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“That’ll be great, many celebrities are dying to be on the headlines. They even resort to bribery while I get to make it so effortlessly. What’s not to rejoice about?” he said, making a joke of his near-death experience.

Infuriated, An Xiaoning walked towards him and placed the cup of tea onto the table as she looked down at him. “Your dearest lover is here at our place, covered in nothing except a blanket. Care to go have a look?” she said sarcastically, towering over him.

“Do you think she still deserves to be my lover, after all that she had done?” he answered, looking up at her.

“She didn’t kill you though, all she did was spike your drink. At most, you would die of kidney failure, should you have overdosed on the drug. She merely stripped all your clothes off you and laid naked in bed with you. She just warned that she would be replacing me as your wife, that’s all. No big deal. Jin Qingyan, I’m so impressed by your marvellous taste in women, I take my hat off to you,” An Xiaoning sneered angrily.

Despite being extremely disappointed in Chi Rui’er, Jin Qingyan still managed to bring himself to smile as he said in response, “Of course, how could I have possibly married you if I had poor taste in women? No one can beat me when it comes to choosing women.”

An Xiaoning’s anger vanished upon hearing his sweet talk. She removed her slippers, crawled onto the bed, and snuggled underneath the blanket. “This matter has greatly infuriated me,” she said with her eyes fixed on him.

Trying to change the subject, Jin Qingyan held her hand and said, “Your hand is so cold, let Hubby keep you warm.”

“Did you hear me? I said this matter had greatly infuriated me,” she repeated.

“Of course I heard you, I’m not deaf. I knew you’ve been suppressing your anger and you’re only venting it all out right now. It’s not good for women to be angry, it’s going to be detrimental to your lady parts. No matter what it is, we’ll just settle it tomorrow morning. Let’s just go to sleep for now.”

“The fact that I was upset just goes to show that I still care about our marriage. You haven’t seen me when I’m exasperated, though.”

“Yes, honey, got it,” he said smilingly, trying to placate her.

An Xiaoning closed her eyes and snuggled up to him before falling asleep peacefully.

On the other hand, Chi Rui’er laid in bed, grabbing on tightly for dear life to the blanket she was covered in. Having nothing else to keep her warm besides the blanket, she shivered uncontrollably in the cold, freezing temperature because the heater of the room was switched off.

Not only was it exceptionally cold, it was also rather inconvenient to visit the washroom when she was stark naked.

Unable to hold in her bladder any longer, she cried for help, “Someone! I need to use the washroom!”

“Ms. Chi, just go ahead and visit the washroom if you have to. There’s one in the room,” said Xiaohuang, who had been keeping watch by the door.

“But there are surveillance cameras in the room, and I’m not wearing any clothes!”

“Well, you chose not to put on any yourself. It’s not our fault, we didn’t strip you naked.”

Distraught, she exclaimed, “Cut the crap, bring me some clothes!”

“You’ll have to wait while I go borrow a set of clothes for you, Ms. Chi,” said Xiaohuang. He had no choice but to look for a set of clothes for her in the middle of the night.

Upon receiving the set of clothes, Chi Rui’er criticized in disdain, “What kind of clothes are these? They reek of such a peculiar stench!”

“They belong to the cook. Everyone is asleep now, this is the only set I can find. Just make do with it.”

She had no choice but to quickly put on the set of clothes from beneath the blanket before zooming towards the washroom to relieve nature’s call.

She then removed the clothes again after she was finished with her business. She would rather be naked than spend another minute in those clothes.

All hopes of becoming his lawful wife had diminished, as Chi Rui’er’s plan had been foiled. On top of that, she had also been taken to this hell hole, wherein she was held in purgatory, causing her to be enraged and flabbergasted.

Extremely certain that Jin Qingyan would never treat her like a prisoner, she waited all night for daybreak, in hopes that he would release her as soon as he woke up.

