him. “How great,” she remarked.

Mo Xun said lightly, “Sis, you still have me and our parents, as well as Brother Tianze. All of us wish for you to be well and happy. Go to sleep now. I’ll leave.”


After closing the door, Mo Li leaned back against it. There was a voice in her heart saying to her: “Hopefully, he’s dead. Please die, die, die…”

Ye Xiaotian was assassinated not long after he returned to the country.

This incident caused a huge commotion; even the international media continued to spread news about it.

According to the media, Ye Xiaotian was stabbed by the assassin, and there was more than one of them.

What made people very curious was who was behind this incident. Compared to that, what people were even more curious to find out was why Ye Xiaotian had told the maids around him not to call the police before he went into a coma.

Almost the whole of the Ye family set out to the hospital, and there were media reporters waiting on the roads, awaiting the latest news.

Bai Ranran and Sun Weiwei had rushed to the hospital upon hearing the news as well.

At the hospital corridor, there were a whole bunch of people crowding.

Mr. and Mrs. Ye, who were Ye Xiaotian’s direct family, took the greatest blow. They could only pray inside for Ye Xiaotian to make it through this hurdle.

Gu Beicheng had also rushed over in a hurry. He knew Ye Xiaotian had gone to Y Nation and that it had something to do with Mo Li. Not long after his return, he was attacked.

It was definitely under Byron’s orders.

It was the clearest fact of this matter. He wondered if he had done something to Mo Li for Byron to get people to kill him.

The operation went on for a very long time.

With the full cooperation of the doctors, Ye Xiaotian was saved from the brink of death.

It was clear how professional the hired killer was, to be able to get past his men and attack him. Such skills were indeed formidable.

As the doctors and nurses wheeled him out, everyone around shouted agitatedly, “Xiaotian!”

Mrs. Ye even burst out into tears uncontrollably.

Ye Xiaotian was wheeled into the VIP ward directly. Other than his closest family members, outsiders were not allowed.

Gu Beicheng inquired about his condition from the doctor and heard that Ye Xiaotian was stabbed in his vital organs. Luckily, Ye Xiaotian was wearing a special bulletproof clothing, which helped him to escape death. If he had not worn it, he would have died on the spot.

Bai Ranran’s eyes were all swollen and red. At the side of his hospital bed, she held onto Ye Xiaotian’s hand tightly.

Sun Weiwei was extremely upset too. But she could only watch from a corner and could not do anything at all.