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Ten minutes later, the villagers saw An Xiaoning holding onto an umbrella, but not for the purpose of covering herself. She only sheltered the spot beside her. What was weirder was that it wasn’t raining or snowing.

Everyone could vaguely guess something.

But it was just a guess, there was no proof for it.

Zu Dong drove the car while Gong Le sat in the seat beside him and Ma Jianguo did not sit at the back, but actually sat on Gong Le’s legs.

Seeing that good-for-nothing manner he displayed, An Xiaoning did not comment about it. “Drive, let’s go to a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in the city.”

Children would usually love eating such stuff.

During the drive, Ma Jianguo, who was usually naggy, kept extremely silent as he sat on Gong Le’s legs. But it was hard on Gong Le, who had to carry the burden of his weight on his legs for the whole journey, making him especially uncomfortable.

They finally reached the fast food store.

Ma Jianguo, Gong Le, and Zu Dong sat in one row while An Xiaoning sat opposite them. The seat beside her appeared empty to the three of them, but from An Xiaoning’s point of view, it was occupied.

An Xiaoning placed the fried chicken and fries beside her, and added on a cup of coke to it, saying under her breath, “Come on, eat them.”

Thereafter, under the shock of the three sitting in the opposite row, the freshly cooked fast food meal turned stale.

To avoid suspicion from others, An Xiaoning threw these food items into the rubbish bin.

When they reached the police station, An Xiaoning wrote down an assignment on a book and passed it to Ma Jianguo. “Get this done immediately.”

Ma Jianguo read the assignment and nodded immediately. “Yes. But, I’m afraid I won’t be able to find all by today.”

“It’s okay if you can’t find all of it today, you can continue tomorrow. But, you must be sure not to miss a single one. I’ll head home first.”


An Xiaoning and the little girl stayed in the office. She asked her, “Is your name Jiang Shui?”

The little girl nodded.

She beamed at her. “It’s a beautiful name. Can Sister call you Xiao Shui?”

The little girl remained silent and only nodded her head.

“Shall we go to Sister’s house?” she inquired.

She nodded for the third time.

An Xiaoning got up and brought the girl to her car, driving her home.

“You stay in this room. Tomorrow morning, Sister will come and bring you out, okay?”

For the fourth time, the little girl nodded.

An Xiaoning pulled the curtains properly, ensuring that no sunlight entered the room at all. She then ordered that no one was to enter that room.

At past ten at night, an elder anxiously knocked and entered Jin Qingyan’s room.

“Young Master, I’ve already confirmed. There was indeed someone who hired two top assassins at high prices to make a trip to S Nation. Timing wise, it was the same as when you came here, so they missed you.”

“You didn’t find out who hired them?”

“No. But for these two years, ‘SU Group’ has been running rampant, trying their best to obtain our funding support. But Young Master, you’ve insisted against it, so it could probably be them.”

“Why do I feel that it’s either Gu Beicheng or Ye Xiaotian…” he commented pensively. “Hiring assassins at high prices might not be for the purpose of killing. There might be other motives. For businessmen, making losses is not something they would do. It better not be any of those two, otherwise…”

“Regardless, Young Master — these few days and when you return, you must be especially cautious.”

“I got it. Go and rest, please. You’re getting on in years already. Some matters, you can just leave them to your subordinates to handle.”

“But anything regarding Young Master, I still wish to keep an eye on myself. If not, I won’t be able to rest assured. I’ll take my leave then.” The elder retreated and shut the door.

Jin Qingyan picked up his phone and looked at the time. At this time, she would probably be asleep.

Nevertheless, he still dialed her number.

Unexpectedly, the line just went through and was picked up immediately.

“You’re not asleep yet?”

An Xiaoning had her earpiece on as she leaned against the bed frame, a book in hand. Her eyes never left the page of her book.

“Umm, I’ll sleep soon.”

“What are you doing if you’re not sleeping? Just because I’m not at home, you can’t get used to sleeping alone on a huge bed?”

It seemed as if she could almost imagine the look on his face as he said this. An Xiaoning agreed with him on the surface, “Umm, without you sleeping beside me, I can’t sleep at all. How I wish I could hug onto you as I sleep.”

Even though he knew she was just spouting nonsense, he was still feeling rather joyful. “In about three or four days, I’ll be back. When you go out these days, remember to have people around you, just in case.”

“I’m with the police every day, there are even two special armed officers. Don’t worry, it’s you who should be careful about your safety there.”

“You’re worrying about me?”

“Umm. I’m worried that just going overseas for a few days, you will fall into the hands of other women seducing you and won’t come back anymore.” An Xiaoning had purposedly replied to him in a sarcastic tone.

This drove him into laughter again. “Why do you underestimate your husband?”

“You still know that you’re my husband?” An Xiaoning could no longer bear it inside. “You don’t tell me anything that’s bothering you. Don’t tell me I, An Xiaoning, am only fit to share your happiness and enjoy the treatment as a Young Mistress, but not fit to share your burdens?”

“I was just afraid to affect your mood.”

“You hiding things from me already affects me, you really think I won’t know?” An Xiaoning placed the book down and focused on the conversation. “When we were at the ski resort that night, you weren’t out to buy condoms. Those condoms were brought from home, weren’t they? Tell me, where exactly did you go?”

“I just went out to pick up a call. A lot of the market shares here have been snatched by Gu Beicheng. I was afraid you’ll ask me who I was calling, and I didn’t want to affect your mood, so I just found a random excuse,” he replied frankly. “Also, yesterday night, I went out to pick up a call too. I just conveniently got a hot spring bath before I went back. I’m all done explaining, honey.”

“Jin Qingyan.” An Xiaoning grunted. “You’re really something, you can even hide something like picking up a call from me. If you were to have another woman outside next time, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even find out until my death.”

“Don’t be angry, honey.”

An Xiaoning was actually not angry. She could understand this, at least, and also saw an attentive side to him. Saying a white lie to not affect her mood was not a bad thing; at least his intentions were good.

“Don’t do this anymore next time.”

“Umm, I won’t.”

She laughed. “Why do you sound so energetic?”

“I slept for a long time after reaching here. Now, I’m not sleepy at all.” He leaned against the window. “I miss you already.”

Hearing this, An Xiaoning’s heart abruptly pounded at a faster pace. She reached out her hand to feel her left chest. It was obviously not something mushy, but she could vaguely feel a sense of excitement.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

“You really miss me already?”

“Really. Alright, rest early, good night.”

She ended the call and mumbled to herself, “He said he missed me already…”

She turned to her side and lay on the bed, her hands continuously pulling onto the bedsheets. Her face ridiculously felt hot.

She took off her clothes and sat on the bed, only in her lingerie. Taking out her phone, she took a picture with high definition and sent it to him. She could almost imagine the look on his face when he sees the picture and couldn’t help but chuckle about it.

She quickly turned off her phone, pulled over the covers, and went to sleep.