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A roomful of people stayed the night over except for Gu Beicheng and Sun Weiwei.

In the wee hours, Sun Weiwei had just stepped into the ward when Ye Xiaotian woke up.

“Son, you’re awake?” Mrs. Ye asked gently, tears brimming in her eyes.

“Umm… did you not sleep… the whole night? Get everyone to go back to rest, I’m fine,” he managed to say while bearing the pain. His face did not look very good, and even speaking required an overwhelming effort for someone like him who had been stabbed multiple times.

“Alright. Tell the doctor if you are in any discomfort, okay?”

He nodded.

Since he had woken up, the whole of the Ye family could finally rest assured. Having not slept for one night, they all went back to rest. But no matter how they persuaded Bai Ranran to go back, she refused to leave.

“Ranran, be good. Go back to rest.”

“Let me stay with you for a while more, you just woke up.” Bai Ranran held onto his hand and refused to let go of it. “Xiaotian, why did you refuse to make a police report?”

“The police wouldn’t be able to catch them anyway. Moreover, they have some powerful backing. It’s useless.” Actually, the real reason was that if the police were to intervene, they would be able to trace it to Byron. Once this happens, the news would play this up into a hot topic for discussion.

When Gu Beicheng entered the ward, there were only a few people in sight.

“All of you can go back, just let him stay here,” Ye Xiaotian instructed them.

Bai Ranran was really too sleepy as well, so she stood up and gave up her seat to Gu Beicheng.

“Why do you look so serious?” Although Ye Xiaotian was already in a bad state, his expression still exuded a unique aura which was indelible.

Seeing that everyone had gone out, Gu Beicheng took one look at the way the IV drip was hung and locked the door of the ward from inside. He then went back to his bedside.

“This was really done by Byron?”

“Umm…” As the effects of the anesthetic had worn off, he then started to groan in pain. “Just now, when they were around, I didn’t feel comfortable to show the pain. But it really hurts so bad, my gosh. The pain is really killing me.”

Gu Beicheng rolled his eyes at him. “Serves you right if you die from the pain. What did you go to Y Nation for? Mo Li is already married, why can’t you just let her go?”

“But, Beicheng…” He took a deep breath. “I feel that without her around, it’s so hard to bear. Do you know this feeling?”

Gu Beicheng already knew that Mo Li was of significant importance to him, although he always denied it on the surface.

“You still want her back?”

Ye Xiaotian looked down in despair. “I’ve already said, as long as she divorces Byron and comes back to me, I’ll treat her well.”

“Who’ll believe that?” Gu Beicheng shook his head. “Sorry, but even I don’t believe that.”

“Are you not my good buddy?”

“Because I’m your good buddy, I’ll tell you nothing but the truth! You’ve always treated her as your source of blood supply and gave her the cold treatment. For the littlest of things, you’ll flare up at her. It’d be weirder if she actually still believes you. She’s probably more than eager to hate you.”

Ye Xiaotian did not utter a single word. The painful expression on his face had changed. He looked beyond upset.

Seeing him in this state, Gu Beicheng felt sorry for him too. But he had no choice. This pain was something no one else could suffer for him. He had to go through it himself.

“My future in-laws, the reason we’re here today is to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage,” Mrs. Shi said. “Qingyue mentioned that it is a suitable time to discuss marriage already, so we came over.”

The smile on Mrs. Jin’s face turned stiff, yet she could not act up over the dissatisfaction she had inside.

“Auntie Zhang, go and get Sir and Qingyue.”


Mrs. Jin maintained her air as the woman of the household. Even though in her heart, she was very reluctant to meet the Shi family, she still kept a polite smile on her face. “Mr. and Mrs. Shi, please take a seat.”

The three from the Shi family sat down together, waiting for Mr. Jin and Qingyue to join them. Mrs. Shi then started, “These two kids really like each other a lot. Although our Shaochuan has gotten divorced once, his previous marriage with Xiaoning was set up by his grandfather. But Shaochuan and Qingyue are different, they fell in love themselves. When they get married in the future, they’ll lead a good life. Shaochuan is a good child, Qingyue will not suffer if she follows him.”

“Alright, you don’t have to burnish your son’s image. If our Qingyue marries Shaochuan, she would be marrying someone beneath her. This by itself is a huge disadvantage already. Let me say some ugly words upfront: my daughter has been spoiled since she was young. She’s more impatient and has a temper, she doesn’t listen to my husband and me either. If she marries into your family, please bear with anything which upsets you.”

Mrs. Jin was extremely forthright in her words. “Your previous daughter-in-law is now my daughter-in-law. All that she had suffered there is all in the past. If my daughter is treated badly at your household, the Jin family will not let the matter rest.”

“Mother, what suffering would I possibly face?” Jin Qingyue interjected.

Mrs. Jin glared at her. “You shut up. This marriage is what you insisted on. Remember this, since you chose this path, don’t ever shed a tear about it in the future!”

“I know. Thanks, Mother.” Jin Qingyue was in such a pleasant mood due to this successful talk about her marriage that even her words were coated with honey.

“In-law, we only have this son and daughter-in-law. We’ll naturally treat her very well, please rest assured. She’s a wife that was picked out by Shaochuan, so we definitely trust his judgement. When Qingyue comes to our house, she’ll be treated like our own daughter.” Mrs. Shi continued, “She’ll definitely not suffer at all. When Xiaoning was in our family, she didn’t suffer at all too. It’s just that her character was not a match with Shaochuan’s, so they could not maintain the marriage. Also, during her two years of marriage with Shaochuan, he never touched her at all. This is enough to speak for our Shaochuan’s character.”

Hearing such nonsense, Mrs. Jin could not help but comment, “Right, your son is of top-notch character. He ran down a pregnant woman and strangled her to death. You call that a good character?”

The looks on the Shi family’s faces turned ugly instantly. Shi Shaochuan all the more wanted to get out of that place immediately.

“Mother… stop it,” Jin Qingyue responded. “It’s all in the past right.”

Mrs. Shi gave an awkward but polite smile. “Yes, yes, yes. It’s all in the past already, let’s not dig it up. This money is for the bridal payment, there are bridal gifts outside too.”

It was a cheque for 8880000 yuan.

Mrs. Jin looked at Jin Qingyue and commented, “The bridal payment that your mother-in-law gave you, you can keep it yourself. We don’t want a cent of it.”

Jin Qingyue took the cheque from her.

“Then let’s discuss a date and arrange the wedding, how about that?”

“Don’t we want to arrange their engagement first?”

Mrs. Jin had just spoken when Jin Qingyue replied eagerly, “Mother, there’s no need for an engagement, we’ll just get married right away.”

Mrs. Jin did not expect that she was so eager to get married. This put her in a predicament for a moment.

“Then we’ll go along with what you said. It’s your marriage, you’ll decide for yourself.”

“This is the day we’ve picked. Please have a look, my in-laws. See which day you prefer and we’ll stick to that.” Mr. Shi placed the piece of red paper on the table. It had the dates written according to the Western and Chinese calendars.

Mr. Jin took one look and asked Jin Qingyue, “Which day do you prefer?”