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It was wonderful for her, but not so much for Jin Qingyan.

A woman is exactly what a young man with raging hormones, like him, needs. They’d always had a great sex life ever since they got married. It was only the first day he was away, and yet, she had already sent him such a suggestive and seductive photo of herself. He could not help but feel a strong urge to fly home and get intimate with her right away.

What a willful little lass.

The commercial Mei Yangyang had starred in was widely received after it was broadcasted, and it became viral as netizens fervently searched for her name online.

Mei Yangyang was extremely satisfied with the commercial as well. However, Mei Shuangshuang seemed to be upset over the fact that her sister was now famous. Upon arriving home in the morning after spending a night outside, she sat down at the dining table and began helping herself to the food with a pair of chopsticks. “Great, now that someone has become a commercial star, I’m going to be banished and condemned in this family,” she sneered begrudgingly.

Mr. Mei was speechless at her sarcastic remark and changed the subject instead, “Have you washed your hands? You’re already grown up yet you still lack such basic table manners. Didn’t you see that your sister is still preparing the dishes? You didn’t even bother waiting for her and just started eating once you sat down. What monkey business were you up to last night? You didn’t even come home.”

“Father, would you stop meddling with my business? All you do is ask me about this and that, you’re so annoying.”

“I’m asking you, where did you go last night!?!” Mr. Mei glowered at her angrily, bent on knowing her answer.

“I spent the night at my boyfriend’s place. What’s wrong?” Mei Shuangshuang answered rudely while picking at the dishes. Noticing that she had finished almost all the meat, Mr. Mei moved the plate of dish away from her and hollered angrily, “Why are you so selfish!?! Stop eating!”

“I don’t have a place in this house anymore. I’m completely redundant, aren’t I?” said a disgruntled Mei Shuangshuang as she stood up and returned to her room.

Mei Yangyang happened to overhear their conversation when she exited the kitchen. However, she simply disregarded her sister’s remarks and said instead, “Father, just ignore her.”

“I can’t just ignore her, she’s still my child after all. But, there’s really no way I can take her in hand now,” he said with a sigh and began eating.

Mei Yangyang’s phone rang abruptly and she quickly took a look at the caller display. Seeing that it was An Xiaoning who had called, she answered the call immediately, “Sis.”

“Yangyang, do you have anything on today?”


“Great, I need you to help me run an errand later. Yangyang, once you’re done eating, go buy some beautiful clothes and shoes suitable for little girls around the age of five. Oh, do also get some hair accessories like hairbands or hairclips, some children’s snacks, and lastly, remember to buy some joss paper and paper ingots, which are used as offerings for the dead. After you’re done buying everything, please send them to my office at the police station. I’ll be making my way there in a bit, and I need those items urgently,” An Xiaoning instructed.

“Sure, Sis, I’ll do as you instructed after I’m done with my meal.”

“Okay,” said An Xiaoning before ending the call. She then slid her mobile phone inside her pocket and hurried downstairs.

She proceeded to get on the car, bringing with her the spirit of the little girl, Jiang Shui. Along the way, she specially bought some steamed soup dumplings and milk for the little girl.

The little girl was no longer afraid of her and would even smile at her every so often.

An Xiaoning arrived at the police station together with her, only to see that Ma Jianguo had already arrived. Just as he was about to speak, upon seeing her arrive, An Xiaoning shot him a look, seemingly hinting at something. He knew at that very instant that there was a supernatural being present, which he could not see.

He then kept the words he had initially wanted to say to himself.

“Have you settled everything I instructed you to?” asked An Xiaoning.

“Yes, I have,” Ma Jianguo answered, making the OK hand sign.

An Xiaoning gave a nod of approval and took a seat, placing an empty stool beside her. Ma Jianguo, Gong Le, and Zu Dong then gathered to sort the information like An Xiaoning had instructed.

