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Bai Ranran turned pale as a sheet upon hearing the news and shook her head profusely. “I don’t know how I got infected. Doctor, is there no way to keep my condition under control?” she asked worriedly.

With a nod, the doctor answered, “The current medical technology we have is not yet advanced enough to treat such viruses. The first symptoms of such viruses usually begin from the abdominal area, and the discomfort will continue to spread upwards. Once one gets infected, the only solution is…”

“Thank you,” said Bai Ranran as she turned around to leave dejectedly before the doctor could even finish speaking.

She was in utmost awe and respect of An Xiaoning’s accurate predictions.

WIth cold and trembling hands, she picked up her mobile phone and sent An Xiaoning a text message: “You were spot-on, Ms. An. I just went for a checkup at the hospital, and I’m infected with a virus which would result in acute heart failure. There would also be no symptoms at all during the incubation period. I truly understand now that we ought not to commit sins and cause harm to others for our own selfish reasons. But, it’s all too late now.”

An Xiaoning felt a sudden sense of sadness and pity upon reading her message, to which she replied: “Isn’t it your greatest wish to marry Mr. Ye? Why did you announce that you would be calling off the wedding?”

Bai Ranran replied: “Perhaps humans only realize what’s most important when our days are numbered. I’ve always thought that I was merely diagnosed with a blood disorder and that I still had a long life ahead of me, which I could spend with him. But since I can’t, I shouldn’t marry him despite it being the greatest wish of my life, lest I end up being too reluctant to die. Once I marry him, I would never bear to give up my place as his wife to someone else. That would become my greatest regret. Besides, Xiaotian has never once loved me. He’s only treating me well out of gratitude, because I donated a kidney to his mother when she was diagnosed with uremia. Ms. An, I’m actually not willing to die at all, I’m still so young. I’m only 23 this year! But, I can’t help it since everything is destined. Last but not least, thank you, Ms. An.”

An Xiaoning answered: “Take care.”

As soon as she put her phone down, she was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions.

She had always seen death as merely an inevitable process of life that no one can escape from. In this limited life, there are only very few people who can truly understand the purpose of existence.

One ought to do many kind deeds while he’s living; only then can he be at peace with himself.

However, some things are only realized when one when is on the brink of death — when it’s all too late. The further one is away from death, the closer he is to selfish desires.

“Sis Weiwei, that dimwit, Bai Ranran, has announced that the wedding would be called off. Isn’t that splendid?” said the assistant as she handed her phone to Sun Weiwei, who had just finished filming a television program.

Sun Weiwei was puzzled upon taking a glance at the shocking piece of news and said in bewilderment, “Isn’t marrying Brother Xiaotian what she’s always yearned for the most? Is she out of her mind?”

“I don’t know, I find it rather peculiar and abrupt too. But Sis Weiwei, now that she’s gotten out of the way, you’re one step closer to Mr. Ye,” answered the assistant who gloated in joy, finding the news to be a fortunate event.

“I don’t care, whatever. Start driving, let’s go for dinner,” the fatigued Sun Weiwei instructed as she laid sluggishly on the seat in the van.

To her dismay, they happened to stumble upon Bai Ranran’s brother, Bai Duocai, at the restaurant they were dining at.

He had been wanting to get back at her for getting him drunk to sound him out and fleeing with his money before he even had the chance to take liberties with her. Since then, he had been trying to find her to teach her a lesson, but to no avail.

Little did he expect that he would finally bump into her here at the restaurant.

Sun Weiwei completely ignored his presence, for she did not need to use him anymore.

“Stop right there,” Bai Duocai ordered.

However, Sun Weiwei ignored his words and continued in her tracks.

Bai Duocai then stepped forward and pulled her arm forcefully, after which the assistant hurriedly intervened, “Mr. Bai, what are you doing!?!”

“Why, you took my money and now you’re not even going to greet me?” Bai Duocai snapped with a squint, giving his bald head a stroke.

“Well, Sis Weiwei has an appointment tonight. We’ll contact you next time,” the assistant answered patronizingly.

“Only a fool would believe your words. Forget about leaving if you don’t make it up to me tonight,” he threatened as he gestured for a gang of more than ten men to come forth.

Upon observing the circumstances, the assistant anxiously said, lowering her voice, “Sis Weiwei, just go offer him a toast of apology, and he’ll let this matter slide. Will that do?”

Sun Weiwei rolled her eyes in annoyance and chided, “You’re so useless. Tell him I’ll go over in a bit.”

“Alright.” The assistant then raised her voice and said loudly, “Sis Weiwei said she’ll go over to your room to ask for your forgiveness in a while. Will that be enough?”

“I want it to be now. Come in right away,” Bai Duocai demanded as he entered a room beside him.

Upon her assistant’s persuasion, Sun Weiwei had no choice but to enter the room, where she was left alone with him. She poured him a glass of liquor and toasted, “Mr. Bai, you got drunk the previous time I had dinner with you; thus, I decided to take the money away out of my own accord, since I can’t possibly spend the evening with you for free. My apologies for not greeting you earlier. Please forgive me, Mr. Bai.”

Bai Duocai gave her a tight slap on her face, with so much force that she instantly fell to the ground. He looked down at her from above and seethed. “Drop the act, just say so if you wanted the money. You didn’t have to try and get me drunk. Were you afraid I wouldn’t pay? A promiscuous woman like you, who has slept with countless men, should be grateful and flattered that I liked you. You’ve really angered me tonight, I want you to scram after finishing this entire bottle of liquor. Watch what I’ll do to you if you leave before you finish it.”

He then placed a bottle of white wine on the table, signaling for her to start drinking.

Sun Weiwei was boiling hot with anger. However, she did not have her bodyguards with her and it was too late to call for them now. Thus, she stood up unstably as her body swayed from side to side and answered, “Okay, will everything be settled once I finish the bottle of wine?”

“Yes, drink up.”

Sun Weiwei picked up the bottle, removed the cork, and began chugging the wine down.

Her throat was on fire after chugging half the bottle at one go. However, in order to leave quickly, she continued to finish the remaining half in one gulp, causing her stomach to churn uncomfortably, although it was not too large a bottle.

“Can I leave now?”

“You may be brave, but I can’t let my 200 thousand go to waste,” said Bai Duocai, going back on his word as he had no intention to let her leave just yet.

Sun Weiwei stared as he approached her and began yelling at the top of her voice, only to have him cover her mouth with his hand.

Feeling worried for Sun Weiwei’s safety for she had not exited the room even after a long while, her assistant decided to go check on her. However, she was stopped by the men guarding the door as soon as she tried to enter. They did not allow her to give Sun Weiwei a call either.

She continued to wait outside for a long period of time. They had initially planned to have a peaceful dinner, but who’d have known it would end up becoming a disastrous event.

The assistant could already guess what was happening in the room, more or less.

She stood waiting in fear outside the room.

The door finally opened, but not for some time, and out came Bai Duocai, who was adjusting his pants as he walked, a look of satisfaction on his face.

He then left together with his bodyguards while the assistant hurriedly rushed inside the room only to see that Sun Weiwei’s face was flushed red and that she reeked of alcohol. She sitting on the ground in an unsightly position, stark naked and completely drunk out of her senses.

The assistant quickly helped her get dressed and gave the bodyguards a call, after which she ordered for the food to be packed and headed straight to Sun Weiwei’s home.