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The only time when the two got along harmoniously was when they took pictures at sea. Most of the time, Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning were taking pictures together. But because Gu Beicheng asked to take a few pictures with An Xiaoning, on account that he did not try to get in their way, Jin Qingyan allowed it.

This trip, which made up for their honeymoon, lasted for half a month in total.

From the warm summer beach to various famous places from other regions, they took many pictures and had many local delights, leaving behind many footprints and experiencing the local practices of many different places.

An Xiaoning really did not think about anything during this period of time. All she had on her mind was traveling, sight-seeing, and being a happy foodie.

Although Jin Qingyan was somewhat annoyed by Gu Beicheng’s intrusion, he still enjoyed his trip overall.

Even Gu Beicheng himself was quite happy and felt that he had not wasted his time coming.

After the honeymoon trip, the new year was also approaching.

On the plane, An Xiaoning was deep in sleep. Gu Beicheng and Jin Qingyan sat opposite each other and had a stare-down. After a moment of silence, Gu Beicheng spoke. “Before I came here, Chi Rui’er came to find me.”

Jin Qingyan replied, “What for?”

“Nothing much. She just said… she’s pregnant with your child.” Gu Beicheng shrugged. “Don’t know if it’s true.”

“Of course not.” Jin Qingyan said only these few words. He felt no need to explain further to Gu Beicheng.

“That better be it, or else you’re in for trouble.” Gu Beicheng smirked.

“What you’re thinking of is completely clear to me.” Jin Qingyan looked at An Xiaoning beside him and said, “Gu Beicheng, why do you always like the women around me?”

“Who says?” he denied. “I don’t like your mother, or your sister either. How does that count as liking the women around you?”

Once the words came out, a sharp dagger came flying towards Gu Beicheng. While he did not move at all, the dagger landed beside his ear, missing it by just an inch.

“It was obviously you who said something wrong, but I pity the sofa skin which is of such good quality. I wonder if, during that instant in which it was pricked, it felt the pain.” He pulled out the dagger and used his hand to rub against the part of the sofa which was now torn apart.


The plane traveled rapidly through the air all the way until it reached Wei Ni Estate.

When they alighted from the plane, An Xiaoning took a look at the time — it was 2 in the afternoon.

Fan Shixin drove a car to where they were, and the three got on together. They sent Gu Beicheng back to the Gu residence and then went back home.

“If you had not agreed, I wouldn’t have been willing to see Gu Beicheng.”

An Xiaoning humored him. “Actually, he’s not too bad.”

“You just don’t understand him well.”

“Aren’t you the same too? You don’t have a right to say that.” She said objectively, “I’m really curious, how big of an issue did the both of you have that you’re so against him?”

“I’m just against him. There’s no reason, the sight of him makes me annoyed.”

An Xiaoning just laughed and did not say a word. She asked Fan Shixin, “In this half a month that we weren’t around, did anything happen?”

“Yes.” Fan Shixin made a cough and continued, “It was on the news a few days ago, Ms. Chi and Gu Dongcheng were caught having a date by the media. The two of them didn’t come out from the room the whole night.”

“What?!” An Xiaoning was transfixed in surprise for a moment. “Are you sure it was Gu Dongcheng?”

“Umm,” Fan Shixin confirmed. “It was him indeed.”

Jin Qingyan’s face changed. The first thing that came to his mind was — did it mean that the child in Chi Rui’er’s stomach was Gu Dongcheng’s?

He did not express it out but kept these doubts buried in his heart.

“What a good catch.” An Xiaoning folded her hands together like she was deep in thought. She mused as she turned and look at Jin Qingyan, “I wonder when they got together? What marvelous speed this is.”

“Who cares when they got together?” Jin Qingyan remarked coldly. “Her matters have nothing to do with me in the future.”

An Xiaoning replied with a grin, “I really don’t know what Gu Dongcheng is thinking, he actually has eyes for a scheming woman like Chi Rui’er. Forget it, I guess one man’s meat is another’s poison. Let’s not talk about him, didn’t you also fall for her? It’s not surprising at all, not surprising.”

These words were like a knife that pierced through Jin Qingyan, turning his face green instantly.

Knowing that Chi Rui’er had moved on to ruin a new target, An Xiaoning felt more relieved inside. Although Gu Dongcheng was her Godbrother in name, they were hardly close in reality. If he was a willing party, she did not want to say anything further.

When Gu Beicheng returned, he saw his mother sitting on the sofa and playing the handphone game of ‘Fight the Landlord.’

“Mother, why are you playing this again?”

“I have nothing to do anyway, so I’m just playing it to pass time. Where have you been for this period of time? I haven’t seen you.” Mrs. Gu sounded slightly displeased. “You didn’t even answer my calls, what on earth were you doing?”

“I went away to travel for a few days, just to relax.”

Mrs. Gu placed her handphone down and said in hushed tones, “Did you see the news? That tramp, Chi Rui’er, has gotten together with your brother.”

Hearing this, Gu Beicheng started laughing momentarily.

“Why are you laughing, is it that funny that your brother is playing with the woman you played with?” Mrs. Gu reached out to hit him.

“Mother…” He had not recovered from his laughter. “If he wants to play with her, let him be. He can have fun with her for all I care.”

“That’s not the most important issue. When I see that Chi Rui’er, all my insides boil up. She’s not anything good.” Mrs. Gu continued, “Son, you should open your eyes wider when you find a girlfriend next time. Don’t find someone like Chi Rui’er anymore. Just with our family background, it’s not difficult for you to find a good woman.”

“Umm. You’re right, Mother, I’ll listen to you about everything in the future.”

These sugar-coated words were especially pleasing to Mrs. Gu, but on the surface, she replied, “When have you ever listened to me?”

“Who says I’ve never listened to you, Mother? Well, you didn’t ask for my permission to give birth to me, wasn’t that me listening to you?”

Mrs. Gu reached out to hit him again. He suddenly sprung to his feet and said, “Mother, I have something else to do, I’ll go first.”

Mrs. Gu took her phone again and continued to play ‘Fight the Landlord.’

Gu Beicheng went out, and the smile that was already on his face grew wider. He stood there looking ahead and noticed Gu Dongcheng’s car entering the courtyard. He suddenly leaped forward towards his direction.

“I haven’t seen you for some time, where have you been?”

“Went away for over ten days to relax. I saw the news, you’re with Chi Rui’er now?”

Gu Dongcheng made a sound of acknowledgment, then continued, “I know she was your…”

He had yet to finish his words when Gu Beicheng interjected, “Brother, although she used to be my girlfriend in name, I’ve never touched her. So about this, you don’t have to be bothered by it.”

“It’s truly like what she said.” Gu Dongcheng chuckled. “Where are you going now?”

“I’ve something to attend to.”

“Alright, you go ahead.”

Gu Beicheng walked past him and made his way to his own car slowly. When he got on, he retrieved Chi Rui’er’s phone number from the list of blocked numbers and sent her a message: “Does my brother know that you’re pregnant?”

Very soon, he received a reply: “I’m not pregnant, I was just joking with you.”

He chucked his phone aside and mumbled to himself, “What a scheming woman.”