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An Xiaoning had also gotten the hang of it. The group of five had a whale of a time. “If only Mo Li were here too,” Long Tianze said with a sigh during dinner.

“It’s the first day of the Lunar New Year today. Give her a call,” Ling Ciye suggested.

“Let’s just give her a video call,” said Long Tianze as he turned on the video call function after connecting his mobile phone to the resort’s wifi network.

Long Tianze zoomed in on each of their faces, before panning the camera towards himself. “How are you getting on over there?” he exclaimed.

“Great, Happy New Year, Tianze!”

“We’re at the ski resort,” said Long Tianze as he pointed the camera around at his surroundings.

“Tianze, I miss you guys. I wish you all a great year ahead,” Mo Li said with a sweet smile on her face.

“We miss you too. Take good care of Uncle, Auntie, Mo Xun, and, most importantly, yourself. Remember to give me a call if you need help with anything, got it?”

“Yes, Tianze. I gotta go, my Mother is asking for me.”


Mo Li burst into tears after ending the video call.

She was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions, feeling touched and sad at the same time as she missed her friends dearly.

Upon hearing footsteps approaching, Mo Li quickly wiped her tears and got a grip on her emotions.

Noticing that Mo Li seemed a little upset, Mrs. Mo asked, “What’s the matter, Lili?”

“It’s nothing, I just came back from Mother-in-law’s place.”

“Are you hungry? I’ll fix you something to eat,” said Mrs. Mo, knowing that Mo Li must be tired from all the formalities and visiting of relatives.

“I’m not hungry. Get some rest, Mother, we have a cook at home to prepare our meals. You’ve worked hard all your life, it’s time you take a break and rest,” said Mo Li, holding her mother’s hand.

“I’m used to it anyway. I feel uneasy not doing anything. Why are your eyes so red? You cried?” Mrs. Mo asked worriedly.

“I spoke to Tianze over the phone just now, I miss everyone.”

“You’ll have plenty of chances to see them in the future. I’ve noticed that Byron has been home most of the time lately, isn’t that great? Lili, just forget about your unhappy past and bear a child with Byron.”

“Mother…” Mo Li gave her mother a big hug.

“Okay, okay, look at you, still being such a baby even when you’re all grown up. Others are going to poke fun at you if they see this. Let me cook you a sumptuous dinner. Nothing can compare to a heartwarming meal prepared by your mother, no matter how delicious it may be.”

“Yes, thank you, Mother,” said Mo Li as a smile formed on her face.


After dinner, Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang took a stroll along the vicinity of the resort.

Occasionally, they caught the attention of passers-by.

“I have some good news I’ve yet to tell you.”

“What is it?” asked Mei Yangyang.

“The client has accepted the commercial, we’re currently in the midst of production. Soon, it’ll be aired on TV,” said Long Tianze as he observed her reaction.

Mei Yangyang looked up at him and said, “That’s splendid. Otherwise, I would feel really guilty about accepting those 200 thousand dollars. It would be a pity for the video we filmed to go to waste, too. Thank you so much, Long Tianze. My Mother would probably never have had the chance to undergo proper treatment without this sum of money.”

“When are you going to agree to be my girlfriend?” he asked, pulling her into an embrace.

Mei Yangyang’s heart palpitated against her chest as she inhaled his scent, which she found to be exceptionally fragrant.

“Why are you so eager?” she asked.

“Because I’d like to know what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone I love,” he answered, walking forward while still holding her in his embrace. Feeling trapped in his arms, Mei Yangyang constantly tried to break free as she continuously moved backwards.

Both Jin Qingyue and Shi Shaochuan witnessed the scene before them as they began walking towards the pair.

The first thing that popped up in Jin Qingyue’s mind was how Long Tianze had harbored feelings for her over a long period of time.

Why is he embroiled in an ambiguous and flirtatious relationship with another girl?she thought to herself.

“I’ll go get a pack of cigarettes. Wait for me here, I’ll be back soon,” said Shi Shaochuan as he swiftly turned around to leave.

Jin Qingyue stayed put while Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang approached her.

“What are you two doing here?” she asked.

However, Long Tianze did not seem to notice her presence at all, for he was too engrossed in talking to Mei Yangyang.

“We’re dating, can’t you see?” he answered coldly.

“What?” Jin Qingyue gasped in disbelief. She cast a condescending glance at Mei Yangyang and let out a snide remark, “Your taste in women has seriously deteriorated.”

“No, in fact, I think it’s gotten a hundred times better. If what I used to like was a pebble, then it’s safe to say what I like now is a diamond,” he said, remaining unfazed.

Jin Qingyue grimaced in anger. How could he compare her to a pebble, and that woman, a diamond!?!

Strangely enough, her blood began to boil.

“Sure, she’s a diamond if you say so. But, do Uncle and Auntie know about this? I suppose they wouldn’t want a girl of such lowly background to be their daughter-in-law, would they?” Jin Qingyue sneered with clenched fists and a stiffened smile.

Mei Yangyang turned as pale as a sheet, at a loss for words.

“You don’t have to worry about these, Ms. Jin. Look at yourself, you’ve even managed to marry a scumbag like Shi Shaochuan, I’m sure my parents wouldn’t have an issue,” Long Tianze retorted mockingly.

“Is that so? I heard from Brother Ciye that you’ve carried a torch for me for years. I guess you’re only good enough for lowly peasants like her,” Jin Qingyue hissed.

“Jin Qingyue! I dare you to repeat yourself!” Long Tianze hollered as he grew into a sudden rage.

“What’s there for me to fear? Long Tianze, I knew you fancied me since a long time ago, but I’ve never once reciprocated your feelings for me. Thus, you have no choice but to settle for a woman from such a poor family,” Jin Qingyue remarked in a moment of pique.

Long Tianze stared at her with cold and deadly eyes. Even unto this day, he was rather disappointed to hear those words from her mouth, for she did not even save him the least bit of shame.

Hanging her head low, Mei Yangyang noticed that his hands were trembling uncontrollably.

All of a sudden, Mei Yangyang freed herself from his embrace and mustered up the courage to confront Jin Qingyue. “Ms. Jin, you’re going overboard with your narcissism and arrogance. Don’t mistake his courtesy for something more. Just because he’s nice to you doesn’t mean he adores you. If I were a guy, I would never fall for someone like you either, Ms. Jin. You’re so self-absorbed, arrogant, condescending, and rude. Also, it’s true that I’m from a poor family, but I’ve always been spending my own money and none of his. I heard you’ve never worked a day in your life, even though you’re already an adult. Leeching off your family’s fortune is nothing to be proud of. You were just born into a better family than I was, what’s the big deal? Shut up and quit being so obnoxious!”

As soon as she finished talking, she grabbed Long Tianze’s hand and left, pulling him along.

The pair were already long gone by the time Jin Qingyue processed what she had just heard.

She stomped her feet angrily and cursed them in her head before telling Shi Shaochuan about what happened, upon his return.

However, there was nothing he could do to help, apart from hearing her rant on and allowing her to vent her anger and frustration.