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“I… so I’m actually not the biological child of both of you — no wonder you treat me like this, no wonder I don’t look like any of you.” She stepped into the house and looked at Mrs. An coldly. “The two million you got from my in-laws, give it back.”

Mrs An would never give back money she received. She immediately said, “I have no money to give, except a life of mine.”

“At a young age, I was sent to the mountains by you. Not long after I came back, you forced me to marry into the Shi Family. You’ve also accepted the betrothal gifts from them — treat that money as my compensation for you. I want this money back now, or don’t blame me for being nasty.”

“Unless I’m dead, don’t think about taking away a single cent from us!”

Jin Qingyan’s figure appeared at the door. He strode in, having already heard everything from their conversation.

“Now, how about this—both of you write a contract to cut off all foster ties and go to the nearest office to get an official statement to remove a household member and this two million will be yours, okay?”

An Xiaoning turned around to look at him. Jin Qingyan held her hand tightly, but his voice became colder. “Say something.”

“Sure, okay.” Mr. An quickly left the house while Mrs. An hurried An Xiaonan, “Quick, get a pen and paper.”

An Xiaonan turned around to search for a pen and paper and placed them on the table. He wrote according to what Jin Qingyan instructed him to, and finally, Mrs. An signed on it. Jin Qingyan took a seal from his pocket and passed it to Mrs. An. “Seal your thumbprint on it.”

Mrs. An sealed her thumbprint without hesitation. After half an hour, Mr. An came back. He showed the statement from the office — it had an official seal on it.

“Sign your name and seal your thumbprint too.”

Jin Qingyan quickly scanned the signatures and said after confirming, “After today, An Xiaoning has nothing to do with your family. If you go out and publicize that you’re related to her, we will take legal action. I hope all of you will understand.”

He turned around, held An XiaoNing’s hands, and left.

Mrs An did not feel dejected at all. On the contrary, she was elated. “It’s two million yuan, I would never earn so much in my whole life.”

“Mom, I think both of you have gone overboard.”

Mrs An slapped his head. “What overboard, if back then your father and I did not pick her up at the roadside, will she be here today? I think two million yuan is still too little — we should get at least ten million.”

An XiaoNan rubbed his head. “Luckily I’m a son, if I’d been a daughter, both of you would have long sold me for money.”

“You brat… are you the same as her? You are our flesh and blood, we wouldn’t sell you no matter what. Enough. Now that we have money, let’s get a two-storey house, buy some nice furniture and invest in a small business for you. You still need to get married next time — our good days are finally here.”

The chauffeur drove in one car while Jin QingYan and An XiaoNing drove in another.

“Why did you come here?”

“I knew you couldn’t settle it yourself. Isn’t it good that this money can get you freedom from that family? Why don’t you change your residence to my household?”

An XiaoNing shook her head. “No, I want to change it to the Gu family’s residence.”

Jin QingYan’s heart fell. “Why?”

“Because I’m afraid that one day, I’ll get kicked out by you. It’ll get troublesome.” She was not at all afraid of avoiding such inauspicious words. “After all, no one knows about the future. It’s best to be prepared.”

“You’re such a smart woman.”

An XiaoNing held onto his arm and rested her head on his body. “From today onwards, you’re the closest person I have. Please continue to treat me well.”

Jin QingYan’s heart tightened. Hhis closest person wasn’t her, but her closest person was him?

On the way home, she had fallen asleep while resting on him.

He carried her off the car. An XiaoNing had actually woken up when the car arrived, but not expecting that he would carry her, she continued to pretend she was asleep.

Only after he carried her onto the bed, took off her shoes and covered the blanket on her did An XiaoNing open her eyes slightly. As she was about to talk to him, his phone rang.

“Babylifewasgoodtomebutyoujustmadeitbetternull, Ilovethewayitstandbymethroughanykindofweathernull…”

An XiaoNing saw him take a look at the caller ID and walk out, going downstairs to take the call.

She discreetly lifted the blanket and walked down the stairs.

“How is it now?”


“Let me send a caretaker over.”


“Yes, leaving my beautiful and precious wife at home is inappropriate.”


“Hello… hello..” Jin QingYan saw that the call had ended. He looked anxious and, after some consideration, he still went out.

An XiaoNing went back upstairs to wear her shoes, then got on a car to the hospital.

At the carpark, she found his car as expected. Looking through the news, she eventually decided on the VIP room of the hospital.

She wore a cap that covered most of her face, as well as a pair of sunglasses. Then she sneakily loitered around the entrance of the wards.

After she found the correct ward number, she boldly pushed the door open without making any noise at all.

As she had expected, wards with toilets had a hallway, and she entered the toilet successfully while listening to their conversation.

“Qing Yan, you’re still the best to me. Bei Cheng can’t even compare to you. Ever since I’ve been hospitalised, he only came once briefly and left in a hurry.” Chi RuiEr’s voice was full of despair and dejection.

Jin QingYan asked instead, “Then why did you choose him. If I’m better than him, why didn’t you choose me?”

“Today, I saw your wedding on television. I was so upset.” Chi Rui’er’s eyes reddened. She spoke tearfully while choking on tears, “I don’t know why I didn’t choose you in the past. If I had chosen you, I would have been the one married to you now. I know you would fight for me in front of your family, but now everything’s too late.”

An XiaoNing could no longer stand to listen. She sneaked out of the ward from the toilet.

When she reached her doorstep, she saw Gu BeiCheng’s figure — he had his hands clasped behind his back. She went forward. “What are you doing at my house in the middle of the night?”

“Enjoying the breeze and admiring the moonlight.” Gu BeiCheng smiled lightly. “Why were you so adamant on marrying him?”

“Then shoud I have married you instead?”

“Of course. How nice it is to marry me — we would be a happy family.”

“Don’t be silly. I’m going in. You better leave.” She took a step towards the door, but Gu Beicheng held her arm back and pulled her to face him. A flash of light projected towards them and before she knew it, he held her face tight and planted a small peck before leaving speedily. “Goodnight,” he muttered before he left.

Before An XiaoNing could react, his car had already driven out of sight.

It seemed like in the next second, another car came from the other direction. The door opened abruptly — it was her husband, Jin QingYan.