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Since the matter had implicated the Jin family, there was barely any conjecture on the news.

Too grief-stricken to have any proper meals, Mrs. Shi lost a significant amount of weight in just three days. Only after Mr. Shi had been lowered into the burial grounds did Shi Shaochuan hear about the process of his death from his Mother.

“Your Father was taking a bath when it happened. I got out of the bed to get him a towel like he had requested. Just as I was about to enter the bathroom, I heard a loud shriek coming from inside. By the time I entered, your father was already passed out on the ground,” Mrs. Shi explained.

After a few moments of silence, Shi Shaochuan answered, “Mother, Father may be gone, but you still have me. You have to stay strong for my sake.”

“I’m fine, it’s just a great blow to me. Go look after your Grandma, she’s advanced in years and may not be able to take such news well. Do try your best to comfort and console her,” said Mrs. Shi.



Mrs. Ye accompanied Ye Xiaotian in his hospital ward and fed him some porridge. He was still pale and feeble, although his condition had improved.

Bai Ranran had been visiting him almost every single day, and so had Sun Weiwei.

Bai Ranran detested the sight of her, however. “Miss Sun, you must be busy with all the acting and commercials you have to film. You don’t have to come every day, actually. Auntie and I are here to look after Xiaotian. Oh, and not to forget, there’s a nurse too,” Bai Ranran said smilingly, in a bid to get Sun Weiwei to stop showing up.

Being the marvellous actress she was, Sun Weiwei put on her superb acting skills and said in response, “Sis Ranran, Brother Xiaotian has always been treating me well. Now that he’s in such a state, it’s only right that I put my work aside and visit him, no matter how busy I may be. You should be the one resting though, Sis Ranran, you’re not exactly in the best state of health. Don’t be too hard on yourself, lest you make Brother Xiaotian worry about you, should you fall ill when you stretch yourself too thin.”

“That’s right, Ranran, you should really take good care of yourself and pay attention to your health,” Mrs. Ye agreed.

“Auntie, I don’t do anything strenuous when I come by to visit. Rest assured, it won’t be affecting my health,” Bai Ranran defended opposingly.

“Take good care of yourself, Ranran, I’m counting on you to bear me an adorable grandchild,” Mrs. Ye said with a smile.

Bai Ranran blushed shyly and glanced towards Ye Xiaotian, who was lying on the bed. He seemed to be his usual self.

Why does Mrs. Ye fancy this sickly woman too? How could she possibly bear any children at all, when she’s constantly being admitted to the hospital every other day?Sun Weiwei wondered to herself in puzzlement.

Even if she could successfully give birth to a child, it would definitely not be a healthy baby.

“Xiaotian, do you still want any porridge?” Mrs. Ye asked, placing the bowl onto the table.

“No, Mother. You guys don’t have to come here to look after me every single day. You can go ahead with whatever you have to do,” Ye Xiaotian answered.

“You silly child. Alright, since you’re looking rather fine now, I shall drop by in the afternoon instead.”


“Let’s leave together and let Ranran accompany Xiaotian,” Mrs. Ye stood up as she said this to Sun Weiwei.

“Alright,” Sun Weiwei agreed reluctantly. Deep down, she did not want to leave at all and instead wanted to spend some time with Ye Xiaotian alone. However, it would be inappropriate for her to turn down Mrs. Ye, and thus, she had no choice but to leave as well.

Ye Xiaotian and Bai Ranran were left alone with each other in the ward.

Tugging at Ye Xiaotian’s hand, she said, “Xiaotian, let’s go have our wedding photos taken once you’ve fully recovered. We’ll settle on the wedding gown and suit then as well. I want to marry you as soon as possible.”

“You’re so eager to become Mrs. Ye, huh?” he said with a smirk.

“Of course. I can’t wait to marry you. Although we’re set to get married in August next year, I’m thinking of changing it to an earlier date. I really don’t want to wait any longer,” Bai Ranran answered.

“Sure, you call the shots.”

“How about March instead? It’ll be springtime, the flowers would’ve bloomed and the weather would be perfect.”

