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“Sis Weiwei, I’ve asked around, Bai Ranran is currently looking for a bridal store to order her wedding gowns and attire in advance. They’re going to proceed with their wedding photoshoot as soon as Mr. Ye recovers.”

“You’re giving me such useless information. I told you to find out about her health condition, what’s the point of telling me these? You’re really getting on my nerves. Go find out what disease she’s plagued with,” Sun Weiwei ordered sternly, frustration written all over her face.

“It’s impossible to find out about that. Mr. Ye has bribed all the doctors to ensure that they’d keep mum about her condition,” her assistant said softly.

“Are you stupid? Since you can’t get any information out of the doctors, don’t you know how to ask about it from her family?” A sudden idea struck Sun Weiwei’s mind as she continued to speak, “Oh right, Bai Ranran’s brother must be in the know. It should be easy to get something out of that wastrel who’s capable of nothing but vices.”

“Yes, yes, Bai Duocai has even tried to ask you out on a date previously, but I rejected him,” her assistant quickly agreed.

“Contact him right away and tell him that I’d like to treat him to a meal.”

“Got it.”

After finding a way to contact Bai Duocai, the assistant proceeded to give him a call as instructed by Sun Weiwei. Bai Duocai was over the moon upon hearing that Sun Weiwei had wanted to meet him for a meal, and he agreed eagerly.

“I must find out what disease she’s plagued with by tonight. Only then can I plan my next move. It’ll be too late do anything by the time Brother Xiaotian marries her,” said Sun Weiwei.

“I doubt he’ll give it away so easily, unless you get him drunk and try to sound him out. Sis Weiwei, won’t it be a little dangerous for you to go meet him alone?” the assistant asked worriedly.

“I’ll be fine. I know very well how to handle such men.”

By evening, Sun Weiwei had already dolled herself up, in preparation for dinner with Bai Ranran’s biological brother, Bai Duocai. She had on a full face of immaculate makeup and was dressed to the nines, clad in a lace dress with a thigh-high split, stockings, heels, and a long feathered coat.

She entered the private dining room, only to see that Bai Duocai had already arrived. He had put on a substantial amount of weight, which was evident from his especially rounded figure and eyes that had appeared smaller because of his chubbier face. Upon the sight of Sun Weiwei’s arrival, he quickly stood up and greeted, “Oh, you actually showed up, Weiwei. Please, have a seat. My wish to meet you has finally come true. Have you any idea how much I adore you?”

He reached out to hold Sun Weiwei’s hand.

Instead of resisting his touch, Sun Weiwei cracked a smile and said, “Mr. Bai, I only found out recently that you’d wanted to go on a date with me previously but was turned down by my silly assistant. I’m very sorry about that.”

“It’s alright, you didn’t know about it, I don’t blame you. Here, have some liquor, Weiwei. I got it especially for you.”

“Sure,” she said, grinning while pouring them a glass of liquor each. After clinking glasses, she poured the ice-cold liquor into her sleeve instead of drinking it.

Bai Duocai chugged the liquor in one gulp as he tilted his head backwards to make sure he had gotten every last drop. In high spirits, he fervently served Sun Weiwei. “Here, have some of these delicacies.”

“I heard your sister is getting married soon, when would it be your turn?” asked Sun Weiwei as she helped herself to the food with a pair of chopsticks.

“I’ve yet to find my true love. Actually, I’d like to get married sooner too, but there’s nothing I can do,” Bai Duocai answered dejectedly with a sigh.

“You don’t have to be in such a hurry, Mr. Bai. Given how great of a catch you are, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding yourself a wife. I suppose there are a great ton of women throwing themselves at you, isn’t that so?” Sun Weiwei said smilingly.

Upon hearing her words, Bai Duocai felt a whim of confidence and answered, “More than ten, I guess, though that’s not considered many. But I just don’t feel the spark with those tramps.”

Sun Weiwei continued to pour him more liquor, glass after glass. “Here, let’s keep drinking.”

