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“Gu Beicheng! Businessmen like you are all despicable, quit being a hypocrite! You’re actually turning down such a great opportunity to get back at Jin Qingyan. Are you out of your mind?” Chi Rui’er hollered, beginning to feel flustered.

“Chi Rui’er, I know exactly what it is you’re after. But I won’t ever resort to such lowly and despicable means. I may be on bad terms with Jin Qingyan, but that’s none of your business. Don’t forget, An Xiaoning is a member of my family,” Gu Beicheng bellowed sternly.

“A member of your family? You’re not even close to your biological family, let alone a sister who’s not even related to you by blood.”

“Don’t you know when to keep your mouth shut and to mind your words? No wonder you’re getting denser. Get lost,” he said with a squint.

Chi Rui’er gritted her teeth and turned around to leave, fists clenched.

She had initially expected to gain the support of Gu Beicheng. However, to her dismay, her plan did not work out.

While on her way back from the Gu Corporation building, she decided to visit another hospital for a checkup.

Yet, the outcome was all the same — she may not be able to get pregnant again after aborting this child.

She began to recall her previous abortion, which had required two surgeries due to there still being remnants of the fetal tissue after the first surgery. As a result, her womb was greatly damaged after sustaining serious injuries from the second surgery.

She began to feel sad and upset at the thought of the traumatic experience.

She had always thought that abortions and miscarriages would not be detrimental. Little did she expect to be struck by an unfortunate event such as this.

Chi Rui’er refused to accept her fate.

She stormed off and headed home angrily.

In a moment of pique, she threw a fit and began smashing everything she could get her hands on in the living room.

Panting, she plonked herself down onto the couch as she burst into tears of agony.

She knew that spilling the beans about this matter to the media would not do her any good, given the powerful status of the Jin family and the fact that Long Tianze was involved in the entertainment industry. Besides, Ling Ciye was also a member of the mafia and triads, which were rather fearsome. Without having someone as influential as Gu Beicheng to back her up, no one would believe a word she said.

However, her main concern was actually the fact that she did not have a backup plan, in the event that An Xiaoning orders for her to be nabbed. By then, she would be in an even sorrier state.

After sitting on the couch for a long while, she whipped out her phone again and began browsing through the latest news.

“Major changes in Cabinet of A City: Reshuffle of staff made across all positions, including Mayor, Secretary, Police Headquarters, Courts, etc.” The head of the Police Headquarters was replaced by Xu Yang, a handsome man in his thirties who looked suave and dashing in a policeman uniform, based on the photograph attached to the news report.

The breaking news of the sudden and major reshuffle made the headlines of news and media reports, and the topic went viral across the nation.

It caused an uproar among netizens as they began discussing it fervently on various platforms online. In conclusion, A City was going through a drastic political change.

Chi Rui’er proceeded to refresh the webpage, only to see that another piece of news had made the headlines.

Chi Rui’er’s heart was about to explode out of her chest.

The title of the news read: ” Newly appointed Bureau Chief of the Police Headquarters makes a trip down to the home of the Jin family personally, in a bid to request for An Xiaoning’s assistance in ongoing investigations for a tough case. 

Reading on, it was reported that An Xiaoning was capable of fortune-telling and providing highly accurate predictions.

There was a variance of both positive and negative responses in the comments section.

Some netizens felt that An Xiaoning would not bother embroiling herself in the arduous investigations, for she was the mistress of the wealthy Jin family — which meant she lived a life of luxury, with an endless amount of money to spend, and could practically do whatever she wanted. It would go to show how truly capable she was if she were to agree to assist in the investigations.

However, there were also some who felt that An Xiaoning would not make the cut, despite being a wealthy man’s wife who was capable of fortune-telling. After all, she did not graduate from police training school, nor did she undergo any professional training in investigating cases. Her mere ability to read fortunes does not necessarily make her qualified. Besides, there were many other fortune-tellers out there, apart from her.

Meanwhile, others had felt from an objective viewpoint that while there was indeed an abundance of fortune-tellers, the ones who were truly capable were few and far in between. Many who claim to be fortune-tellers were in fact swindlers who knew nothing. Thus, An Xiaoning must really be something, for the police to have decided to engage her help. It would reflect badly on the police, otherwise.

Chi Rui’er locked her phone screen as soon as she read the news, clearly infuriated at the fact that An Xiaoning was stealing the limelight and enjoying every benefit there was. What’s the big deal about being good at fortune-telling?she thought to herself in disgruntlement.

However, she was, in fact, green with envy.

She was determined to destroy An Xiaoning, no matter what it takes!


An Xiaoning glanced at the newly appointed Bureau Chief of the Police Headquarters, who seemed to be in his late thirties. He looked suave and refined while also exuding a formidable aura.

“Hello, Mrs. Jin. Oh, you’re here too, Mr. Jin. I suppose you’ve already heard about this from Bureau Chief Pan. This being the capital of S Nation, the government has imposed strict regulations on investigations in recent years, making it mandatory for us to follow up on every case until it is officially closed. However, there are some cases which date back to a long, long time ago, and we may not be able to recover enough evidence. The ones we could find were mostly too vague as well. It’s almost the new year, and we’ve received a steep increase in the number of cases filed. Upon orders from the government, we’ve decided to seek help from individuals with extraordinary powers, like yourself. Bureau Chief Pan has told me that you’re still considering whether or not to join us in the investigations. Now that I’ve become the newly appointed Chief, may I ask that you let me know of your decision, Mrs. Jin?”

“Well, I was waiting for a reshuffle during the time I took to consider. To be honest, we’ve heard about the news regarding this issue. Since you’ve taken the courtesy to make your way down here personally, then I shall cut straight to the chase and discuss my ideas with you. I’ll accept the offer if we come to a consensus. Otherwise, I’ll just take a pass,” An Xiaoning said bluntly.

“Please feel free to speak your mind, Mrs. Jin.”

“Firstly, during my time at the police station assisting in investigations, I’d like to request that I not be asked to leave my position as and whenever you please, unless I commit a reprimandable mistake, or unless I ask to leave out of my own accord.” She raised a finger and continued, “Secondly, I suggest you set up a small department meant for solving cases like that. Within this department, there must be, in my opinion, two armed policemen who are highly trained in martial arts. Thirdly, I also think it’d be better to report to you directly, matters involving search warrants and other documents which have to be applied for. That’ll save a great ton of hassle. Of course, post-investigation applications should also be allowed. Lastly…” After a brief moment of silence, she continued to speak, “This is the most important of all: I ask that you trust me.”

Taken aback by her last request, Xu Yang reiterated, “Mrs. Jin, we definitely trust you, since we’ve decided to recruit you.”

“I meant, in the event that I accept the offer, please trust me when I say that a certain piece of evidence is false, even if you are convinced by it during investigations.”

Having understood what she meant, Xu Yang nodded and agreed, “I’ll give you my promise on that, and I’ll allow you the chance to prove yourself.”

“What about the three other requests I’ve made?”

“I’ll do as you requested and set up a small department, with two armed policemen, Mrs. Jin.”

With a nod, An Xiaoning said, “I’m going on a vacation with my husband. I’ll report to work when I’m back from my trip.”

“Deal, so it’s settled. I shan’t continue to impose on you anymore, Mr. and Mrs. Jin,” said Xu Yang as he rose from his seat.

The couple then stood up and walked him to the door.



“I’ve suddenly realized an issue. Would you like to know what it is?” Jin Qingyan asked, placing his hands behind his back, his eyes bright and full of expression.