After about half an hour, Mei Yangyang arrived with a few bags of clothing in her hands. “Sis, I’ve bought everything.”

An Xiaoning took the items from her hands and placed them onto the table. Just as Mei Yangyang was about to sit down beside her, she quickly stopped her and said, “Yangyang, sit there instead. Ma Jianguo, pour me a cup of tea.”

“Got it.”

An Xiaoning cocked her head towards the side and said to the empty stool with a smile, “I’ve asked this sister here to buy you some new clothes and shoes. We’ve got you some pretty accessories for your hair too. I’ll give them to you later, alright?”

Jiang Shui nodded, beaming with joy as she finally spoke up, “Sis.”

After all, she was just a five-year-old child who should still be showered with love and care from her parents. It was a shame that she had met with such an unfortunate mishap at such a tender age.

Mei Yangyang was initially rather puzzled by An Xiaoning’s words. However, she was completely shocked out of her senses upon hearing a soft murmur coming from around the empty stool. She finally understood why An Xiaoning had stopped her from taking a seat on the empty stool earlier.

Not only did Mei Yangyang feel a shiver down her spine, but the two other armed policemen also got goosebumps from the creepy scene they had just witnessed. Ma Jianguo had also received a great shock, which caused him to almost drop the cup of tea he was holding, upon hearing the voice just as he was about to enter.

“Have some tea,” said Ma Jianguo, placing the cup of tea in front of Mei Yangyang as his hands trembled with fear.

“Thank you.” Mei Yangyang took a few sips of the tea and asked, “Sis, do you have any other instructions for me?”

“No, that’s all. You may leave, be careful while on your way back.”

Mei Yangyang sprung up from her seat and left hurriedly.

An Xiaoning closed the door and locked it from inside before taking a seat. “Jiang Shui, listen to me. I know this is a traumatic memory you don’t wish to recall, but all I ask is for you to help me identify someone. I have with me here the photos of numerous suspects. Could you point out the bad guy who had harmed you and your parents? I’ll help you get your revenge, alright?” An Xiaoning said with a delicate gentleness in her voice.

Jiang Shui stared at her for a while before finally giving a nod of agreement.

An Xiaoning waved a hand at Ma Jianguo, who then hurriedly proceeded to bring her the photos of all the suspects who had been in contact with the victims. She then showed them to Jiang Shui, one by one.

Jiang Shui looked at each photo and shook her head profusely.

All of a sudden, Jiang Shui burst into tears and began wailing as she trembled uncontrollably, upon sight of the photo of a middle-aged man, which scared her out of her wits.

An Xiaoning quickly tried to placate her. She then took out the photo Jiang Shui had reacted strongly to before continuing to show her the rest.

At the sight of the victim’s parents, she did not react as strongly but appeared to be rather upset. “Grandma is a bad guy. She always quarreled with Mother,” said Jiang Shui, pointing at the photo.

“Did Grandma hit you?” An Xiaoning asked.

Jiang Shui nodded vigorously and exclaimed in a baby voice, “Grandma always tugs at my braids and blames Mother for not giving birth to a boy.”

An Xiaoning gazed at Jiang Shui with a look of pity and coaxed her gently.

After showing her all the photos, they decided to pin the middle-aged man as the prime suspect.

Instead of continuing to show her more photos, An Xiaoning asked slowly, “Is the bad guy you were afraid of just now very evil?”

“Yes, he’s evil, he… he…” Jiang Shui answered, bursting into tears again as she rubbed her eyes with her hands.

“Go on slowly. Don’t be scared, Jiang Shui, I’m here.”

“He took my pants off, Mother saw it happen…”

An Xiaoning’s face stiffened in horror while the three other men were dumbfounded by what they had just heard.

“I understand it now. Don’t be scared, Jiang Shui, I won’t ask you about it anymore. I’ll punish him for you, okay?”

Jiang Shui nodded fervently and remained silent after.

The team of four could already deduce what the case was about.