After a sleepless night of lying in bed, wrapped under the blanket, Chi Rui’er finally made it until dawn.

However, no one had come forth to open the door.

“Is your Young Sir awake?” she yelled.

There was no response.

“Is there anyone outside?”


Just as she was filling with rage, Xiaohuang began to speak from outside the door, “Young Sir was home long ago, though I’m unaware if he’s awake yet.”

“Oh,” said Chi Rui’er, hugging her knees and resting her head upon them.

With that, she continued to wait.


Mei Yangyang was just getting ready to leave for work when she was greeted with the sight of Long Tianze’s car at her doorstep upon opening the door.

“When did you arrive?” she asked in surprise.

“Moments ago. I’m here to send you to work.”

“Sure, saves me the hassle of taking the crowded public transport,” she said as she hopped inside his car.

Long Tianze reached a hand out to buckle the safety belt around her before beginning to drive slowly.

“Have you got any plans for the future?”

“I plan to make a ton of money.”

“Do you have any dreams and aspirations?” Long Tianze continued to ask.

“Dreams can only be realized when you have a roof over your head and your meals are taken care of. I used to have some, but my family’s plight has forced me to give them up. I’ve stopped thinking about my dreams ever since I stepped into the working world.”

“Then tell me, what aspirations did you use to have?”

“In hindsight, they were indeed rather far-fetched. I’m too shy to talk about it,” she said coyly, appearing a little embarrassed.

“C’mon, it doesn’t matter.”

“I used to dream of being a teacher when I was younger, but when I was in middle school, I aspired to become a celebrity. Such wishful thinking on my part,” she said, blushing in embarrassment.

Long Tianze glanced towards her and said in response, “Do you know which industry I’m working in?”

“Aren’t you the owner of Night Genie Bar?”

“You’ve read about me online but you’ve never actually searched for my wikipedia page? Try searching it,” he said, chuckling.

Mei Yangyang quickly whipped out her phone and searched for his name online. She then began perusing the information on his wikipedia page carefully, her eyes glued onto the screen, all focused and engrossed.

“Oh, you’re actually the owner of Yingshi Advertisement and Entertainment Productions?” she asked in astonishment.

“Little lass, you’re the first girl I’ve ever courted.”

Mei Yangyang was filled with joy as she let out a soft hum of approval.

Long Tianze returned to his office after dropping her off at the entrance of the clothing store.

Having arrived at the carpark of the office building, Long Tianze alighted from the car and began walking towards the entrance while buttoning up his suit.

Just as he was walking through the turnstile, his secretary quickly reported to him, “Mr. Long, a problem occurred with the advertisement team.”

“Tell me about it.”

“The main issue is that the spokesperson, Song Yan, had been making several absurd and unreasonable requests. We’ve already signed the contract with the client, and we may have to risk breaching the terms of contract if she still refuses to start filming and cause us to fail to produce the advertisement within the stipulated time.”

Taking a look at the time on his wristwatch, Long Tianze said, “Now that she’s famous, she’s definitely going to be putting on airs, without a doubt. What requests have she made so far?”

“She requested for the proposal of the advertisement to be drafted according to the way she preferred. She also mentioned that the white dress had made her look chubby, and thus, she refused to wear it. She’s really given a long list of problems.”

“We can’t change the storyline to the way she prefers it to be, since it had already been decided long ago. Has she arrived on set?”

“Yes, she’s idling about inside.”

Long Tianze stepped inside the elevator and arrived at the filming set shortly after.

Upon his arrival, everyone on set quickly began greeting him, one after another. Long Tianze walked towards Song Yan, who had also risen from her seat, and said smilingly, “Ms. Song, my secretary has just informed me of the requests you’ve made. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we can’t make the relevant changes.”

“But I think it doesn’t fit well with my image, and there are also an entire string of issues with it. Mr. Long, we’ve yet to even begin filming, and you’re already so adamant about making changes. How are we going to proceed with the shoot, then?”