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“Father, how about the 18th of February next year, let’s fix it on this date.”

“This is the nearest date, how about June the 6th,” Mrs. Jin suggested.

“It’s too hot in June, let’s just make it February 18th.” Jin Qingyue was bent on making it this date.

Mr. and Mrs. Jin exchanged looks and had no choice but to respect her decision.

The marriage was fixed just like that, and they were to wait until February 18th for the wedding to be held.

After the Shi family left, Mrs. Jin kept silent while Mr. Jin sat there smoking quietly.

The radiant joy on Jin Qingyue’s face also vanished. Looking at how her parents were acting, she sat opposite them and said, “Mother, Father, I chose this. I won’t regret it, even if we are unable to stay together until we’re old. I won’t blame anyone either.”

“Now I finally understand the significance of reading one’s fortune.” Mrs. Jin continued slowly, “Even if one knows what’ll happen in the future, one will think that they can overcome the will of God, and this allows whatever that is predestined to happen to be verified even more completely.”

Jin Qingyue did not speak for a moment, then she responded, “Mother, please stop saying these words. Your daughter is about to get married soon, you should take this time to prepare my dowry for me and let me get married off well and grandly.”

“What dowry, you can have this bridal payment and gifts. Bring them all back, they’ll be your dowry. I’ll just prepare a few blankets and clothes for you as well.”

“Alright.” Jin Qingyue looked at the cheque in her hand, her heart bursting with joy.

Compared to this side, the atmosphere in the car when the Shi family was going home was equally unpleasant.

“Look at that haughty attitude Qingyue’s mother had just now, like her daughter would be extremely aggrieved when she marries our Shaochuan. It’s her only daughter, but I only have this one son too! Just count the amount of money we’re spending for this marriage. Everything must be the best. When An Xiaoning married into our family, how little did it cost. Well, look now, the bridal gifts and payment are already ten times the amount we previously spent!” Mrs. Shi was obviously not very fond of Jin Qingyue. Her tone was poles apart from when she was at the Jin family.

Mr. Shi frowned. “Alright, the date has already been set. There’s no need to say all these. Moreover, when Qingyue marries into our family, it’ll naturally benefit our family a lot. The Jin family themselves are such an established household, we can’t compare to them, of course. Our in-law must have said that because of dissatisfaction over all the things Shaochuan has done. Not to forget, given Xiaoning’s relationship to our family, it’s already lucky that they agreed to the marriage. We shouldn’t complain.”

“Since there’s no one else here, Shaochuan, Mother will just say this straight-up: the temper that this daughter from the Jin family has is not ordinary. Her temperament is different from that of An Xiaoning’s. If you marry her, you can’t play around outside anymore, got that?”

“Yes, I know,” Shi Shaochuan replied. “Mother, this is my second marriage, and her family is more prestigious than ours. She’ll be marrying someone beneath her, how could I still play around outside after I marry her?”

“Umm, that’s good.”

When the news of Jin Qingyue’s marriage was passed on to Jin Qingyan, he only asked when the date was and nothing else, then he ended the call.

“What about February 18th?” Long Tianze asked as he raised his glass while leaning against the bar counter.

“The date of Qingyue’s marriage.”

Long Tianze’s hand froze, and he stared at him in shock. He could only utter one word, “What…”

“My mother called me to inform that the Shi family went to propose a marriage. The marriage has been fixed on February 18th next year.” Seeing that his face did not look good, Jin Qingyan patted his shoulder. “Tianze.”

He scanned his surroundings and drank the whole glass of wine in his hand. Then he touched on the matter lightly, “Well, that’s great. It’s a happy event. Congratulate her for me.”

Ling Ciye, who had yet to speak this whole time, finally said, “Brother Xiao Long, things are already in this state, you should go and confess. If it fails, it’s just a part of your youth. If it’s a success, it’ll be love. It’s already at this critical juncture, you should fight that rogue head-on.”

At this point, however, Long Tianze appeared unusually defeated. “You’ve also said that it’s already at this critical juncture, is there any point? It’s really unnecessary.”

“You won’t even try, how do you know it wouldn’t turn out well?”

Long Tianze darted a glance at him. “How many years have we known each other? It’s been so many years, you should be pretty clear how she’s like.”

“So what if I’m clear or not? Even if it leads to nowhere, you should put an end to it. You may know what the outcome would be, but you should still not let yourself have any regrets.”

Long Tianze thought of the time she made him fetch her: how her face had changed instantly after getting coaxed by Shi Shaochuan as she sat at the back of the car. He cracked a laugh as he mocked himself, “It’s not that I won’t go, but if there was a possibility, we would have been together already. It’s not like we’ve only known each for just a year or two.”

“Look, who’s that?” Ling Ciye stood up and placed the wine glass on the table, then walked towards his target.

Long Tianze and Jin Qingyan stood there looking at Ling Ciye talking to Jin Qingyue and Shi Shaochuan. The latter looked towards their direction too, and the three headed over.

Long Tianze’s hand was shaking slighting for some reason, and his heart felt like it was being crushed by a stone.

He knew there was no way he could salvage it. But as he looked at her smiling radiantly beside another man, how he wished he could use a brick to knock some sense into her.

“Congratulations,” Long Tianze said.

“Thank you, I hope it’s coming from your heart.” Jin Qingyue got two glasses of wine from the bartender. She passed one to Shi Shaochuan and took one for herself.

“You’re right.” Long Tianze sat on the chair at the side and had one knee stretched out. “How could these words possibly have come from my heart.”

“Oh…” Jin Qingyue rolled her eyes. “I knew it was like this.”

“Good cabbage has been stolen by the pig.” He poured out the wine in his wine glass on the floor and abruptly let go of the glass in his hand. The wine glass suddenly shattered into pieces onto the floor.

He said nothing more and got up, turning to leave.

“Long Tianze, you bastard!”

His footsteps did not stop and he went through the crowd, leaving the nightclub.

“Brother, did you hear what Long Tianze said? What ‘good cabbage has been stolen by the pig’? What a thing to say.”

“You shut up,” Jin Qingyan spouted out these three words coldly and left as well.

Ling Ciye broke into a smile momentarily. With both hands folded in his pocket, he looked at Jin Qingyue with his smiling face and whispered a few words in her ear. Jin Qingyue’s originally fuming face changed.

“Brother Ciye…”

Ling Ciye waved at her and replied, “Go back earlier, bye.”

Seeing that there was no one around now, Shi Shaochuan, who had been standing beside her all this while, then asked, “What did he whisper to you?”

Jin Qingyue shook her head and replied, “Nothing much, let’s go back.”

“Yueyue, what on earth did he say? I want to know.”

Jin Qingyue stared at the ground and started bursting into laughter suddenly. “Shaochuan. I knew it since long ago actually. Hahahaha!”


“Brother Ciye told me that Long Tianze has liked me for many years. Actually, I already knew that since long ago.”

Shi Shaochuan was taken aback. Thinking back to what Long Tianze had said just now, he was no longer angry anymore. After all, he would never get this woman before him, because she was his!

His heart was bursting with satisfaction which caused him to get carried away. He was easily able to gain something which others could not get. Was there anything more gratifying than this?