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When Jin Qingyan received a similar message from Chi Rui’er, he was slightly taken aback. He stared at the words on his phone screen: “I’m not pregnant at all actually. I have a new boyfriend now, will you give me your blessings?”

He deleted the message directly, along with the feelings he had for her and the disappointment that he had towards her now. He deleted all of these once and for all.

Looking at her, he felt that she had changed so drastically that he could no longer recognize how she was like originally.

An Xiaoning passed him the milk. “What’s wrong? You look very serious.”

He tossed his phone aside and took the milk from her. “Nothing much.”

“Boss, that fellow is calling again!” Looking at the caller ID, she remarked, “It’s a call from Xu Yang.”

She then slid her phone to answer, “Hello, Chief Officer Xu.”




“Alright, I’ll head over tomorrow morning. Umm, bye.”

Jin Qingyan looked up. “He called you over to the police team?”

“Umm, he said he couldn’t get through to me the past two days. Since he could get through to me today, he wanted me to go over to see if there’s anything I’m dissatisfied with so that they could make changes. After the new year, I’ll start work. I have the status of a Young Madam but the life of a lowly maid,” she muttered as she laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

“You can completely just reject the offer to assist them and stay at home to live the life of a housewife. You can do anything you want, why suffer like that?” Jin Qingyan suggested honestly, his eyes fixed on her.

“I suddenly gained an interest in it. I just feel that as long as we live, we should do something meaningful. After all, we wouldn’t know when we might just die one day.”

“I just thought of this.” Jin Qingyan was slightly hesitant. “You’ve seen so much of those birth characters, will it be harmful to your body?”

“There will be effects. The more frequent you see them, the greater the ‘Yang’ energy in your body will be weakened. That’s why I don’t read others’ birth characters often. After all, having good health is fundamental to our life. Other things can’t compare, right?”

Standing before the bed, Jin Qingyan looked down at her and, thereafter, pressed his body down on hers. With both hands supporting the sides of her body, he remarked, “I just think that every day spent with you never makes me feel tired of it. It actually feels refreshing to me. What exactly is the reason?”

An Xiaoning answered with a wide grin, “That’s because I’m too pretty, you’ll never get tired of me no matter how many times you see me. Can’t help it, I’m this confident of it.”

He touched his lips as he broke into a laugh. Seeing such a youthful and intelligent-looking face, he suddenly felt that that was what his wife had to look like.

At past midnight, rain started pattering outside.

The corridor of the hospital was dimly lit, and a woman who was wearing a nurse’s uniform was walking briskly, wearing a face mask.

Very soon, she stopped outside the VIP ward and entered discreetly.

It was pitch black inside, and the woman appeared slightly nervous. Her footsteps were light, and she flashed around the torchlight in her hand. Bai Ranran was already fast asleep and was not woken up.

The woman was extremely nimble. She placed a piece of colorless and odorless incense, along with a small bag, on the ground and then went out.

After about more than ten minutes, she re-entered the room, this time using the bag to wrap around the incense. She threw it into the bag, then took out a small syringe containing white liquid inside.

Maybe due to nervousness, she held onto the syringe and did not make her move for a long time. Thinking that the effects of the incense might wear off soon, she flashed the torch onto Bai Ranran’s shoulder and injected the syringe needle into her blood vessel, watching the white liquid enter her body little by little. After everything was done, she did not forget to do a double check and, after ensuring that there were no errors, she left the place hurriedly.

Everything that had happened was unbeknownst to Bai Ranran, who was completely knocked out.

The woman in the nurse’s uniform left the hospital and got on a rented van briskly. On the road, she continued to break out in cold sweat all the way until she transferred cars and got on a nanny van.

“Sister Weiwei, I’ve done as you said.”

Sun Weiwei made a hand gesture as she praised her, “Very good, you’ll be rewarded with 5000 yuan as a bonus this month. But listen up, if you dare to spread the word about this, you…”

She made a hand gesture of strangling her, and the assistant understood it loud and clear.

“Sister Weiwei, I’ve been with you for such a long time already. Since you asked me to do it, it means that you trust me. How could I possibly betray you? Now, that Bai Ranran will get what she deserves.”

Sun Weiwei pulled out a cigarette to light up and took a small puff of smoke. “This time, I’ll see how she’d still act arrogant in front of me. This kind of virus does not show any symptoms within a short period of time. We’ll just wait and see.”

“Then again, Sister Weiwei, where did you get that thing?” Her assistant followed her around night and day, and she was really clueless as to when she had obtained it.

“With money, you can get anything. Do you believe that?”

Her assistant nodded. “I do.”

With the cigarette in hand, Sun Weiwei took a deep puff then exhaled a cloud of smoke. “Anyone who follows me, I’ll definitely treat them well. Let’s go back.”


Knock, knock knock! There was violent knocking on the bedroom door. Jin Qingyan opened his eyes and said, “Speak.”

“Young Master, something big’s happened.”

“Someone’s died at Ya Long Wan Hotel, which is one of our subsidiaries. The deceased is Shi Shaochuan’s mother,” Fan Shixin announced.

“His mother?” Jin Qingyan sat upright slowly. “Didn’t his father just pass away recently? How did his mother now die at our hotel?”

“It’s been claimed that his mother came to ask for a room when they were about to close. They’ve confirmed that no one entered her room from the corridor. There was only her in the room. She jumped down to her death.” Fan Shixin continued, “The media has reported this morning that ever since Shi Shaochuan and missy have been engaged, both parents of the Shi family have died. They’re speculating that missy is a curse to the Shi family. Netizen discussions have spread like fire online. This matter has escalated out of hand.”

Jin Qingyan got down from the bed and started getting dressed. “No matter how badly out of hand it has gotten, you still have to handle it. I don’t care what you do, remove this news from the media.”


Fan Shixin had just gone out when An Xiaoning also got up and dressed herself.

Her face looked rather serious. Seeing that she had gotten up too, Jin Qingyan told her, “You should sleep a while more.”

An Xiaoning said as she combed her hair, “I think this matter has developed out of my expectations. Sure enough indeed.”

Jin Qingyan narrowed his eyes. “What?”

“I’ve told you, I saw Wang Fangfang after she died right?” She hesitated for a moment. “This matter could be related to her. Money could have settled the issue with her parents, but could it have settled her anger and grievances? Don’t look at me like that, it’s just my guess too. It has yet to be verified.”

“If it was her, then would it work if Shi Shaochuan and Qingyue went to her grave to get her forgiveness?”

“Do you think that’s all she wants?” An Xiaoning speculated, “If this has something to do with her, then all she wants is for Shi Shaochuan and your sister to suffer. She only just started from those around Shi Shaochuan. I’ll go and verify it first.” She ran to the bathroom, quickly washed her face and put on some light makeup, then ran downstairs.

Jin Qingyan chased her downstairs and questioned, “How will you verify it?”