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Upon seeing the two bodyguards passed out outside the washroom, a female patron let out a shriek in horror and hurriedly looked for the hotel service staff.

The service staff informed the hotel manager of the matter immediately. The other bodyguards recognized their colleagues right away before the manager had even called the police.

The rest of the Jin family and Shi Shaochuan were not bothered by the commotion going on outside and continued with their meal. It was not until the other bodyguards had barged in to inform them of the incident that they realized something disastrous had happened!

Jin Qingyan sprinted towards the washroom immediately, only to see that there was not a single soul in sight.

He then demanded to watch the footage of the surveillance cameras. However, to his dismay, the surveillance cameras outside the washroom had been destroyed beyond ruins.

Shi Shaochuan was utterly ashamed to see that the luncheon he had organized had ended up becoming a catastrophic event. However, what matters more at this point of time was to find out who had abducted An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyue.

“Jin Qingyan, should we call the police? Call the police now,” Mrs. Jin exclaimed frantically.

“Mother, there’s no use in calling the police now. Even if we make a police report, Xiaoning and Qingyue may not survive and the mastermind will at most lose two assassins. I am their target. Let’s head home first, I reckon they will definitely contact me soon,” said Jin Qingyue, feeling like a million daggers had pierced through his heart as he took the blame on himself for failing to protect his wife and sister.

As soon as they arrived back at the old Mansion, he received a text message on his mobile phone.

It read: “You should know the consequences of calling the police. Don’t bother tracking our location, our boss isn’t short of hitmen. Just wait patiently for the next piece of news.”

Mr. and Mrs. Jin were devastated upon reading the message. “What are we supposed to do now?” Mrs. Jin cried.

Jin Qingyan replied: “Tell me straight, what is it you’re after? Stop beating about the bush.”

However, he did not receive any more replies afterwards.

They did not manage to keep the word from spreading, and thus, news of the incident soon made the headlines.

News of An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyue being abducted was indeed breaking and came across as a huge shock to many.

Upon hearing the news, Mei Yangyang hurriedly gave An Xiaoning a call, but to no avail. She then proceeded to call Long Tianze, only to hear that the news was indeed true.

A million questions began to flood her mind. Who could’ve abducted her in broad daylight? Why did they take Sis Xiaoning away? She could not figure out the answers to her questions. Not in the mood to continue tending to the store, Mei Yangyang decided to make her way to the Jin family mansion together with Long Tianze. As soon as they arrived, they were surrounded by a bunch of reporters.

Refusing to answer any of their questions, Long Tianze took her hand in his and entered the mansion.

They stepped inside, only to find that the living room was filled with people, including members of the Jin and Gu family. Mei Yangyang grabbed onto Long Tianze’s hand as tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Since you’ve already known earlier that someone is planning to harm you, why didn’t you tighten your security and bring along more bodyguards? It’s your fault to have allowed the mastermind a chance to abduct them!” Gu Beicheng hollered as he grew into an uncontrollable rage, almost laying a hand on him.

“Are you done? I’ve already said this before, I’m their main target, not Xiaoning and Qingyue. They’re doing this to get my attention. So, let’s just wait for further news,” said Jin Qingyan, trying his best to suppress his emotions.

“Is that all we can do? Sit back and wait? Wouldn’t we be put at a disadvantage that way?” Gu Beicheng questioned agitatedly.

“We can’t afford to take the risk in such a dangerous situation. You have to understand, it’s a piece of cake for them to take their lives — they can kill them within minutes. We don’t have a say in this matter. So, we can only wait patiently for now,” Jin Qingyan explained, overwhelmed with torment.

His mind was blank and all he could think about was An Xiaoning. He would never forgive himself should anything happen to her.

All of a sudden, Jin Qingyan recalled that they had gotten married on the 26th of September. It had only been less than 6 months, yet he seemed to have already fallen for her completely before he even realized. He could not remember when she had begun mattering so much to him.

He suddenly realized that he could not go on with his life without her.

An Xiaoning came to, only to realize that she was blindfolded. She began shaking her head vigorously in a bid to shake the blindfold off and finally succeeded after multiple attempts.

She tried to move, but to no avail, as her limbs were shackled to chains.

In the complete darkness of the room, An Xiaoning vaguely noticed that there was someone next to her. Squinting her eyes to have a clearer look, she realized that it was Jin Qingyue.

An Xiaoning fell into a state of despair upon recalling the moment she had passed out.

She absolutely detested the feeling of being restrained.

If I could make it out alive, I would definitely take up wrestling classes, no matter how expensive they may be. Money is nothing compared to my safety , she thought to herself.

But then again, what were the chances of making it out alive when she’s stuck in such a hopeless situation?

Her previous dream had proven itself to be a premonition.

Perhaps, one would realize things only at the brink of death.

Feeling a sudden urge to answer nature’s call, An Xiaoning yelled for help but did not get a response.

Her bladder was so full it was about to burst. She had no choice but to endure it while pressing her legs together.

However, she could only endure for so long.

Not wanting to settle her business there and then, she continued to yell for help.

Finally, she heard a sound, after which the lights were turned on. An Xiaoning squinted at the man dressed in black, going down the stairs, not too far away. He had a balaclava covering his face, leaving only his eyes exposed. He stepped forward and removed her blindfold, released her from the chains, and put her in handcuffs, before bringing her to the washroom.

Just as she had pulled her pants up after answering nature’s call, the man quickly barged in to pull her back to the holding room.

“Who are you? What are you trying to do? Why did you abduct me?” An Xiaoning asked despite having already guessed the answer, more or less.

Glaring at her, the man answered coldly, “You don’t have to know who we are. You’ll know why we took you away, in no time. We abducted you for a reason, of course.”

Just as he was about to leave, a sudden stench of urine wafted up to his nose, causing him to be taken aback.

An Xiaoning looked over to see that it was Jin Qingyue who had urinated on the spot as soon as she woke up, for she could not hold it in any longer. The pool of urine began flowing towards her slowly.

Without hesitation, the man stepped forward to remove Jin Qingyue’s blindfold and gave her two tight slaps across her face, causing her to instantly snap out of her daze.

More awake than ever, Jin Qingyue’s lips trembled with fear upon the realization of what was going on.

The man did not clean up after the mess but instead walked away and turned off the lights.

“Sister-in-law, where are we?” asked a terrified Jin Qingyue.

“How would I know? There’s no way we can escape at this point, we can only wait for further news,” An Xiaoning said calmly, clearly the more rational one between the two.

“Will Brother manage to save us? They can’t be planning to kill us, can they?” Jin Qingyue asked worriedly, on the verge of tears.

“It won’t be that easy for him to save us, especially since we are now hostages. There’ll be hope as long as we live on,” answered An Xiaoning.