Bai Duocai was enthralled by her eagerness. He had intended to take liberties with her once she was drunk.

Little did he know that she had the same intention of getting him drunk as well. Bai Duocai could not help but enjoy the thrill of caressing her hands every now and then.

The pair continued their attempts at getting each other drunk, while Sun Weiwei’s assistant waited alone patiently outside the room.

As time passed, her assistant began to feel a little worried as Sun Weiwei was yet to come out.

At that juncture, Sun Weiwei decided to sit onto his lap, allowing him to let his hands roam freely about her body in a bid to get him to chug down more liquor.

One would be bound to succumb to the effects of a large amount of alcohol, no matter how well he could hold his liquor.

Soon, Bai Duocai was drunk out of his senses while Sun Weiwei struggled with the discomfort of having her alcohol-soaked sleeve touching her skin.

In a drunken stupor, Bai Duocai began to answer the questions Sun Weiwei had thrown at him, though his words were slurred as his brain was all fuzzy and blurry.

Little did he expect for his initial scheme to be foiled by Sun Weiwei, who was an expert at entertaining guests.

In a moment of slight consciousness, he tried to pin Sun Weiwei down onto the chair, only to have her chug more liquor down his throat.

“I… I… can’t take it anymore. No… no… more drinks for me,” he murmured, on the verge of intoxication as he swayed unsteadily from side to side.

“C’mon, Mr. Bai, it was merely a few drinks. Well then, how much are you going to pay me for having a meal with you?” asked Sun Weiwei.

He chuckled. “Has money ever been an issue for me? Sleep with me for one night, and I’ll give you 200 thousand dollars. How does that sound?”

Sun Weiwei’s face stiffened with anger as she stood up immediately, causing Bai Duocai to lose his balance and fall backwards onto the ground.

“Bastard, you think 200 thousand dollars is enough to get me to sleep with you? Dream on,” Sun Weiwei scoffed distastefully. She bent forward to pick up Bai Duocai’s wallet and rummaged through it to find that it contained some credit cards, debit cards, and a cheque for 200 thousand dollars. It turns out, he had indeed planned to make her sleep with him, in exchange for 200 thousand dollars. What does he take me for? The least I get paid for a meal with a tycoon is 800 thousand dollars. 200 thousand dollars really pales in comparison. I can’t let him take advantage of me, Sun Weiwei thought to herself, although she had already obtained the information she wanted.

After putting on her hat and mask, Sun Weiwei exited the room and left hurriedly with her assistant.

As soon as they got up the nanny van, she removed her hat and mask. “Lady Luck is really smiling on me. I’ve got everything I needed to know.”

A malicious smile formed on her face as she thought about her scheme. “Let’s see who gets the last laugh.”

Feeling a little terrified by her expression, her assistant asked, “Sis Weiwei, what are you going to do?”

“That’s for me to know. I have my own plans. I’m going to make sure Brother Xiaotian calls off his engagement with her. I promise she will die a horrible death.”


Once they’ve arrived at their destination, they left their luggage in the hotel room and headed to the beach. They spent the rest of their afternoon sunbathing, getting massages by the beach, and feasting on a sumptuous spread. An Xiaoning donned a bikini paired with shades and a sun hat, while Jin Qingyan wore only a pair of beach shorts. Having cut off contact with the rest of the world, the pair enjoyed a private honeymoon on the sunny island faraway, where they could forget their woes.

They took plenty of photos on the beach.

They then spent the night on the roof of the hotel building. Although they were a little exhausted from an eventful day, the picturesque view of the beach and skyline was worth every bit of it.

Jin Qingyan had never thoroughly enjoyed himself on a vacation despite having gone on many business trips before.

Ever since he took over the company, he had had an overwhelming amount of work to handle, almost every day.

Thus, this honeymoon trip was the chance for him to finally let his hair down, as he felt exceptionally at ease with the company of his wife, An Xiaoning. Being miles away from his hectic lifestyle, he could finally relax and be free from worry.