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An Xiaoning could sense from his tone that he was utterly disappointed.

Thus, she said with a smirk, “Well, but I’m not going to refund you the money that had been meant to cover the expenses of the honeymoon trip, which you’ve transferred to my bank account previously.”

“I’m not going to make you return it, money face,” he replied, giving her a pinch on her nose.

“Sure, since it’ll be a free trip for me, why not? Hmm, where would you like to visit?”

“I should be asking you that. Is there anywhere you’d like to go?”

“I’d like to go somewhere warmer, it’s too cold here.”

“Alright, I got it. Aren’t you going out? Hurry along, quick,” he said with a smile.

She nodded and proceeded to the garage to get her car. “Has Chi Rui’er left?” she asked Fan Shixin as she approached the gate.

“Yes, she has already left. Young Sir has said some relentless things to her, and he also mentioned that he would be staying out of her life from now on,” Fan Shixin blurted.

An Xiaoning was slightly surprised by what she had just heard, for she did not expect things to come to this, especially since he had once loved Chi Rui’er so dearly. It was no wonder that he had asked her to go on a honeymoon trip. Could it be that he wanted to take his mind off things? she thought to herself.

An Xiaoning felt that everything that had happened was worthwhile, for it had allowed him to finally see Chi Rui’er’s true colors.

“Alright. It’s been hard on you, Chief Fan.”

“Not at all, it’s only part of my duty. Drive safe, Young Madam,” said Fan Shixin, retreating backwards.


An Xiaoning drove out through the gate. She turned the music on in the car and began driving merrily, perhaps because she was in high spirits.

An Xiaoning felt a strong urge to give Chi Rui’er another tight slap across her face at the thought of the misdeeds the latter had committed. What a wretched troublemaker indeed.

“Have you guys had your breakfast?” asked An Xiaoning upon arriving at the store.

“Not yet.”

“What would you like to eat? I’ll go buy it for you,” said An Xiaoning, putting down her bag and getting ready to leave.

“I’ll go instead. Have a seat, Sis Xiaoning, you just arrived,” Zhang Li quickly interjected.

“Alright, go ahead,” An Xiaoning agreed as she handed her some money.

After Zhang Li left, Xu Jingwen handed the accounts book and sales profits to An Xiaoning. “Sis Xiaoning, here’s yesterday’s makings.”

“Okay,” said An Xiaoning, who began flipping through the pages and scrutinizing the content.

“Um… Sis Xiaoning, is Sis Yangyang going to be absent today?” asked Xu Jingwen, standing beside her.

“She won’t be coming today, she’s still busy with her own matters.” An Xiaoning looked up at her and continued, “Do you and Zhang Li need extra help?”

“No, we can handle everything by ourselves perfectly. A man was here to pick Sis Yangyang up when she left yesterday, is he her boyfriend?” Xu Jingwen asked smilingly.

After a moment of silence, An Xiaoning answered chuckling, “He’s not her boyfriend yet, but he will be, soon enough.”

“Soon enough?”

“Yeah, he’s wooing Yangyang.”

Xu Jingwen was dumbfounded by her words. Someone from such a poor family like Mei Yangyang ought to agree to being Long Tianze’s girlfriend right away, especially since he is rather good-looking. She’s going to regret it when he runs out of patience, she thought.

“Sis Xiaoning, will you set me up with someone, when the opportunity arrives?” she asked coaxingly, giving An Xiaoning a shoulder massage.

Feeling a little uneasy, An Xiaoning answered, “Jingwen, don’t massage my shoulders, I’m not comfortable with it. I don’t actually know that many men who are single and available. Besides, I think you should be choosing a suitable partner based on your personal preferences.”

Despite being tactfully turned down by An Xiaoning, Xu Jingwen did not give up and instead continued to speak, “I know, but after seeing so many couples in love, I really want to have a relationship of my own too. Unfortunately, all the men I know just really don’t make the cut. Thus, I’d like to find a better partner.”

