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“Then what do you think is the reason that your parents and grandmother died one after another?”

“I don’t know, please stop asking me, can’t you see that today is the day of burial?!” He pushed away the microphone of the reporter exasperatedly and struggled through the crowd to leave.

After arriving home from the cemetery, Shi Shaochuan locked himself in his room. Although he did not admit that it was just a coincidence, reality had given him a tight slap on the face.

He knew it was a coincidence. It absolutely had to be a coincidence!

His whole body was shaking with anger. On the thought that he was the only one left in the Shi family, Shi Shaochuan couldn’t help but feel regret. If he had known things would become like this, he would have just forced Wang Fangfang to abort the child instead of killing her.

But it was a pity, things could no longer turn back!

He knew clearly that all these had nothing to do with Jin Qingyue. He was the cause of it all.

Now, as long as he could stop Wang Fangfang, he didn’t need his dignity or face. He could forsake them all.

If he ended up dead too, then the Shi family would definitely be a failure. Everything in the Shi family would land in outsiders’ hands and go down the drain.

At this thought, Shi Shaochuan walked briskly to the bathroom and turned on the tap, using the water to rinse his face continuously.

After briefly wiping his face, he went to the living room.

Seeing him appear, Jin Qingyue immediately stood up and said anxiously, “Shaochuan, I know you are very upset, but the problem still needs to be solved.”

“Bring me to see An Xiaoning.”

Jin Qingyue questioned, “Do you think my sister-in-law will help you solve the problem? Did you forget what you once said?”

The look on Shi Shaochuan’s face was absolutely ghastly. “Do you think I would go find her if I was not desperate?”

Jin Qingyue commented frankly, “I don’t think she will help.”

“Yueyue.” Shi Shaochuan held onto both her shoulders with his hands. “We’re getting married on the 18th of February, it’s in about half a month’s time. If this thing isn’t settled, do you think we can get married with ease? Are you not afraid that either of us might suddenly die? She is still your sister-in-law no matter what. If she doesn’t agree to help us, get your parents to ask on our behalf. Go and ask your mother, and bring her with you.”

“Then you’ll have to come along too,” Jin Qingyue replied grudgingly. “Although I haven’t interacted much with her, I still know her a bit. If the person in question doesn’t ask her personally, she’ll definitely not agree to it.”

“Alright, I’ll go with you.”

Shi Shaochuan and Jin Qingyue made a trip to the old Jin residence. Jin Qingyue continued to beg her parents, and Mrs. Jin finally agreed to go along with them to get An Xiaoning’s help.

Jin Qingyan had gone to the office while An Xiaoning was resting at home. Seeing the three of them here, she knew at once what they had come for.

“Mother.” An Xiaoning went forward to greet her.

“Xiaoning, take a seat. Mother wants to talk to you about something.”

She sat down opposite the three.

Mrs. Jin hesitated for a moment and finally spoke. “Did you see the news about the Shi family?”

“Oh that. Yes, I saw.”

“Well, you see, Qingyue is getting married with Shaochuan on the 18th. If this thing isn’t settled, more people might die in the future. They came to the old residence to look for me to ask me to get a favor from you. Will you be able to settle this issue for them?”

Pursing her lips, An Xiaoning replied, “Mother, I just saw the news and I can still remember Mr. Shi’s words clearly. He said his parents’ and grandmother’s deaths are not a coincidence, but he doesn’t believe in anything that isn’t backed by scientific proof. Why is it that the next moment, he comes finding you to get me to solve this matter? Mother, you’re unaware of this — he previously did a ritual for Wang Fangfang, hoping that she’ll never be able to reincarnate for eternity and for her soul to be ripped into pieces. He’s such a disloyal and unrepentant person, so why should I help him? Moreover, he’s someone that I never want to see. I was kicked out by him when I was the one helping him, now I’m awakened. I don’t want to have anything to do with his matters.”

Mrs. Jin’s face went pale upon hearing An Xiaoning’s words. She turned and looked at Jin Qingyue. “Did you hear your sister-in-law? Why are you so obsessed with a man like him, are there no other men left in this world?”

Shi Shaochuan’s expression had turned ghastly, but he tried to control his own emotions. The words he once said could no longer be taken back, so he could only look at An Xiaoning and utter a few words grudgingly, “I’m sorry.”

An Xiaoning stared at him, feeling incredulous. “Am I the person you should be apologizing to? Shouldn’t it be the one who you played with and killed with your own hands?”

“As long as this matter can be settled, I’m willing to go to her grave to get her forgiveness.” During that moment, his tone was neither harsh nor arrogant.

An Xiaoning sized him up. “Ask for forgiveness? Do you intend to commit suicide in front of her grave?”

Jin Qingyue could no longer listen on. “Sister-in-law, Shaochuan has already apologized to you and is willing to ask for forgiveness, why are you still being so hard on him?”

“Being hard on him?” An Xiaoning stood up and looked directly into Jin Qingyue’s eyes. “A pile of shit like this, only you seem to find it delicious. I can’t be bothered if you want to have a relationship with him, but please don’t force your values on others. I’m not the merciful Bodhisattva, a mere insincere apology won’t make me change my mind.”

“Look… Mother, look at Sister-in-law, she’s too much!” Jin Qingyue exclaimed furiously.

Mrs. Jin glared at her. “Can you blame your sister-in-law for that?”

She stood up and was about to leave.

“Mother, are you leaving?”

“Of course. I’ve already brought the two of you here and helped you ask a favor. The rest is not up to me but your sister-in-law. She can decide if she wants to help, I can’t force it.” Mrs. Jin suddenly thought that this could be a chance for them not to get married, which she felt was actually pretty good. Watching her daughter jump into a fiery pit simply made her heart ache terribly.

Only Shi Shaochuan and Jin Qingyue were left in the living room. The two exchanged glances and Jin Qingyue remarked, “I knew my sister-in-law wouldn’t be easy to persuade. What now?”

“I’ll go and beg her.” He stood up and was about to head towards the staircase, but Jin Qingyue pulled him back. “If you dare to go to my sister-in-law’s bedroom, my brother will kill you when he gets back. Don’t forget, you were my sister-in-law’s ex-husband. We should sit and wait here to show our sincerity.”

And so, the two continued to sit on the living room sofa to wait for An Xiaoning to come back downstairs.

They waited until Jin Qingyan had returned home.

Seeing the two sitting there like two blocks of wood, Jin Qingyan changed his shoes and headed upstairs, completely ignoring them.

“Brother, get Sister-in-law to come down.”

Jin Qingyan acted like he didn’t hear her and continued walking up the stairs to the second floor. When he opened the bedroom door, he discovered that An Xiaoning was practicing yoga on the yoga mat.

He went forward and sat down beside her, asking, “Are you really washing your hands off of this matter?”

An Xiaoning took a deep breath and sat there, replying calmly, “Calm down, there’s no hurry.”

Jin Qingyan grinned from ear to ear. “You’re not in a hurry, but someone’s going crazy.”

“Then let him be, I don’t even want to see him at all. He’s not truly repentant.”