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“I’m so scared, what if we end up dying here? I don’t want to die here.”

Jin Qingyue burst into tears, which streamed down her face uncontrollably like a tap.

An Xiaoning’s mind was in such a turmoil that she could not think straight. To make matters worse, she had to suffer the stench of urine and tolerate Jin Qingyue’s constant wailing.

They struggled to survive as time crawled by, with each passing minute feeling like an hour of endless torment. They continued to hope for a chance to escape, without any idea of what awaited them.

Having borne a strong hatred towards An Xiaoning since forever, Chi Rui’er was over the moon upon receiving the news of her abduction.

Someone had already dealt with An Xiaoning before she had to. It seemed to her that An Xiaoning had offended too many people.

However, she was unsure why Jin Qingyue was taken away too.

Just as she was celebrating the good news, Gu Dongcheng entered.

She quickly stopped smiling and pretended to be worried as she said frantically, “I’ve seen everything on the news, I can’t believe such people actually exist. I wonder how Xiaoning is doing.”

“Nothing must happen to her. Our family is going to be doomed should anything happen,” Gu Dongcheng said with a sigh as he laid onto the bed.

“You guys and Jin Qingyan are rivals in business. Does her existence really matter? I’ve always been curious about this, actually. Why did your family acknowledge her as one of you? Her name is even included in your family historical record, and your address is also registered as her home in her registry account. Why is that so?” Chi Rui’er asked.

Not wishing to reveal much, Gu Dongcheng answered, “For a very important reason, of course. She’s someone who matters a lot to our family.”

“Hey, feed my curiosity. I’d really like to know the reason,” she urged, cozying up to him.

“My grandfather mentioned while he was still alive that she could save our family in the future,” Gu Dongcheng explained briefly.

“Save your family? Are you kidding me? I reckon she can’t even save herself, can she? Your grandfather must’ve been manipulated and fooled by her tricks,” Chi Rui’er scoffed.

“It’s not like that. Don’t jump to conclusions if you don’t know anything about these,” Gu Dongcheng said sternly.

Chi Rui’er was not in the least bit convinced that An Xiaoning was capable of saving the Gu family. Besides, given their powerful status and wealth, why would they need the help of a small fry like An Xiaoning?

Absolute ridiculousness! Or so she thought.

“Has there been any news from the abductors?”

“It’s not an abductor, they’re just hitmen hired by an anonymous person to kill Jin Qingyan. But, I reckon they must have a hidden agenda for taking Xiaoning and Jin Qingyue away,” said Gu Dongcheng.

“They’re planning to kill Jin Qingyan?” Chi Rui’er asked in astonishment.

“Yes. Didn’t you see how many bodyguards Jin Qingyan had been bringing with him everywhere recently? He’s been really stringent and uptight about tightening security, so much so that the hitmen have probably picked on an easier target, to begin with. We’re not concerned about Jin Qingyue, we just need An Xiaoning to stay alive,” Gu Dongcheng answered as his head began to ache.

“You may not care, but the Jins will definitely be concerned. I’m hungry, I’m going to get something to eat,” said Chi Rui’er, putting on her shoes.

“Didn’t you mention over the phone just now that you’ve just had your meal?”

“Yes, but I’m hungry again,” Chi Rui’er answered, turning around to grab a snack.

Moments later, Chi Rui’er returned with some snacks, a milk beverage, and some fruit. Upon seeing how much food she had brought, Gu Dongcheng remarked, “Do you plan on stuffing yourself silly, such that you’ll become as fat as a pig?”

“Mind your words, I just think I was too skinny before, so I’m trying to gain some weight. Wouldn’t you enjoy touching me more if I get chubbier? I’m sparing a thought for you!” Chi Rui’er retorted, glaring at him.

Gu Dongcheng sat up straight and said in response, “You’re going to become obese at the rate you’re eating, with no exercise at all. It’s time you move about daily, it’s not good for women to be too chubby. You’ll risk suffering from hormonal imbalance.”

“You really know your stuff, eh? I have to eat more since I’m in a great mood today,” said Chi Rui’er, shoving a snack into her mouth.

“Do whatever you please.” He stood up and prepared to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“Out to handle some matters.”

Chi Rui’er lifted her clothes to peek at her growing baby bump. What she had to focus on doing now was to make Gu Dongcheng devote to her completely and get married after.

She had already begun hatching a plan to get him to marry her.

Having already bribed the doctors and nurses at the hospital, she was confident that she could execute her plan seamlessly.

The position of the Eldest Young Madam of the Gu Family was hers to keep!

He received a new text message the day after.

It read: “Getting impatient, huh? Your wife and sister are right here in front of me. Jin Qingyan, pick one, their lives are in your hands. I’m afraid you’re going to have a hard time deciding. How about this, I’ll give you a day to decide. If I still don’t get an answer from you by tomorrow, then I’m sorry, but I’ll be taking both their lives.”

Jin Qingyan almost passed out upon reading the message.

Choosing between the two of them…

How was he supposed to decide?

One was his wife, and the other, his sister. There was no way he could come to a decision.

Noticing how pale he looked, Mrs. Jin asked worriedly, “Qingyan, what did they say?”

Jin Qingyan did not answer and instead handed her his mobile phone.

Mrs. Jin was dumbfounded upon reading the message.

The mobile phone was passed to Gu Beicheng, who then said while staring at Jin Qingyan, “We have to save Xiaoning first, no matter what.”

Mrs. Jin could not help but protest, “No! Didn’t you see that we’re only allowed to choose one? What’s going to happen to Qingyue if we choose to save Xiaoning?”

“Who was the one who landed Xiaoning in such a plight?” Gu Beicheng scoffed.

Jin Qingyan stood up immediately and snatched his phone back, after which he hurriedly replied with a text message, pleading for them to release An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyue in exchange for his life.

Little did he expect that the hitmen would reply almost instantly with just one word: “No.”

Jin Qingyan knew immediately what they had up their sleeves — they had wanted him to suffer the torment of being torn between saving his wife and his sister.

“Young Sir, I’ve found the location of the place they’re hiding them,” said Fan Shixin as he entered through the door.

As soon as he finished speaking, Jin Qingyan received yet another message.

“You’d better watch out the next time your men comes near us. Don’t forget, we have your wife and sister.”

“Keep your distance from them, don’t go too near,” Jin Qingyan instructed.


After a brief moment of silence that filled the air, Mrs. Gu began to speak, “They demand an answer from us within 24 hours from now. How about we send some men to save them in secret tonight?”

Furrowing his brows, Gu Beicheng said, “Mother, that’s impossible. They’ll definitely be taking shifts to guard the place.”

“What are we supposed to do then? No matter what it is, Xiaoning has to make it out alive,” said Mrs. Gu, her head aching in frustration.

“I’d also like for Xiaoning to be able to escape unscathed, but we can’t allow Qingyue to die too,” said Mrs. Jin.

“That’s enough, stop arguing. We’ll discuss this slowly. But of course, it’d be best if both of them are safe and sound,” Mr. Jin interjected.