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He held her in his arms, and the two of them kneeled there. Neither of them said a word. They just enjoyed the moment of peace.

But unbeknownst to them, the scene of them at the beach was captured by a group of travelers and was posted online.

As can be imagined, when Chi Rui’er saw the photo, she was so enraged that she was almost on fire.

While she was thrown into misery, they were traveling!

That was the difference.

The child in her stomach would be two months old soon. When it became three to four months old, her stomach would have grown bigger, and if she wanted to do anything about it, it would then be impossible. Even if she wanted to find a father for her child then, it would be too unlikely.

But now, it was still possible.

Chi Rui’er had contemplated very deeply about it. She could only casually mention that she was carrying Jin Qingyan’s child to Gu Beicheng. But if she shamelessly decided to expose it online, not only would her post be deleted, Jin Qingyan would also wait for her stomach to grow bigger before doing a paternity test. By then, not only would she become famous, she would incur the rage of many people.

After all, he already knew that it could not be his.

Going with the same logic, it was even more impossible to use it on Gu Beicheng.

Chi Rui’er sat there looking dejected. Now, she could only find a man who was ignorant of this to take care of the mess.

This person had to be of a certain standard too.

She wanted to wait until Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning were unguarded against her before striking a fatal blow to them.

If she didn’t, she could not take it lying down.

At night was when the nightclub was most crowded.

With some simple makeup on, Chi Rui’er looked younger by a lot.

Her long hair was over her shoulders, and she was clad in a white cotton-padded jacket, a thick skirt over black leggings, and high heels.

With a small red bag slung over her shoulder, she looked nothing like a woman who was pregnant for over a month.

Her eyes continued to scan through the crowd. Whether that person appeared to be rich or poor was extremely clear to her at one glance. Nothing could escape her eyes.

Suddenly, she saw a figure from the Gu family. It was Gu Beicheng’s half-brother, Gu Dongcheng.

Chi Rui’er scrutinized him for a long while. From his looks to every other detail, he seemed decent. However, Gu Beicheng already knew that she was pregnant. If she got close to Gu Dongcheng, while it was not clear whether she would succeed, if she did, would Gu Beicheng tell Gu Dongcheng about it?

With this risk present, and the fact that Mrs. Gu was reluctant to see her, Chi Rui’er was somewhat hesitant.

She looked around and still felt that Gu Dongcheng was the most outstanding to her.

Especially that face of his, which looked slightly similar to that of Gu Beicheng’s.

She felt slightly tempted. Eventually, she tossed her fears to the back of her mind and went forward to greet him.

Gu Dongcheng had drunk a little wine. Upon seeing her, he asked, “Isn’t this Ms. Chi?”

“Master Gu, why are you alone here drinking your sorrows away?”

“Drinking my sorrows away? Me? I’m not.”

Chi Rui’er sat beside him and, with her hand supporting her temples, she turned to look at him. “I’m alone too. How about I drink a few glasses with you?”

“It’s up to you.” Gu Dongcheng was no longer looking at her. He had his head raised and was looking at people dancing in the crowd while drinking leisurely.

Seeing that he had emptied his glass, Chi Rui’er voluntarily helped him to refill his glass with more wine.

She herself drank too, seemingly unbothered by the fact that she was pregnant.

Eventually, as she had wished for, she was helping him get into his car.

“Do you want some water?”

“No… I don’t.” Gu Dongcheng rested against the car seat, bleary-eyed and in a drunken state.

Chi Rui’er removed her white cotton-padded jacket, revealing her sexy innerwear as she complained, “It’s so hot.”

She leaned forward extremely close to him. “Are you hot? I see that your face is very red after drinking.”

Her hand caressed his face lightly, from his face to his chest, before making its way down his body.

Gu Dongcheng’s breathing became more rapid. With one hand holding down her arm, his eyes cleared up and he said, “Ms. Chi, you should get off the car now.”

Without any warning, Chi Rui’er kissed his lips. Gu Dongcheng had an outburst of hormones instantly and he lost control.

In the morning, the rays of sunlight filled up the whole room. When An Xiaoning woke up, it was already past eight in the morning.

She sat upright; with her head still fuzzy and facing the sun, she struggled to open her eyes.

On the floor was the mess she and Jin Qingyan had created.

Turning her head to the side, she saw that he was fast asleep.

She did not want to get up anymore at that instant.

As she laid down again, she suddenly realized he had a longer strand of beard on his chin. She reached out to pinch it and plucked at it tightly.

He woke up from the pain.

“Xiaoning, you’re being mischievous again.”

An Xiaoning pinched the strand of beard in her hand. “Look, there’s a long strand of beard here. That’s so weird, how did you let that grow?”

His eyes were fixed on her neck. There were bright red patches left by him, all of which were evidence of his victory.

“Today, let’s go out to the sea, shall we?”

“Okay, then we’ll have to get up soon.”

Jin Qingyan sat upright. “What time is it?”

“It’s past eight.” As she was on it, An Xiaoning continued, “Didn’t we agree to get up at seven today? It’s all your fault, you didn’t stop last night. If not for that, I would have woken up already.”

“Wow, this is my fault again. Who was the one who kept exclaiming how great it was and kept wanting more?”

An Xiaoning’s face went beetroot. “It was you.”

Jin Qingyan pointed to the red patches on her. “Today, I’ll plant more of these on you.”

“I don’t want it.” She got down from the bed, wore her clothes, and rinsed herself.

The couple dressed up properly before heading out for breakfast.

As they sat down, someone sat down beside them. Jin Qingyan raised his head to look, and Gu Beicheng appeared before him with a tray of breakfast in his hands. With a grinning face, he remarked, “Wow, what a coincidence.”

“Yeah, how coincidental,” Jin Qingyan barely managed to sputter. He did not think that meeting him there was a coincidence, and at this time of the day furthermore!

An Xiaoning looked at Gu Beicheng and was stunned. What was he doing here?

“Why are you here?”

“I came here to relax for a few days too. Why, you don’t welcome your Brother?” Gu Beicheng lowered his head as he started eating.

“No, I’m just shocked. Are you alone?”

“I was, but doesn’t it make it three of us now?” There was a faint smile on his face. “Xiaoning, you won’t have fun with just your husband and leave your Brother out right?”

“…” An Xiaoning was just about to say something when a leg from under the table kicked her. She knew who it was without even looking.

“Erm… that, we’re on our honeymoon.”

“Alright, then, both of you have fun. I’ll have fun by myself.” He looked like he was fine and continued to eat his food.

It went like how Gu Beicheng had said; they had their own fun. Meaning to say, they all went to the same place, but he did not interact much with the two of them.

Eventually, An Xiaoning could only say, “Alright, you can come with us.”

Gu Beicheng broke into a wider grin. “It seems like I haven’t doted on you for nothing.”

His hand was about to touch her head when a strong arm forcefully stopped it. “Claws away.”

Gu Beicheng retracted his hand resentfully. “My brother-in-law is simply too petty.”

“Gu Beicheng!”

“What?” Gu Beicheng replied haughtily, “Is it not right to call you brother-in-law?”


In any case, with the addition of Gu Beicheng to their honeymoon trip, there were also more things for Jin Qingyan to become bothered by.