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Mo Li had been abiding the doctor’s instructions ever since the day of her consultation. Though she was aware that there was still a long way to go before she could nurse her health into a state which was ideal for pregnancy, she was determined not to give up.

She ought to buck up and work hard to bear Byron some children, in order to repay her gratitude towards him for choosing to marry her despite her unglamorous past. She was completely unaware that Ye Xiaotian would be stepping foot into Y Nation again. She had no clue what was going to happen next.

Mo Li rarely got the chance to spend time with Byron, due to the fact that he was rather busy every day, though she did not know in detail just what he was busy with. However, she understood that he had to oversee many matters in the office himself in order to ensure that his company was running well.

She could not afford to waste her days idling about either, and thus, she had been picking up several skills in her free time. Besides, she had to spend most of her time lying down in bed, now that she had just undergone a fallopian tube recanalization surgery.

“Lili, I’ve made you some soup, come drink it while it’s still warm. I’ve simmered it for a long period of time so that the broth would be thicker,” said Mrs. Mo as she handed Mo Li a bowl of soup.

“It smells delicious. Thank you, Mother,” said Mo Li as she took the bowl of soup over and began drinking it slowly, sip by sip.

“It’s almost nine o’clock in the evening, why hasn’t Byron returned home?” Mrs. Mo asked all of a sudden.

“He’s busy, and there’s nothing much I can help him with either. He should be back soon.”

“Okay, remember to take good care of yourself. Things are going to get better once you’re pregnant. Given the fact that they’re royalty, they’ll definitely need a successor. Thus, you have to bear him a child. Byron is not getting any younger either, it’s a great time to have a child now. Mo Li, you have to try and stay happy every day. Your father, Mo Xun, and I are all here to accompany you. Feel free to tell me about your innermost thoughts. Don’t bottle everything up.”

Mo Li took her time to finish the soup before saying, “I know, Mother. Here, take the bowl.”

“I’m going to bed, you should rest early too. Don’t stay up late to wait for Byron.”


Although Mo Li had agreed, she did not abide by her mother’s instruction. She was a little fatigued but not sleepy just yet.

After a relaxing foot bath, she laid onto the bed and began reading her book. Time flew by, and soon, it was 10 o’clock in the evening, yet Byron had still not returned.

Mo Li then decided to give him a call, only to find that it was his assistant, Lance, who had picked up.

“Where’s Byron?”

“Um… His Highness is still in the midst of entertaining his clients. I reckon he still has another hour to go. Your Highness, His Highness has asked for you to go to bed first. You don’t have to wait for him, he’ll be home once he’s finished entertaining.”

“Alright, please tell him I’m going to bed now.” Mo Li ended the call and began to feel worried for Byron, knowing that he would definitely have to drink a ton of alcohol, which would surely cause him discomfort in his stomach.

She lifted the duvet, got out of bed, and headed to the kitchen to brew him some broth to aid him in dissipating the effects of alcohol. She then proceeded to place it in a thermal flask, so as to keep it warm until he returns home.

After placing the flask onto the dining table along with a spoon, she turned around to head back inside her room. At this very moment, the lights went off all of a sudden, without warning.

Shocked and frightened, she hurried to the entrance in the darkness and yelled, “Somebody, come here!”

The bodyguard hurriedly ran towards her and asked, “Your Highness, what’s the matter?”

“Why are the lights off?”

“I’m afraid there’s a power trip. Please hold on, Your Highness.” The bodyguard then instructed for the power source to be checked, only to realize that it was indeed a power trip. Mo Li heaved a huge sigh of relief upon seeing that the lights had been switched on again.

She then turned the lights off and returned to her bedroom.

She laid onto the bed after removing her clothes and soon fell asleep.

At this juncture, a figure emerged from the darkness and entered the room before locking the door from the inside. He then removed his clothes slowly and laid onto the bed as well.

Having felt the presence of someone laying down beside her, Mo Li said, while still being half-asleep, “You’re back? I’ve made you some broth and left it on the dining table.”

Ye Xiaotian was shocked to hear that she had brewed Byron some broth.

With a deadly stare in his eyes, he spread her legs open forcefully with his icy cold hands, in a moment of pique. He then lifted the duvet to cover her above the waist, including her face, only exposing her long and lean legs.

Thinking that it was Byron who had returned, Mo Li did not find anything strange or unusual with what was happening, despite how she was being pinned down forcefully by a pair of hands. She did not resist or struggle and instead even began swaying her hips about to match his rhythm.

To her, it was only normal to engage in such acts of intimacy with Byron, since they were a married couple. Thus, she did not find anything inappropriate with it.

Throughout the course of the entire night, Ye Xiaotian had ejaculated inside her over and over again. After the very last time for the night, he placed a pillow against her crotch to stop the semen from flowing out onto the sheets.

All pleased and satisfied, he put on his clothes and picked up her mobile phone to alter its settings. He then installed a secret software on her mobile phone before leaving.

The half-asleep Mo Li had no clue of what actually happened.

Ye Xiaotian had managed to leave Byron’s territory successfully. Meanwhile, Byron and his assistant had just regained their senses after having too much to drink. Not sensing anything amiss, they got up on the car and Byron proceeded to lie down in the back seat. Lance had drunk significantly lesser compared to Byron. It was already almost three o’clock in the morning and the streets were rather empty.

The car drove slowly towards his home.

Lance then reclined the backrest of the passenger seat and crawled behind to the back row.

“Are we home?”

“Yes, Your Highness, it’s almost three o’clock in the morning.”

Byron reached out to pinch Lance’s face and said, “We’ve gone overboard tonight. Sleep in the car, I’m going back in.”


He walked inside with an unsteady gait and did not turn on the lights right away after arriving upstairs.

He laid down beside Mo Li after taking off his clothes and fell asleep almost immediately.

At this point, Ye Xiaotian was the only one awake as he sat inside his car in a relaxed manner. He could not help but burst into smiles at the thought of the phone call he’d received from the special agent earlier that afternoon. To his delight, the special agent had managed to get a hold of the conversation between Lance and Byron, who’d told his assistant while he was drunk that he had never been intimate with Mo Li before. On top of that, he was also pleased to find out that Byron was bisexual, a top secret which was kept only between Byron and his assistant. Ye Xiaotian would have never guessed that, if not for the special agent he had hired.

He was relieved and thankful for the fact that he had ejaculated inside her, no matter what state of health she was in. There was still some hope in him, for he knew that she had just undergone a fallopian tube recanalization surgery. Since she yearned to get pregnant, he decided to grant her her wish. She was only allowed to bear his child!

It didn’t matter that she might not conceive easily, for he had plenty of time ahead. All he had to do was to pay her a visit every night, until she was impregnated.

There’ll be no escape for Mo Li once she gets pregnant!


Morning arrived and the sun had already risen, yet the two have yet to show any signs of being awake. Noticing that the clock was about to strike past 10 o’clock, Lance proceeded to knock on the door in a bid to wake him up. “Your Highness.”

“Got it,” Byron answered while still laying in bed.

He sat up slowly and got out of bed, after which he proceeded to the dressing room to get dressed. By the time he came out, Mo Li had already woken up.

“Did you drink the broth I prepared for you last night?” Mo Li asked while hiding her head beneath the duvet, blushing red with shyness.

Surprised to hear that she had made him some broth, Byron answered, “No, I slept right away. I was exhausted last night.”

Mo Li nodded, thinking that it was understandable for him to be tired, given that they had done the deed multiple times. Not to mention, he was rather vigorous as well…

Byron did not say much despite having noticed that she was acting strangely and instead left the house again after washing up.