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Mo Li was instantly exposed by this woman — her husband’s ex-wife. She suddenly felt embarrassed, like she had been made into a joke.

“So what if I was?” she openly admitted. “I’m sure you have been slapped too.”

“Of course. Not by him, but by his mother, who’s a real piece of work.” Annie did not mince her words. “Think over what I’ve said. Although you’re a woman I look down on, I really don’t want to see him treat you like how he treated me. It’ll take a very long time for one to get over it. You’re quite smart too. Knowing that S Nation’s Ye family is not an easy family to enter, you’ve found yourself someone easy to back you.”

“I’m not the kind of woman you’re thinking of, I’ve never thought of entering the Ye family.”

“Right, because you can’t enter, you’re consoling yourself like this. You better act wisely, and don’t forget to thank me next time.” Annie flashed a smug smile at her. The exquisite makeup on her face made this woman appear even more attractive.

Mo Li looked at her, remaining silent.

After Annie left, Mo Li sat there by herself, recalling her words. Although she wasn’t sure if her words were credible, she really took them to heart. Whether her words were true, only time would tell.

“Young Master, Missy is here.” Fan Shixin hesitated before continuing, “Should I let her in?”

“Let her in,” Jin Qingyan replied without raising his head.

“Alright.” Fan Shixin turned and went to open the main gate.

Jin Qingyue pointed a finger at Fan Shixin. “You’ve stopped me from entering a few times already. You just wait, I’ll tell my brother about this.”

Fan Shixin reached out and casually rubbed his nose, closing the main gate indifferently. He did not take her words to heart at all.

Jin Qingyue was wearing extra high ankle boots, and every step she took produced a clear cracking sound from her heels. She did not bother to change shoes and immediately sat beside Jin Qingyan. “Brother, during these few days when you weren’t at home, I couldn’t even enter the main gate of your house. Fan Shixin kept stopping me from entering!”

“It’s right to stop you from entering. Am I suppose to allow you to treat this as your own house, allowing you to come in whenever you want?” Jin Qingyan’s gaze was fixed on the screen of the laptop which was lying on his lap. His tone was mild and cold.


“What’s the matter, that you’ve been looking for me for a few times already?”

Seeing that he refused to look at her, Jin Qingyan reached out to block his laptop screen. “Where’s Sister-in-law?”

“She hasn’t woken up.” He turned and looked at her. “What exactly is the matter?”

“I’m going to look for my sister-in-law.” She was about to stand up, but Jin Qingyan pulled her back to where she originally was. “Your sister-in-law is still resting, don’t disturb her. You can tell me if you have anything to say.”

“I want to ask her if the ritual Shaochuan did is effective enough. That morning, her tone seemed to suggest that it wasn’t useful enough. I wanted to confirm again, so I went to find her a few times, but I couldn’t see her. Her phone was either switched off or she doesn’t pick up.” Jin Qingyue replied honestly.

“Shi Shaochuan did a ritual for Wang Fangfang?”

“Yes, he did one.”

“Has Shi Shaochuan really repented about what happened to Wang Fangfang?” Jin Qingyan could guess the answer immediately. “No, right?”

“Umm, no. The ritual was… to make Wang Fangfang unable to reincarnate for eternity, and for her soul to be ripped into pieces.” As Jin Qingyue answered him, she felt rather uneasy.

Jin Qingyan looked at her for a moment and replied, “The both of you are really asking for death.”

“Brother, do you think the ritual Shaochuan did is useless?”

“Although I don’t know if it is useless, I look down on his behavior. You’re turning a blind eye to it anyway, why care about such things? Just live your life with him properly and leave the people around you alone.”

“Brother, how can you say such words!” Jin Qingyue shrieked furiously. “Is this something you should say to your sister?”

“If there’s nothing else, you should go back.”

“I want to ask my sister-in-law.” She remained persistent about it.

“Do what you want.” He stood up and carried his laptop upstairs.


Jin Qingyan turned a deaf ear to her call and returned to the bedroom, locking the door from the inside.

Seeing him enter with his face green with anger, An Xiaoning sat upright with both her hands supporting her on the bed. “I thought I heard your sister’s voice.”

“Umm, she’s here. She’s looking for you.”

An Xiaoning lay down again. “Then I should sleep for a while more.”

Jin Qingyan’s face, which was originally scrunched up, instantly relaxed. He placed his laptop on the desk and said with a faint smile, “She came to ask if the ritual Shi Shaochuan did was useful.”

“Oh? So she came to get some peace for her mind.” An Xiaoning pulled the covers up to her neck. “I think it’s completely useless. Shi Shaochuan is that inhumane. I can’t be bothered if he’s dead or alive, I’m not a saint anyway, I have more important things to do.”

“Alright, then don’t care about it. Seeing that idiot makes me annoyed too.”

An Xiaoning broke out into a laugh. “But, he’s about to become your brother-in-law.”

“Who cares about him? It’s already this time, you should get up.” Jin Qingyan brought her clothes and placed them on the covers. “I’ll be going back to the old residence. My grandmother asked me to make a trip there.”

“Then, go. I’ll be staying at home, I don’t feel like going anywhere.” An Xiaoning asked while she changed, “Can you go and take a look if your sister’s gone?”

“There’s no need, she hasn’t left for sure.”

An Xiaoning got down from the bed. “Let her be then.”

When she went downstairs, Jin Qingyue immediately ran forward to her when she saw her. “Sister-in-law, I have something to ask you.”

An Xiaoning sat at the dining table as Auntie Chen served the dishes. “You have something to ask me, but I’ve nothing to reply to you.”

“Sister-in-law, about what you said that morning, did you mean that Shaochuan’s ritual was useless?”

“So what if it is useless or not?” She looked up at her. “I’ve already said, I don’t want to answer any of your questions. Please respect the superficial relationship we have in name, don’t forget what you did to me before.”

“Hmph, you’re really petty. How long ago was that incident that you’re still taking it to heart?”

An Xiaoning sneered. “So that makes it my fault, I’m the petty one now? Then what do I do, I’m just that kind of person.”

“You really won’t tell me?”

An Xiaoning ate her food calmly, ignoring her.

Jin Qingyue could no longer stand it and stood up to leave right away.

Meanwhile, at the old Jin residence…

Jin Qingyan looked at the wooden box placed on the desk and asked, “What’s inside?”

Old Mrs. Jin answered with a light smile, “Qingyan, open it.”

He reached out to open the wooden box. Inside was a piece of jade, a thumb ring. The color, however, looked slightly peculiar.

“A thumb ring?”

His grandmother nodded. “This has been passed down our Jin family. Your father should have given it to you earlier, but it took so long. Now’s a good opportunity for you to have it. You should wear it in the future.”

He reached out and took the thumb ring. Looking at it carefully, he asked, “Why is this piece of jade of such a color? It’s neither green nor red.”

“Such a long time has passed since it was made, from our ancestors’ time until now. It’s been so many years. I heard from your grandfather that this piece of jade is extraordinary. You can say that it’s our Jin family’s lifeline, which has continued to bless us. Don’t belittle it. Also, it has magical properties. Once you wear it, it will recognize you as its master until you pass it down to your next generation,” Mr. Jin explained. “Wear it on for me to see.”