“Sure, that sounds great. Do discuss the details with my Mother, and ponder over where you’d like to get the wedding gowns and attire. I’ll leave all matters regarding the wedding to you, my bride-to-be. What do you think of that?”

“My thoughts, exactly,” she said with a radiant smile, beaming with happiness.

“But, remember not to wear yourself out. I’ll punish you if you stretch yourself too thin,” warned Ye Xiaotian.

“I know my limits, I’m not that weak, alright? By the way, please don’t get Sun Weiwei to accompany me again. Don’t you know that the last thing women want is the company of another female?” Bai Ranran said adoringly.

“Why? It’s not like you’re rivals in love.”

“Who said we’re not? I think Sun Weiwei harbors some feelings for you,” said Bai Ranran as she straightened her back.

“I don’t have any designs on her, though. She’s always been like a younger sister to me. Don’t worry too much about it.”

“Xiaotian, that’s what you say about every woman you encounter. But I just have a nagging feeling that you’re keeping something from me. I actually feel really insecure,” Bai Ranran said softly, hanging her head low and fiddling with his fingers.

Ye Xiaotian reached a hand out to caress her face and reassured her, “Ranran, stop letting your imagination run wild. Aren’t we already getting married earlier, like you wanted?”

Bai Ranran nodded in agreement. “I’ll go look for Auntie later, then, to discuss the wedding matters.”

“Mm, alright. Pass my phone to me,” he instructed.

“I don’t think you should be fiddling with your phone in this state,” said Bai Ranran as she took his mobile phone out of the drawer and handed it to him.

“I’m just going to scroll through casually. You may go look for my Mother now.”

She rose from her seat and said, “Alright, I’ll call for the nurse to come in to tend to you.”

“Nah, that’s not necessary. There’s a call button here. I’ll press it when I need help, and they’ll make their way in here.”

“Well, I’ll make a move first then, Xiaotian.”

“Go ahead.”

Bai Ranran walked out of the door while Ye Xiaotian brought his phone up in front his face and began scrolling away at the “User Log” page. There was a function embedded in his mobile phone that would capture the fingerprints of every user who had touched the screen or launched any apps on his phone. It allowed him to know which information the people who had tampered with his phone were interested in finding out, although all the apps on his phone were secured with a security passcode.

The function displayed fingerprints belonging to two individuals, who had tapped on his “Call Log” and “Text Message History,” respectively.

Clearly, they had failed to unlock the app without knowing the passcode.

He had saved the fingerprints of the people close to him in his mobile phone. Thus, the names of the users to whom those fingerprints belonged to would be displayed.

The two sets of fingerprints had belonged to Bai Ranran and Sun Weiwei.

He then went on to search for the latest news online.

However, after browsing through the news for a while, he did not find anything that caught his attention.

He searched Byron’s name, but again, he did not manage to find anything new.

Just as he was clicking on the “Home” button, his mobile phone slipped out of his hand and fell, right smack on the middle of his face with a thud. The sudden impact caused Ye Xiaotian to grimace in immense pain. He gave his face a few rubs before placing his mobile phone onto the table.

Ye Xiaotian was all by himself in the room, which was dead silent, all thanks to the extraordinary soundproofing mechanism of the special ward. It indeed cannot be compared to that of regular wards.

Ye Xiaotian shut his eyes gently for a little while before opening them again.

He recalled the assassin’s words over and over again in his head: “If you’re still alive, then bear this in mind. If you ever dare to lay a hand on Her Highness again, your Mother and fiancé will be subjected to the same treatment, accordingly.”


It was exceptionally windy in the evening.

Chi Rui’er gave Jin Qingyan a call, claiming that she had to see him urgently to divulge a huge secret.

Jin Qingyan turned up at her house, like she had asked.

He entered through the door, only to be greeted with the sight of Chi Rui’er sitting at the table, on which there was a sumptuous spread for a candlelit dinner.

It seemed she had been waiting for him to arrive before tucking in.

“I’ve already had my dinner,” he said, taking a seat opposite her.

“You’ve already eaten? Well, just watch me eat then, will you?” she said in response while pouring him a glass of red wine.

“What is it that you wanted to tell me? Stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point,” asked Jin Qingyan, cutting to the chase.