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Mo Li got down from the bed slowly. The few doctors who’d checked on her exchanged looks with one another, appearing rather hesitant.

Byron’s mother saw this situation and got anxious. “Doctor, tell me the truth. Is her body in the right condition to get pregnant now?”

“The Princess Consort’s health is not very good right now. After running so many tests, we realized that it’s not just a single problem. Her fallopian tube is blocked, the inner lining of her uterus is too thin, and there might also be inflammation in her uterus. All these will make it impossible for her to get pregnant. She needs to get treatment targeted for these problems.”

Mo Li’s grip tightened. She looked up at her mother-in-law, realizing that her face looked somber.

“Then how long will the treatment take?”

The doctor answered cautiously, “That will depend on the Princess Consort’s conditions. However, it will definitely take some time as these are not simple issues.”

“Umm, alright. All of you may go.”

The doctors left, and only Mo Li and her mother-in-law were left in the ultrasound room.

Her heart tightened, and she could only feel the sharp gaze from her mother-in-law, which landed on her like a knife blade. She immediately felt ashamed of these problems she had with her body.

It never occurred to her that she would have these issues with her health.


The Duchess went forward and raised her hand, giving her a tight slap on the face. The slap was so powerful that it left her hand mark imprinted on Mo Li’s face.

“Before you married Byron, exactly how many times did you have a miscarriage that your uterus lining is so thin now? Even if the blocking of your fallopian tube and the inflammation in your uterus can be treated, I don’t think you have any chance of treating your thin uterus lining. I thought I could depend on you to give birth to a few children for Byron. Who would’ve known, if not for this physical checkup! A woman with a physical condition like yours doesn’t deserve my son at all.”

Mo Li was so utterly terrified by her outburst that she didn’t dare to move an inch. But she still could not help but defend herself, “I didn’t have a single miscarriage before, my thin uterus lining might be something I was born with.”

The Duchess was utterly green in the face and gave her another slap. “This brazen thing, you still have the nerve to retort! Don’t think I don’t know anything about you from S Nation. You better pray that you can get treated and pregnant in a short time, or else…” She did not finish her sentence, but Mo Li knew exactly what she meant.

She stood there with tears brimming in her eyes and her head hung low, not daring to say a word.

The Duchess did not say anything further. She turned and headed towards the door.

Mo Li stood there alone for a long time before pulling up the scarf on her neck and quickly leaving the ultrasound room with her head hung low.

She finally returned home.

Upon seeing her return, Mrs. Mo called her immediately.

“Li Li.”

“Mother, I’ll go in and sleep for a while.” Mo Li quickened her footsteps and ran into the house. Mrs. Mo noticed that she was not quite right emotionally and that her scarf was almost covering her whole face. She had wanted to ask her about the results from her physical checkup, but looking at how she was acting, her heart sank momentarily. Could there be something wrong?

She immediately followed behind her. As Mo Li entered her room, she got the maid to get her some ice cubes and a hard-boiled egg.

Just as it happened, the maid and Mrs. Mo crossed paths.

“Where are you going?”

“The Princess Consort asked me to bring some ice cubes and a hard-boiled egg.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Mo immediately entered Mo Li’s bedroom. At the door, she saw the hand mark imprinted on Mo Li’s face. Just one look and she knew who had done it. At this place, who else would dare to hit her daughter?

“Li Li.” Mrs. Mo went forward, her eyes turning red. Mo Li threw herself into her arms, hugging her mother’s waist tightly as she sobbed.

“Mother… the doctor said my fallopian tube is blocked, my uterus lining is too thin, and there is inflammation in my uterus…”

Mrs. Mo consoled her. “It’s okay, you can get treated for them. Did your mother-in-law hit you?”

“Umm.” Mo Li released her hands and rubbed her eyes, smiling at her mother. “I’m fine. It’ll be gone after I give it a rub.”

“How dare she hit you, she’s really gone overboard!” Mrs. Mo’s heart ached for her daughter, yet she could not do anything. “When your husband comes back, tell him about it. If he stands up for you, your mother-in-law wouldn’t dare to hit you anymore in the future.”

Mo Li pressed her lips together as she replied, “So what if I do, it’ll only let my mother-in-law think I’m asking for a fight. Mother, if I were not still so young and if not for you, I might have been dead long ago.”

Mrs. Mo gently held onto her face, her heart torn with grief. “Li Li, as long as you’re alive, there is always hope. You’ll have nothing if you die.”

At this moment, Byron returned. Mrs. Mo turned and left the room.

Looking at her face, Byron went forward and asked her, “Did Mother do this?”

Mo Li took the ice cubes from the maid and applied it on the mark on her face. “It’s fine.”

“I’m sorry, honey.” He sat on the bed. “Lie down and apply it.”

Mo Li nodded, taking off her slippers and lying down. Seeing how he pulled the covers for her, she said frankly, “The doctor told you everything, right?”


She looked up at him. “I didn’t have an abortion done before, I really didn’t.”

Byron looked into her eyes. “I believe you.”

The three words went right into Mo Li’s heart and her eyes brightened as she gazed at him. “Byron, you’re too nice to me.”

“You’re my wife.” He got up and took the hard-boiled egg from the maid before laying down beside her. “There’s nothing wrong with being ill. It’s not some incurable disease anyway, you’ll get better. I’m not in a rush to have children.”

Mo Li held her face, her heart feeling especially warmed by his words.

Not long after Byron lay down on the bed, he got up and left again as something cropped up. After he had just left, Mo Li received a call from Byron’s ex-wife, Annie, which surprised her.

Half an hour later, Mo Li appeared at a teahouse not far away from her home, wearing sunglasses and a face mask.

She was the only one seated in the private room. Seeing that Mo Li had arrived, Annie casually shouted, “Mo Li, have a seat.”

Mo Li sat right opposite her, her eyes fixed on her. “Why did you ask me out?”

“What’s the hurry, I just wanted to give you a reminder. You don’t have to overthink about whether I’ll harm you. I have better things to do than that. I just felt uncomfortable about something, so I wanted to talk to you about it.” She reached out to pour some tea.

“I don’t think I have anything to talk to you about, and I don’t need you to remind me of anything either.”

Annie gave a forceful laugh with her lips pressed together. “Hey, brat, although you’re an unwanted good that’s not worthy of Byron in any way, I still think you should listen to advice from your husband’s ex-wife. After all, I don’t have any intention of remarrying him, and I will never use this to sow discord. Furthermore, I’ve lived with him for a pretty long time.”

Mo Li softened her tone considerably. “Just tell me what you want to say then, I’m listening.”

“How did Byron tell you the reason for our divorce?”

“He didn’t really say much about it. He only mentioned it briefly, I didn’t really probe into it.”

Annie crossed her leg. “Did he say that I initiated the divorce because I couldn’t stand the strict customs and etiquette that had to be adhered to?”

“Wasn’t it?”

“Let me tell you this, Byron and I fell in love and got married. We’d been married for six years and always had a good relationship. I didn’t really want to have children, but I was still willing to bear children for him in the end. Why would I get a divorce just because of customs? It was because he completely shattered my image of him, so we divorced. Young lady, the position as the Princess Consort is not such an easy one. I see that you haven’t removed your sunglasses and face mask since you came in, did you get slapped?” She seemed like she had seen through everything, even the way she said it made it seem like nothing.