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Jin Qingyue quickly grabbed Shi Shaochuan’s hand and said as a sudden thought crossed her mind, “Do you think she’ll bear a grudge towards my family because my mother chose to save me instead of her, causing her to have had a close shave with death? What if she attempts to poison us to death?”

“I don’t think so. I’m not trying to defend her, but I don’t think she’s such a person,” Shi Shaochuan answered.

“We can’t be too sure about that. You’ll never know what a person is truly thinking. I’d better tell my parents about it, so they can be wary of her,” Jin Qingyue said worriedly as she began to let her imagination run wild.

Thinking that her concerns were redundant, Shi Shaochuan answered, “Shouldn’t you be informing your brother instead?”

“My brother… I don’t think he’d want to see me now. He used to be head-over-heels in love with Chi Rui’er, but God knows why he suddenly agreed to marry Sister-in-law. They got married on the 26th of September last year. It’s only been a mere few months, yet he seems to have changed a lot, and I think he had already fallen for Sister-in-law,” Jin Qingyue said with a long sigh.

Shi Shaochuan begged to differ. “Well, they’re a married couple who spend so much time together and sleep on the bed every day. They’re bound to develop feelings for each other, more or less. Nothing too strange about that. Would your brother have married An Xiaoning if she wasn’t capable of fortune-telling? To put it bluntly, your family must’ve made that decision because they were after the benefits she could bring about. Otherwise, she’s merely an ordinary woman who’s divorced, with nothing to her name at all. What rights would she have to deserve the recognition and admiration of your family and brother, respectively?”

“You’re right. I’m a little worried though,” Jin Qingyue agreed with a nod.


“My sister-in-law has read my fortune before…”

Before she could even finish, Shi Shaochuan interjected, “Well, I have to admit, she’s indeed something. But, Yueyue, can you bear to separate yourself from me completely? Don’t you think it’d be a waste to give up on our relationship before even trying to change your destiny?”

Jin Qingyue nodded profusely and wrapped her arms tightly around him. “No matter what my fate decides, I have to be brave just this once. After all, we’ve already been through so much hardship to come thus far.”

“I’m the only one left in my family, you’ll call the shots once we get married. We’ll then give birth to a few children, how does that sound?”

“Who said I wanted to bear your children? Dream on,” said Jin Qingyue, blushing shyly with a coy smile.

“You, of course. Our wedding will be here real soon,” Shi Shaochuan answered with a chuckle.

“Shaochuan, are you really unaffected by the death of your family? Didn’t they say that weddings had to be postponed should any of the prospective bride or groom’s family members pass away? Besides, your family…”

“It doesn’t matter, I want to settle down and have children with you, Yueyue. Our wedding will proceed as planned. I’ve been busy with making the necessary arrangements lately. Just get ready to look your best and be my beautiful bride, okay?”

Jin Qingyue gazed at him adoringly and nodded.

Mei Yangyang returned to the hospital ward after printing out the divorce agreement, only to be greeted with the surprising sight of both Jin Qingyan and Gu Beicheng.

Fortunately, she had kept the agreement obscured in her handbag.

“Sis, I’m back,” she said calmly, maintaining her composure.

“Take a seat and have some rest.”

Mei Yangyang tactfully sat down at the other end. Gu Beicheng had remained silent ever since he entered, due to Jin Qingyan’s presence.

After a long period of silence, the room was suddenly filled with the sounds of Ma Jianguo’s voice, which could be heard coming from the door. An Xiaoning looked up to see that Ma Jianguo had arrived with Gong Le and Zu Dong, with Pan Zhenghui and Xu Yang also tagging along.

Jin Qingyan and Gu Beicheng then stood up to greet them with a handshake each. “It’s really incredible that Xiaoning had managed to survive the ordeal. You’re bound to enjoy good fortune after such a disaster. In the meantime, just rest and recuperate, don’t bother about the matters at the Investigation Unit. Your health is of utmost importance, staying healthy should be your priority.”

“I was planning to do so as well. Thank you for visiting me, Chief Officer Xu.”

“Don’t mention it, it was only right for me to do so.”

“Xiaoning, you must be wondering about the aftermath of the incident. Let me tell you what happened afterwards. We managed to track down the location of the other hitman, based on the information on the mobile phone we found inside your pocket. However, he decided to kill himself after realizing that we had surrounded him and that there was no way for him to escape. Thus, this leads us to a dead end and we haven’t managed to find any further clues since then,” Pan Zhenghui said quickly, as soon as Xu Yang turned around.

“Since they were top hitmen hired with a hefty sum of money, they must’ve been under the control of a mastermind. They would at most be punished if they managed to return home successfully, should they fail to complete the mission. However, in the event that they get arrested by the police, their only way out is to kill themselves. Besides, his identity was already exposed, I’m not surprised he decided to end his life, since that would mean that you guys would be unable to continue investigating. I’ll be washing my hands off this matter from now onwards. Just get Qingyan to be more wary and cautious in the future, the culprit will be revealed one day. It’s only a matter of time, no hurry,” said An Xiaoning.

“Indeed. Refrain from speaking too much, lest you rupture your wound,” Pan Zhenghui agreed.

An Xiaoning murmured assent and remained silent afterwards, not wishing to find out more since the rest of the matter had already been settled.

The policemen then proceeded to leave and so did Gu Beicheng, for he had an important dinner to attend.

The three of them were left alone in the room, including Mei Yangyang.

“Yangyang, have you prepared the document I asked you to?” An Xiaoning asked.

“Yes, Sis.”

An Xiaoning gave a nod of approval and said, “Hand it to me and go out first.”

Jin Qingyan began to feel uneasy and worried, though he was unsure what document she was referring to.

Mei Yangyang handed An Xiaoning the enveloped document, after which the latter placed it in front of her and waved Mei Yangyang goodbye.

“Sis, I’ll take my leave then. See you tomorrow.”


Mei Yangyang exited the ward and closed the door gently.

“You… got her to prepare a document? What is it?”

Staring at the haggard-looking Jin Qingyan, An Xiaoning felt a strong urge to be a magnanimous wife for once and tell him this: “It’s alright that we lost our child, we can have plenty in the future. What has already happened is now in the past, let’s just put it behind us and move on with life.”

She thought it would make her seem courageous and unrestrained, saying those words.

However, she simply could not bring herself to do it.

Her feelings for him had died just as they were about to blossom.


“Call me Hubby.”

“Hubby,” she said, doing as she was told.

“What did you want to tell me?”

An Xiaoning began to feel a little more relaxed at this point, even managing to give a faint smile. “I wanted to say that I don’t hold it against anyone, this matter. I don’t blame you, or your family.”

Jin Qingyan felt instantly relieved upon hearing her words. However, she was not finished, and as per typical situations, such sentences would be followed by an unsettling “but” more often than not.

As expected, she continued, “But, I don’t think I can continue to spend the rest of my life with you. I’ve thought about pretending all this never happened and just returning to our normal life. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’d like to go back to being by myself. So, let’s get a divorce.”

Jin Qingyan stared hard at her face, trying to search for any signs of dilemma and reluctance, but to no avail.

All she had on her face was a calm and amiable smile.