Having understood what she meant, An Xiaoning advised, “Jingwen, I think the most important quality you should seek in a man is the way he treats you. The most charming thing a man can do is to genuinely treat you well. Appearance is only secondary.”

“You’re right, Sis Xiaoning. Good looks are the first thing people look out for these days, especially those of our generation, who value appearance over personality. I don’t think I’d be willing to date a hideous man, even if he treats me really well.”

An Xiaoning nodded in agreement. After all, she indeed agreed to get together with Jin Qingyan because he was good-looking. However, he had his flaws too, his dashing good looks notwithstanding.

“You’re still so young and beautiful, you can take your time to find a suitable partner. I’m sure it won’t be difficult for you to find one whom you’re pleased with.”

“I think so too,” said Xu Jingwen, overjoyed at the compliment An Xiaoning had given her.

An Xiaoning shot her a smile and did not utter another word.


After an entire day of receiving instructions on set the day before, it was time for Mei Yangyang’s makeover — she put on some makeup and changed into a long white dress, which made her look gorgeous.

Her long and black cascading locks were straightened with the hair straightener.

She was perfectly suited for a shampoo commercial, especially with her photogenic, doll-like looks.

The filming director was extremely pleased with her appearance as well.

There was also a great chemistry between her and the supporting male model, thus allowing for a smooth filming process, which required only three takes.

After filming the video, they proceeded to take photos for the advertisement.

After an arduous day of moving about and changing poses, the petite Mei Yangyang was practically exhausted. Fortunately, the shooting had ended by 8 o’clock in the evening.

Unlike his usual habit of only viewing the end product, Long Tianze had stayed on set throughout the entire process of filming.

He had made an exception today just to watch Mei Yangyang in action.

After changing into her own clothes, Mei Yangyang walked towards him and said, “How do you think I did?”

“You did great,” he said, giving her a thumbs up.


“Yes, really.” Long Tianze then slid her a white envelope and said, “Here’s your pay.”

“I’m getting paid so soon?” said a surprised Mei Yangyang as she took the envelope from his hand.

“By rights, it would take at least a few days for the payment to be processed, even for A-listers and top celebrities. Some are paid only after the final advertisement is released. Actually, the commercial you just filmed has yet to undergo post-production; neither has it been confirmed with the client that you would be starring in it. So, you’re not actually supposed to get paid yet. But, since you’re mine, I’ll pay you in advance,” he said with a smirk.

Mei Yangyang knew that he would’ve paid her well, although she did not check how much money there was in the envelope. “Thank you,” she quickly thanked him with a bow.

Before she could even straighten her back, Long Tianze pulled her by her hoodie and said jokingly, “Who said you had to thank me? I’m hungry, let’s head to my place and fix me a meal.”

“Alright. Hold on for a while, I need to use the Ladies’,” she said delightedly.

“I’ll wait for you outside.”

She nodded and zoomed towards the washroom happily.

Sitting atop the toilet bowl, Mei Yangyang opened the white envelope which contained a cheque. The number of zeroes written on it had shocked her greatly.

“200 thousand dollars.”

200 thousand dollars for just two days’ worth of filming? Besides, she was just a newcomer who barely knew anything.

Her monthly salaries had always been only a few thousand dollars, ever since she stepped into the working world. It was not until she started working for An Xiaoning that she had begun earning more.

However, it had never once occurred to her that she would ever earn 200 thousand dollars in just two days.

Reminded of the fact that she could now afford to send her Mother for treatments at the hospital, she carefully slid the cheque back into the envelope. She then placed the envelope inside a pocket of her quilt parka, where she usually kept her money, zipping it fully before exiting the washroom.

As soon as she got on the car, she said, “I just took a look at the cheque. Am I overpaid?”

“Based on the fact that you have no experience in filming and shooting, I’ve indeed paid you the highest price we can offer. However, you would be paid more than 200 thousand dollars, if the client accepts the commercial and there’s an increase in sales. Do you understand what I mean?” answered Long Tianze as he strapped the safety belt across her.